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What do you think awaits us in the afterlife?

I believe that we just travel through to a dimension and choose what we want to do next. (Go into a new life or stay)


“I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong.” -Lemony Snicket 

if you’re looking for a way to tell if your partner is someone you can be with long-term, pay attention to how you feel when you complete those mundane, obligatory tasks together

someone who can make you laugh while you vacuum out your car, someone who is fun to go to the grocery store or the bank with, someone who you don’t mind bumping elbows with while you wash and dry the dishes together, that may be someone worth keeping


note: this is the first time i’ve made a gif set so bear with me. 

update: apparently the files are too large for them to move on tumblr but i’m way too tired to do the necessary things for them to move (it’s like 7 am here) so that sucks but i hope you enjoy my commentary anyway ;)  

first of all, it’s not a coincidence that in 5x18 elena and stefan both fantasized about their dream life together and now in 6x18 elena and damon discuss the emptiness of her reality, and i’m sure i’m not the only one to notice it but i felt compelled to map out the differences between the two scenes because i think it really speaks to what elena *truly* wants and it harkens back to my last post about the two ships. stefan really is representative of the life that elena keeps telling herself she doesn’t want anymore and yet there’s a certainty, a sense of safety and comfort and ease with his presence that she just can’t ignore which is depicted in how easily and readily she can lean her head on his shoulder and speak honestly about how she feels without fear of consequences. however, her relationship with damon is different, it’s fragile and steeped in insecurity, she feels compelled to minimize her honesty by reassuring him that he’s enough for her, that their love can overcome her fundamental unhappiness and while i believe that she believes that to some extent, she’s deluding herself and working herself up into psychological knots to keep that relationship from imploding but its basis is in well-intentioned falsehood and naive promises as opposed to grounded in complete emotional vulnerability and an honest intimacy (like stelena).

just my two cents ;)

so last night i had to babysit my friends sister (her parents were gonna be out of town for the night) and a few minutes after she got settled she asked me ‘so you and your brother like… anime, right?’ and i

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"Take a deep breath. This day will pass, this month will pass, this year will pass. Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart open. Keep hoping. Keep working. Even if certain things fall apart, even if certain things don’t work out. " This is gorgeous. Your writing is getting more directed, more voice. It's a lovely reminder that there are others in the stage of unsettledness who need to embrace the daily tasks and duties, and yet hold the vision for what we want to come in life. Thank you.

Hey, thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to message this to me, and to remind me that my words, and my writing is growing, each time I try to express myself. 

Hope you’re well. 

The CARYL Reunion In Reviews And Pictures

*my favourites for levity*

“And then the true emotional punch hits you as Carol shows up. Darryl runs and grabs her because of course he does. Seriously, that hug lasted what felt at least a minute or two.
What a phenomenal moment that feels so earned and so emotional.” (X)

“The moment when Daryl and Carol see each other again is one of the most emotional since Rick was forced to end Shane in season one.” (X)

“That hug between Daryl and Carol perfectly encompasses what we want out of most of our relationships in life.” (X)

“Rick wanted to go back and kill the rest of the cannibals (“they don’t get to live”) but the others wanted to move on. Before he could pull another Ricktatorship card, he locked eyes with Carol.
Daryl turned and instantly ran into an embrace with her. (And the world lost its s—t.)
He picked her up, caressed the back of her head lovingly and slightly lifted her from the ground in the intense hug. He briefly pulled away, but then put his head in her shoulder, overcome with emotion.“ (X)

"One of the highlights of the Season 5 premiere episode was the Daryl-Carol reunion.
He saw her, ran to her, and embraced her with wild abandon.
The audience could feel the relief, not only from the characters of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), but also from the actors themselves. They truly missed working together and The Walking Dead audience sorely missed seeing them interacting together.
The Daryl-Carol dynamic is very unique, immensely enjoyable, and a pairing with tremendous potential.” (X)

“Daryl’s ’s tearful reunion with Carol in the woods outside Terminus - sprinting to her and throwing his arms around her in silent joy - maybe one of the emotional highlights of the entire series.” (X)

“Carol quietly sidles up behind Rick and Daryl during this discussion, and the second Daryl sees her, he runs to her and hugs her in tears. And instantly, I’m crying too. They embrace for awhile, both of them crying, and almost kiss, even. Ok maybe that’s in my head. Daryl is so overcome with emotion, it’s beautiful.” (X)

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also though for a long time when I was trying to learn to call myself Dalton and most people irl were still calling me by my birth name*, my url was the only identifier I was sure of and I kind of hope changing it now will help me identify with my actual name more strongly

*most people irl are still calling me by my birth name but i’ve been able to spend more time with the people who don’t, and i’ve had enough time and encouragement to more or less get my name set in my own head by now.

i just find it kind of concerning that i ID so strongly with the name Psi. I probably always will and I don’t mind people calling me that (pseriously no need for anyone to pstop ((help me)) or anything, it’s fine), but i’m hoping that this will like. idk prove to my brain that my identity as a human being does not depend on my blog url. anymore.

(Lets talk about the relationship
between Gamlen, and Malcolm.
Galem helped Leandra and
Malcolm meet in secret-be it
because this was his sister or
he wanted to see her happy I’ll
let you interpret. Gamlen had
to trust his sister to Malcolm
to some degree either way. It’s
my own belief they were rather
fond of each other

Let’s also talk about how
Gamlen also pushed Leandra to
go through with the arranged
marriage, and according to the
preview of World of Thedas Vol. 2
Leandra was pregnant  with Hawke
before leaving Kirkwall. Gamlen
knew, and he also knew that
Leandra would be safe is she
married someone of noble birth in
Kirkwall rather than running
around with an Apostate husband,
and possible mage child.  

And lets talk about how
Leandra is the stubborn sort,
and in a pretty shitty situation, so
she goes with Malcolm, and they

But lets also talk about how,
Again, according to the World of
Thedas Vol 2, Galem got Leandras
letter that informed him of Hawke’s
birth and locked it away-never to reply
in worry that all of his letters sounded
too accusatory. 

Lets talk about how much Gameln really
cares about his sister, and how much he
would probably hate Malcolm for putting her
in such a deplorable, shitty position. )

Be real with me here — d’you think I’d have a chance in makin’ it big with rapping? Don’t get me wrong, my dad’s guitar is still the love of my life n’ everything, but it’s not really my scene y’know? Schoolboy Q’s my hero, not John Mayer. I love ‘em both, but honestly, I feel like dropping a mixtape out or some shit. Work with sick beats in the studio, collab with amazing people, that kind of thing. I don’t know, ‘m just testing the waters.

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i ship u and flirty friendship guy already

Oh my god thank you! First of all, I love that you read my tags! And also I appreciate the support because actually I’m just monumentally awkward all the time whenever I get even the smallest crush. And like, I can never tell if he’s amused by my hijinks or not. But the main factor here is that I am a giant fucking dork and even if this could be something good I will almost definitely manage to infuse it with an overabundance of awkward haha. I hope he is prepared.