10x21 coda

Sam can barely see through the rain, it’s in his eyelashes and it’s pushing his hair in his face and all he can make out is the big, red sign of the motel. 

He thinks, We’re too late, before he even sees the busted door.

He throws a look at Dean, who is definitely thinking the same thing. Their hands are shaking as they hold their guns up superfluously. Knowing what they’re going to find inside makes Sam just want to turn around and go back to the bunker.

But they don’t.

They follow the trail of blood to the bathroom.

And find Charlie, covered in blood.

Holding a knife. Smirking. The Frankenstein dude dead in the bathtub. 

“Buckleming can suck my dick,” is the only thing she says before stabbing the guy one more time for good measure.

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Can I tell you, I was coming home from work today and The Lucky One came on (you know, from the Red album) and I suddenly needed this as a Brittana fic, but there is only ONE person's voice I could see it in...

Santana looks up and sees her name in lights on the marquee.

Well, not her name. Not Santana Lopez.

But still.

Her name.

A dream come true.

A dream, really.

But so, so different than she’d ever imagined.

All she wanted to do was sing. To create.

To be an artist.

All she’s dealing with is business. Celebrity.

It’s not like what she thought.

It never is.

“We’re going to be late! Come on, out of the car!”

Her manager urges her forward into the throng of people on the red carpet.

Being famous, being famous isn’t anything she was ever prepared for.

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I can’t believe that back on May 14, 2015 Harry Styles wore those tiny red shorts during that dodgeball match on The Late Late Show. He was out there baring his thicc thighs for the world to see and all I could keep thinking was how I wanted to suffocate between them. That’s how I want to die. I want him to crush my skull with his thighs as I stare at his bussy. They are the red shorts of rebirth and rejuvenation. I felt my heart grow three sizes larger in that moment like the grinch. It started to rain like that scene in A Cinderella Story. The drought was over. My crops were fruitful. My children well-nourished and playing in broken water hydrants in the streets. Then, of course, in the plot twist of the century, Harry “Bambi” Styles turned out to be the best and most athletic dodgeball player out of all of Corden’s Angels. Mr “All the love” literally nailed a girl in the face with a ball. Which reminds me I want nothing more than for him to nail ME in the face with his balls. How did Harry Styles stir some weird 70s P.E. teacher kink in me? I don’t even know, but I’m waiting for him to fuck me up in the locker room later while he’s wearing his sweatbands and high socks.


Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people show an interest in Maya’s character again and asking if she is alive, part of the A team or a victim of A.
I have been pretty dismissive of all Maya related posts because I just thought she’s dead, no point putting anymore thought into it, but you know what? I think maybe I’ve been wrong about Maya…

As I’ve been re-watching the show I’ve come across some things that have me looking at Maya in a new light, a shady, dodgy, finger pointing light.

The first thing I want to bring to everyone’s attention is the parallels between Ally’s disappearance and Maya’s disappearance.
- The newspaper article about Maya’s disappearance reflects Ally’s
- A takes a copy of the paper with Maya’s disappearance article in it. We’ve seen the A lairs full of Ally is missing articles, is A adding this to the collection?
- The girls go on a crusade to find out what happened to Maya, as they did with Ally
- Maya’s body is found at the Dilaurentis house
- The reveal of Maya’s body being found is the same as Ally’s
- We never actually see Maya’s body, just as they did with Ally and we later find out it was never actually Ally
- Emily received messages/emails from Maya even though she was meant to be dead, just as the girls received messages that sounded like they were from Ally when she was missing
- As the girls investigate Maya’s disappearance they begin to peel back more layers to Maya and uncover secrets, this is exactly what happened with Ally.
I think the fact the story of Maya’s disappearance/death mirroring what happened with Ally isn’t a coincidence. It could lead us to believe Maya’s disappearance was more planned than an accident. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I feel this definitely has a deeper meaning.

A plain and obvious point; Maya moves into Ally’s house. Why the Hell would you want to do that when you know someone died on that property?

Maya latches on to Emily right from the start.
We know Maya comes across a lot of Ally’s things while she is at the Dilaurentis house. A lot of the things she comes across are very personal and often relate to the relationship between Em and Ally. She could have picked up on the fact Emily had strong feelings for Alison and knowing this played at Emily’s confused sexuality and wormed her way into Emily’s heart. Did she really love Em? Or was Maya simply using her? We know Maya goes back and forward between guys and girls like its no big deal but when Emily brings Toby to the dance Maya flips her lid and tells Em to come to grips with who she is. So it’s a do as I say not as I do kinda situation is it Maya?

And just while we’re touching on the subject why does Maya keep finding things of Ally’s? We know Mrs. Dilaurentis kept all of Ally’s things and when she moved back into her house she put Ally’s bedroom back to the way it was like nothing had happened. So you’d think Mrs. Dilaurentis would have packed every last little thing up so why does Maya always seem to keep finding Ally’s things? It seems to me she’s making it her mission to find these things, she has easy access to the things the Dilaurentis’ packed up, or she took these things from Ally at an earlier point in time.

In the early epsiodes of season 1 Spencer sees a blonde girl in Maya’s bedroom. Is this Ally? Cece? Bethany? Sara Harvey? Another crazy blonde? Whoever it is she is in Maya’s bedroom, that is dodgy.
In another episode when Jason is played by the other guy, Spencer sees him in Maya’s bedroom as well. Jason popping over to his old house I could understand, but why he’s in Maya’s bedroom has me very suspicious.

Maya is sent to True North Camp, or is she?
When Maya has dinner with the Fields’ she talks about her family and portrays her parents as being pretty chilled out, casual, easy going sorta folks that get wedding bands tattooed on their fingers. But then these same parents send their daughter off to straight narrow camp the second they find out she has a joint in her school bag. Really? Her parents reaction just doesn’t gel with the parents she portrayed at dinner. Did she even go to this True North place or was this an elaborate lie?

When Maya is being sent away for the second time she tells Emily her parents found an old joint and she hasn’t touched any weed since she’s been back. She tells quite a tale full of tears and drama and says she is going to run away. Five seconds later she is outside smoking a joint. Guess that joint your parents found wasn’t so old, hey Maya? Lying to her parents I get, but why lie to Emily? Very untrustworthy behaviour Maya.

Earlier in the season Emily spots Maya talking and being friendly with Noel at a cafe right before they are about to have dinner with Em’s mum. When Emily asks about it Maya tells her he was helping her with her phone. At the time this seems believable. Later on Spencer confronts Noel about his relationship with Maya and he says it was a texting relationship (apparently he supplied her with weed).
So Maya and Noel are making it sound like they hardly know each other and we really have no reason to doubt them until we see photos of Maya staying at Noel’s and find out from Holden she’d been going to exclusive parties that Noel hosts/attends.
And just how long had Maya been staying at Noel’s? The photos she posts on her blog are of her in her pyjamas, so she’s been there for at least one night. At Noel’s Hanna and Em find a bag of Maya’s things and an empty bed that’s been slept in.
Maya is abducted the night she confides in Emily about her parents threatening to send her back to camp. So if she was taken that night that means she was already staying at Noel’s because we have seen the photos of her in her pyjamas at Noel’s. So, this throws into question Maya’s story about her parents sending her back to camp and it raises another question, how long had she been at Noel’s for?

All the while Maya has never mentioned she’s been going to parties with Noel and Holden and never invited her along, and she kept her online blog a secret from Emily.

When Em and Hanna are at the Khan’s and find Maya’s bag they find a pocket knife that belonged to Nate/Lindon and a birthday card Emily made for Ally when she was 14.
Why, oh why would Maya pack a card that belonged to Ally in her bag when she is planning to run away? I find this incredibly odd. Emily dismisses it and says Maya must have been planning to give it to her, but it just doesn’t make sense. There’s something very fishy about the way Maya always has all these Ally/Em things with her.
Why does she have Nate’s pocket knife? A knife for protection makes sense, but she has Nate’s? Is it a momento? Did Nate in fact give it to Maya for protection? I don’t know, but it’s definitely odd that she has his pocket knife.

We see on the surveillance tape from the Khan’s Maya is abducted. So if she is taken by Nate/Lindon here why does her body turn up at the Dilaurentis house? Those two places are not near each other so it’s not like she struggled and fought him down the street until she lost the battle and he killed her. So why is her body turning up at the Dilaurentis property?

Whether Maya is alive or not I’m not certain but this is a big point to consider before ruling out the possibility she is still alive or at the very least didn’t die when we thought she did.
Emily is with Nate at a secret little getaway cabin when she gets a phone call and is told she has one minute to get out. The person on the phone uses a voice changer thing so you don’t recognise them but think about it, who would want to warn Emily? Later on, after Emily killed Nate she gets another phone call and is thanked for getting Nate out of the way.
We know Nate was stalking Maya and obsessed with her, if anyone would be glad he’s gone it’d be Maya. Before you start saying it was A on the phone, A has never once called the girls, ever. A uses texts and written letters to get in contact with the girls, never a phone call.
So maybe Nate honestly believes he did kill Maya. He might have knocked her out or hurt her until she was an inch from death and then maybe someone comes along and saves her (like Grunwald did for Ally), or maybe she played dead and then got away, it’s possible.

As I delve further into Maya’s character and how dodgy she is I start to wonder if she isn’t more involved with the A story, Ally’s family and the mannequin family in A’s Dollhouse. Here’s a few points to consider:

The A team (Mona and Toby) had Maya’s mobile phone and were going to plant it on Paige. How did the A team get a hold of Maya’s phone? And why is it being planted on Paige? It seems like a pretty random choice until you think about the consequences. If Emily had found Maya’s phone with Paige there would be no more Paily. Sounds like something a jealous Maya would want doesn’t it?

We know Mona has spoken to Red coat (who they explain is in charge of the A team) but doesn’t know their identity. This is revealed in the episode where the girls are at Spencer’s lodge and it gets burned down. Mona admits she doesn’t know who red coat is even though they have spoken on the phone. So, could Red Coat be the one who called Emily and warned her to get out and then called her again to thank her for getting Nate out the way? Could Maya in fact be Red Coat?

I’ve had a lot of issues with identifying who the mannequin family in A’s Dollhouse is meant to represent. I don’t know if anyone else has put any thought into this but the father and son have darker skin than the mother and daughter. Then in A’s playroom we see two families at a train station, one is the mannequin family and the other is a family who too have darker skin.
We really never found out anything about Maya’s family so it could be that her family is a lot more involved in the A story than we realise.


“Tell me a secret.”

She whispers it in the dark so quietly he almost doesn’t hear her. They are wrapped up in each other, the sheets tangled around them, warm Los Angeles air blowing in through the cracked balcony door.

This is how they exist lately. Together and alone, in the dark. The outside world has become too colorful, too loud, too noisy since they stopped caring about what people would think.

Since they started holding hands in public. Started letting paparazzi catch them leaving Val’s place together. Since they walked down a red carpet and she let Val kiss her full on the mouth in front of all the press.

They were just tired of it- she was tired of it. She had slumped into the last run through of KC Undercover season 3, all eyes her.

“I can’t do it anymore.” She had said. And everyone in the room knew what she meant.

She had cried the entire drive to Val’s place that evening. She knew that it would feel strange, leaving the Disney lot for the last time. She had hugged Veronica fiercely, apologized over and over again for bringing the ship down with her.

No one was particularly mad. Make-up had been having to try harder to conceal the bags under her eyes. People kept hugging her, wishing her luck they knew she didn’t need. Reiterating that they just wanted her to be happy.

Of course the media went wild. There was never any formal announcement made, but it was hard to ignore she and Val out and about making puppy eyes at each other almost everywhere you went.

All the attention was fine at first. It felt exhilarating, really. They would go out to eat just because they didn’t have to play any games anymore. Attend every single event they were invited to because they finally could.

Then news outlets started doing pieces on Zendaya. Stopping just short of calling her a slut. Making Val out as a pedophile waiting in the wings to prey on his victim. Rumors started spiraling out of control- that Val was lewd and inappropriate backstage- that he’d hit on both Sadie and Willow. You couldn’t open up a gossip magazine without reading an article about Zendaya being a dangerous role model for young girls. Suggesting that the epidemic of teens sending naked selfies and engaging in sexting had something to do with the fact that her stardom was on the rise.

Zendaya’s heart broke over and over again. She stopped going to the store because she couldn’t bear to see what they would accuse her of next. They started ordering dinner in, became friends with the local Thai food delivery guy not because they wanted to, but because they had to.

Claire and Kazembe wanted them at home with them, but Zendaya wasn’t having any of that. They were the best parents ever, yes, but they didn’t get it. They could say they did, get enraged every time her reputation got knocked down a notch, but they couldn’t feel what she felt in her heart.

So here they were. In their own private prison with each other. Locked up for being in love.

Val studies her face, unsure if he wants to tell her the secret he’s been holding.

“Sometimes I wish we would have kept us hidden.” He admits, searching her eyes with his.

She nods. Wants to cry but physically can’t because she’s been fresh out of tears for weeks now.

“We’ll be ok, right?” She asks tentatively, curling into him.

“Of course we will,” her murmurs, placing a kiss into her hair.

“Good,” she exhales. “Because I have a secret, too. I’m pregnant.”

Val pulls back, their eyes meeting again. A slow smile spreads across his face, engulfing him and making his eyes twinkle with joy.

“We’re going to be more than ok.”

And he pulls the drawer of his bedside table open, retrieving something quite big and sparkly that he slides onto her finger.

It isn’t a grand gesture, no fireworks, no symphony, but it feels more real this way. They stare at her hand for a moment, silent and taking it in.

Let the world talk- it will never have them figured out.

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fanslide: "song for you" by alexi murdoch

A continuation of this and this, since it’s really impossible lately for me to just write one part of anything. Plus, 1940′s Fire Island gives me all the feels. Word count? What’s a word count?

True to her word, she teaches you to swim. Late at night, in the bay, still as glass, under the light of the moon. She sees you in your undergarments and your slip, and you see her in a bathing suit that you wouldn’t have expected. Bright red, even in the moonlight, and, you think you blush ever redder. In the water, she coaxes you, her strong hands holding you when you scare yourself. And you learn, you learn quick, maybe because you look forward to the moments after, the moments on the sand, lying on a blanket, wrapped in towels. Your head, it lands on her shoulder sometimes, more than sometimes, and you don’t move it. You’re comfortable there, while she plays with your fingers, you’re comfortable, in the stillness of the night, where all you hear is the roar of the ocean on the other side of the island, the soft lapping of the bay against the rocky shore. You’re comfortable with her, and the screaming in your mind, the sounds of Hail Mary’s, and imposing church bells, they quiet, until the only sound from within you is the beating of your heart, quickening, in Brittany’s presence.

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Okay i was thinking about this lately what if Jason and Tim went grocery shopping and Jason dared Tim to sit in the cart but when he does he gets stuck and Jason is laughing like a lot and Tim's just like 'please help me Jason' but he just keeps laughing and the cart rolls away and hits a wall and now Jason is on the floor laughing so hard but eventually helps Tim get out.

YES. JUST. YES. Okay but every time Tim tries to get out himself, Jason always pushes him back with “SI’ DOWN” 




MLP Make new friends but Keep Discord review :)

Okay , first of I liked this episode. I fan girled a few times at some of the Fluttercord moments and at a few of the moments when Discord was being jealous when seeing Tree hugger with Fluttershy.

It was pretty cool too see Discords house and dimension. It certainly does look like somewhere Discord would live in. I wonder if Fluttershy has ever visited him there before.

There were some funny moments here and there throughout the episode and I thought Discord really learnt a big lesson in friendship after this episode.  We can all kind of relate to what he was going through.

My best moments  in this episode were when Tree hugger got a vibe from Discord and Discord took offence and gave her the red evil devil eyes. I found that really funny XD

The part where Discord asks that post man pony in an evil voice why his ticket to the gala came so late, really cracked me up. Id ran as fast as you can Postman pony , no pony deliveries Discords mail late and gets away with it hahaha.

I thought it was really creepy yet funny when Discord was under spikes cover and asked him where Twilight was XD I wouldn’t want to be Spike right now.

When Discord was telling jokes and he told that joke about Twilight not being a good flyer was pretty funny too. Should you really be laughing at a joke about your student Celestia ;)  

I could go on and on about what my favourite fluttercord moments but there are just too many, I’m Going to do that in another post. I did love the fluttercord moments in this episode even if it was mostly from Discord perspective.

I think Fluttershy and Discord should have had a more heart to heart talk about how Discord was feeling and maybe gone a little bit more in depth about it but the confrontation between them was pretty good. Fluttershy really is the only one who can put him in his place and Discord really does value his friendship with her. I don’t really blame Fluttershy for being mad at Discords actions at the gala.

I found it really great to see Discord be a little bit evil after having enough of Tree hugger and was going to throw her in another dimension , that was great. It was bad of Discord to try to do such a thing but luckily for him fluttershy stopped him from making a big mistake.

The puppet dimension OH MY GOD XD

Fluttershy and Discord have Tuesday tea parties and Fluttershy finds him really funny ,  oh my god yes ! I love this ship :D

I didn’t like tree hugger as much as everyone else did in the fandom but I didn’t hate her : ) Ill probably like her more in time but the Best line from Tree Hugger in my opinion was  was when Discord was talking about his cake story and she said “I got that you really like cake” :D

Over all this was a Discord being jealous episode and I found it pretty good :) 

Someone asked me what the signs remind me of.
  • Aries: Long, LONG hair, concealed dirty mind, doesn’t look like a fanboy but is, over protective af
  • Taurus: large eyes, kind heart, short/unkept hair, long showers, drawing, hopeful out look, realism, blatantly open dirty mind, blatantly open about everything, rings, fan fiction, dyed hair
  • Gemini: gliTTER, bacon, tons of one liners, some what of a speech impediment, glasses, foodfoodcomputerfood
  • Cancer: red lobster (hehe), food in general, clean clean it all must be clean, shy/doesn’t want to talk to you youll never know witch
  • Leo: braids, very good at calming, glasses, avid student, brown hair
  • Virgo: rain, niceness in general, not short but not long hair, pretty gay honestly, secret late night fan fiction writing, secret weaboo
  • Libra: who knew eyeliner could be that fleak, never wakes up on time, is either there or very late, oops theyre flirting with you, such flirts
  • Scorpio: poofy hair, glasses, ouran high school host club, anime, open to do about anything, robotics, they don’t act like it but they really care
  • Sagittarius: nervous about everything, small short child, bleach (the anime), how does hair even work, Megan trainer
  • Capricorn: harry potter, short hair, sunsets, fan fiction, new to fandoms but very very excited about the thing that happened in the fandom like 3 years ago
  • Aquarius: sweet, beautiful, cute lil nerd, fluffy hair, kind, smoll child, brown/dyed hair, they want what’s best for you.
  • Pisces: “star” jars, serious but silly, attack on titan, anime, if its a she holy hell she insults you like no tomorrow but really loves you, the boys are the most nice/strict people in the world
  • EVERETT:Hey red. Whenever you've got a few, can I talk to you about something? Don't worry, I'm not gonna like... lure you out into a dark alley and kill you or anything. Wow, this is not coming out the way that I wanted it to. I'm just gonna quit while I'm ahead.
  • CASSY:Well my first thought was what have I done and then I realized I’ve done nothing. I don’t think, I mean I’ve just been chilling lately so. But sure talk away, I’m all ears- not literally but you get what I mean. And I know you’re not going to kill me which is always a plus.




I must say that I’m quite happy with how The Blacklist is giving us more answers, concrete ones, this season…Now  Lizzie will remember what happened that night and I hope we’ll know it too. I wanna  watch them talking about it, see the emotion on their faces and heart it in their voices… I can’t wait to watch this conversation, bc by the look on Red’s face ( raw pain was all I could see on  his face), this is gonna be THE  moment when both  Megan and James will ( or at least I hope) break our hearts in a beautiful way .. If you understand me , guys… Omg, I can’t believe we’re so close to the Season Finale…


‘verse: 2k12
Characters: Michelangelo, Raphael
Summary: Mikey makes a new friend, and starts coming home with bruises. Raph takes issue with that. 

Raph caught Mikey by the arm before he could scamper by, holding him up with a short frown.

“Woah, hold up. What are all these?”

His little brother was littered with several more bandaids than usual, and as Raph looked closer there were a few on his shoulders and neck that didn’t quite manage to entirely cover the edges of scrapes and bruising. When Mikey shuffled, eyes casting down for a split second, a red flag started waving furiously in the back of Raph’s mind.

“It’s nothing!” Mikey answered only a beat too late. “I just fell. I keep trying to land this one jump on my board, it’s like stupid hard.”

His skateboard was clutched by a wheel in one hand, and his eyes were round and guiless as he smiled up at Raph; who found himself relenting under the wide blue and letting go.

“Just watch yourself,” he said sternly, and Mikey tossed him a cheerful salute as he took off toward the turnstiles.

But there was a pit in his stomach as Mikey disappeared around the corner that it took Raph whole minutes to shake.

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Have been rather quiet on The Blacklist front lately. Mainly due to bad writing decisions - specifically Elizabeth Keen and Whatever Tom Keen is calling himself these days. Does not bode well with me at all. But what is done is done and hopefully he will sail right on and out. Never to be seen again. 

The last couple of episodes of Season One and Season Two ended in the same kind of way. Something is revealed. Major tension between Red and Liz. Major plot reveal. Liz goes back to Red. The core of this show is Red and Liz. They play with it all season but both times they have ended with both of them together in some way. It is a clever ploy because it is always going to bring the viewers right back in and awaiting the next season. We watch for Liz and Red. 

However this season we got some answers. True solid answers. But in true Blacklist fashion it came with a couple more questions, with I’m sure will be answered in time. But we got some answers and now it is time to accept those answers and move on to the next part of the story. 

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I want to know everything about suitless Vader, I find the concept fascinating.

sorry for the late reply, just got out of school n all that. firstly i would like to direct you to this tag and this post, which started it all. what a mess. 

OKAY. what we know about vader (in canon and in this au) is that he fell in order to protect padme (mainly, that is. he was on the edge for some time before finally falling). she was more or less the last thing keeping him sane. she was like a red thread in the sense that she was something stable and consistent in his life and, in both canon and this au, padme dies. 

so. let’s just say vader is really unbalanced in this au. not more than in canon, perhaps, but he’s unbalanced in a completely different way for completely different reasons. 

in canon, obi-wan manages to cripple vader to a point where he can’t take care of himself and has to rely on a life-support system. he also has severe trauma from burning alive for an unknown amount of time and really, post-rots he probably spends months and months trying to figure out how his new body works. he’s a twenty-three year old adrenaline junkie trapped in a limiting life-support system and it sucks. and he knows it sucks. 

(he definitely blames obi-wan. for everything. for twenty years. even after he kills him in ahn. possibly even in the afterlife. like, you know how in the fairly oddparents timmy’s dad hates dinkleberg with a fiery, burning passion and every time something goes wrong he’s just like. DINKLEBERG. 

that’s vader about obi-wan, basically.)

more under the cut because i have a lot of feelings 

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FF+ Bralyna ( Muahahaha)

Mav just stared at the writing, blinking slowly, cheeks turning faintly pink though he would have denied it. The gunner chose that very moment to walk by the stunned stone-like Master Poisoner, and he fumbled as she bumped into him, trying to grab the paper. 

“Mav you okay?” Bral asked, looking at the paper, blinking. “What is this?” she asked as she turned it over. 

“Bralyna don’t!” Mav tried, but it was too late. 

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as someone who’s been in the DC fandom for literally years of my life i feel like its time that i make a confession.  i have no fucking idea what lex luthors canon backstory is.  ive spent literal years reading dc comics, consuming dc media, and as far as i know, lex luthor is literally just some guy who was born bald, never grew any hair, and became so ashamed of his baldness that he turned to a life of white collar crime because he just couldn’t stand it anymore.  and tbh if that’s NOT what lex luthors canon backstory is i really don’t want to know about it.