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It still doesn't give you the right to hate on Kris. You love SUHO, that's cool so do I but do you see me hating on him just because he's not my bias? What the hell is wrong with this fandom smh.

jfc this is an UNPOPULAR opinions meme, people give me controversial opinions and I HAVE to state whether I agree or not. it was not my opinion in the first place, all I did was agree?! it’s not like I wrote a giant rant bashing him and put it in his tag to upset his fans.

what the hell is wrong with this fandom? what the hell is wrong with YOU trying to start shit because you have a different opinion from me? you are going to have some trouble in the real world if you can’t handle people not agreeing with every single thing you think, let me tell you.

au bavill: in which their kid had problems in school

“Is there anything you want to tell mommy?” Bia patted Samuel’s curly black her. 

The little boy had arrived from school and went directly to his room, something very unusual to him. He turned to look at her and she noticed that his big blue eyes were wet. He threw himself on her arms hidding his face on her neck.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” 

He let go of her and sat on his bed again crossing his legs.

“Some boys in school told me I was weird” Sam said sadly

Bia hugged him again, it was actually to comfort her more than him. She would never understand how 5 year old kids were able to be mean with one another. Those parents clearly need to learn how to educate a child.

“Did they hurt you, Sam?” she asked afraid of her reaction if his answer was yes

“No, but they made me drop my books”

“They’re assholes. Don’t ever repeat that word” they shared a smiled “They’re just jealous because you’re a special little boy who have two parents that love you more than anything”

“Excuse me” Henry knocked on the door and entered it “I was wondering why no one went to hug me when I arrived home and I just found out why. It’s hug session in Sam’s room” he kissed Bia before planting a kiss on Sam’s hair “I’m not liking that face, what’s wrong, Sammy?”

“Some boys were mean to her in school” Bia replied holding her son’s hand

“Do you think I’m weird?”

“No, you’re not. You’re special, very special … just like superman” Henry said smiling 

“Like superman?” Sam’s eyes began to shine

“Yes! Much more special I would say, don’t you agree, Bia?”

“I couldn’t agree more” she smiled sharing a love look with Henry