ourochix said:

yo chu boy whats your damage? why are you being so anal about me and ero

Probably the same problem that everyone has with you? You’re an asshole. You act like a prick to literally everyone. You act like you’re above everyone and, on top of all that, you’ve done nothing but try to ruin my relationship with Wendell since day one. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t care about anyone else he communicates with. People who are overall nice and don’t act like asshole. Or deliberately try to break up our relationship or replace me. You told Wendell bullshit lies to separate us. And when it worked, sadly, you immediately asked him to be your pet to try and replace me.

Plus recently, when Wendell and I were having more issues, you tried to just assume the role of being his master. And the only reason we had issues was because I haven’t been feeling well and up to doing anything. And when that happens Wendell tries to make me jealous to motivate me into stuff, but that doesn’t work on me and only makes less inclined to do anything.

You started telling people that you were his master now even though he never agreed to it. You even had to beg him for his phone number. You’re pathetic.

And you know? I wouldn’t have a problem with you. If you weren’t such an ass. And I’m not the only one who thinks that of you. I guarantee the people who agree will like this reblog it or comment on it.

You’re a prick. And if yiu made an honest attempt to be nice and even apologize to me for all the shit you’ve done, I wouldn’t care what you do with him. But your attempt at apologizing was “im srry”.

Half assed and meaningless. Pathetic.

So there you go. That’s why I don’t like you. And I know plenty of people agree with me. Wendell likes you, why I don’t know. Thank you for donating to his new computer. You have my sincerest thanks for that. But that doesn’t excuse all the other shit you’ve done.


Here comes your bride, Mr.Gluskin.