what was obvious is that they wanted you to think that

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If people want to still play blind and dumb then seriously there is no helping you. Isn’t it obvious by now this whole damn shabang was a pr stunt designed for Little Mix’s gain and….yes…Zayn having an out from the band? Which is why from the beginning I’ve been saying not to believe anything the papers were saying about mental health and Perald. Its a shame because I see a lot blogs who should know better still confused. You guys preach about not believing anything the media tells you but still believe that Zayn left because of what the media said. Thus everyone thinks he lied and betrayal.

You know who’s making Zayn the bad guy? Not management. THIS FANDOM. You have a responsibility not to let something you know that’s fishy and not true to make you turn against the members of this band or Zayn. Wake up!

I support Zayn and I support 1D. No matter what. Btw how does that make anyone racist? Like are you serious right now?  Get it together people.

Oh and Ziam remains real no matter what.

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Hello Frog! I want to ask you about... What do you think of Wmatsui relationship?

Hi anon~ (o°^°)/

WMatsui… Vast, vast, vast topic.

They have shared, worked, grown, compete together for so long that I don’t think I (or anyone, for the matter) could come with a complete and correct interpretation of their relationship.

So instead of stating my opinion about what their relationship might be, I’ll point at one particular aspect of said relationship, the “competition”, going on between them. Jurina and Rena have denied being rivals many times for obvious reasons : as members of the same group and 2 tops of SKE, they have to show unity. But the hard, cold truth, is that everyone is competing with everyone in the 48 group. Your best buddy is also the girl you want to outrank because popularity is the key to survive in the business.
So the competition between WMatsui is real. And fierce. Probably the fiercest too, on par with Maeda and Yuko’s one. And, truth be told, I find that rather fascinating. Especially in light of the recent events, aka Rena refusing to run to the General Elections.

Warning : I don’t agree with the conclusion of this article. If there was really a major discord between Burning and AKS, Paruru would certainly not be center of 「Bokutachi wa Takawanai」. Still, I find the mention of J’s push and R’s agency exasperation with it interesting. I’m not saying the explanation given is correct, but the idea is worth considering and might have play a role in R’s decision.

Cyzo online 2015/03/25
Since the year before last, AKB48 have implemented a system of candidacy for their General Elections, giving the choice to members to run or not.
Last year Matsui ranked 5th with a total of approximatively 70k votes, so it’s clear her non participation in those elections will have an impact on sales. It’s the first time a top member decides to pull out from the elections and there is little doubt this turn of event is giving management and the recording company headaches.

According to someone in the business the head of Matsui’s agency has grown considerably displeased with Matsui Jurina forcible push (gori oshi).
「Some fans are speculating Matsui might be graduating within the year, but part of them is also concerned her decision not to run might prompt retaliations from management. There are members whose non-participation could be reasonable foreseen such as Sashihara Rino who has already won the Elections anyway and has a solid reputation as a talent, or Kojima Haruna whose graduation is close. But Matsui’s reasons are vagues, leaving a lot of room for speculations.」(source : entertainment journalist) 

「Rena is managed by a branch of Burning Production while even now AKS, the management company of AKB, won’t let go of Jurina. She also happens to be Akimoto Yasushi’s “favorite” and has been labelled as the next generation ace for a long time now. In the past Rena has been pushed along with Jurina as part of “WMatsui”, but lately management has been pushing Jurina frantically in order to make her center, one way or another. To achieve their goal they’re clearly eyeing on having Jurina win the Elections this year. It’s possible this status quo led Rena to make this move. Let’s hope their decision won’t lead to a rupture between AKB48 Group and Burning… 」(source : someone in the business)

If you look  at the situation from Rena’s point of view, their whole “competition” is more like a constant struggle not to lose despite knowing full well the game is rigged.
And she tried, so hard. Rena wrote clearly last year that her ranking mattered little as long as she wasn’t second anymore. As long as she could n°1. In SKE. And even if she never wrote her name, it was Jurina, she wanted to outrank. But we know how it ended.
So she stopped. Stopped caring about ranking. Stopped pretending she was center of SKE while it was in fact always J’s called that would fill their concert venues first because technically she had always monopolized the 0 position.
She is done playing Aki-P’s game and if you’re searching for the reason why she isn’t participating this year Elections, part ot it probably lies there.
You need to have had more than enough ( and possess nerves of steel!)  to face Aki-P and tell him face to face you’re boycotting the main event of the group and taking away 70k votes with you (might help that J has better chances to win with R out of the competition, but still a big financial loss).

Frog, what the hell are you getting at?

My point is, J and R’s relation, as I’m able to analyze it, is mostly one of an unsparing competition that has been vastly spoiled by Aki-P’s bias.
It doesn’t mean those two don’t have affection for each other. Rena never blamed anything on Jurina. She never stated her name in those interviews where you could feel all her bitterness of having always been treated merely as the “person standing next to the center”, either.
But whatever feelings might exist between the two girls, there probably is a gap filled with regrets and frustration between those two souls, keeping them from having an appeased friendship. Maybe someday that gap, that scar, will be erased. Hmm, hopefully :).

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What cartoon would you be a part of

YO so i’ve been watching this anime lately called “Yowamushi Pedal Go!” and it’s about a high school cycling team from Japan and LIKE I THINK ITS OBVIOUS but if i could be a part of any animated tv show it would TOTALLY be this i mean just look:

I love it and i’ve watched like ten episodes in like two days and i want to be a part of this bad ass high school anime cycling universe!!!!!!!!!

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What do you think about the claim that Dan and Phil were not being genuine in the past year because they were motivated by plans to sell products as a team? Also what about the commercialization thing? Wasn't it clear that theyve always been commercialized to some point? They've advertised in the past just as everyone else does so wasnt it obvious that this is how they make their money? I just want to hear more of your thoughts on everything, this is stressing me out so much :'(

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today’s been all fun and dandy and all (no, really, thank you to everyone who’s send nice messages in or messages of agreement) but i’m not going to be responding to any messages i get again that… are blatantly trying to start shit. i’m not unperceptive of it; i can tell when someone’s trying to troll and that’s what 75% of the messages i’ve gotten of… negative or passive aggrssive quality have felt like: trolling. i have a faq that lists questions that i’d rather not get sent in and i broke my own rules a few times today by responding to a few, especially some that sprew out obvious hate toward jonghyun, but that was mostly due to… feeling a little testy about it (and i kind of get pissed off thinking that people view him negatively and want to set that straight which is something i need to work on). but, yes. everyone have a good day~.

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Everyone talk about that, but I don't want Levi to die. It's obvious that if he dies it would be to save everyone (like a sacrifice), and maybe this would be like a redemption for Farlan and Isabelle's death for him, because he'll never forgive himself for what happened, but I want him to survive. He's like that guy who deserves to stay alive, after all he saw and done. Or maybe death is the only way for him to be peaceful... Heichou !! If he dies, I'll never get over it T_T What do you think ??

Everyone in snk needs to live forever. ;-;

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MakiPana - flowers

“You just… give her the flowers, don’t you?” Rin only said in a confused tone, raising an eyebrow as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I know, but it’s my f-f-first t-time g-giving her flowers,” Maki stammered out, hating how completely embarrassing it sounded. “W-what am I supposed to do? I don’t think I’m just supposed to… hand her the flowers, right? Don’t I have to say something?”

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steve tryna give advice to tony though when he thinks he and ru have had a falling out (simply because tony is spending more time at home now) and its awkward and steve is trying to help but does not want to and tony is just sitting there wondering what is going on

“What?”  Tony was seriously concerned if the last battle he was in caused some sort of hearing damage because there’s no way that Steve was saying what he thought he was saying.

“I said you should try to make things work with her.  It’s obvious she makes you happy and—” 

“No, wait,” Tony interrupted. “Do you… do you think Ru and I are… together?” 

Steve looked at him quizzically. “Aren’t you?” 

“N-no!” Tony sputtered. “Where would you get an idea like that?” 

“Well, what the hell was I supposed to think?” Steve countered. “You spend all of your time with her.  I mean, you go to dinner every night—” 

“Because we’re friends.” 

“And you two spend weekends in Malibu together—” 

“Those trips were for business.” 

“She calls you lover—” 

“Ru uses endearments for everyone.” 

It was pretty clear when Steve seemed to finally process the information—well, if the faint redness of his cheeks was anything to go by. 

“You’re really not dating her?” he asked. 

“Of course not,” Tony replied. “There’s no way I could date anyone seeing as I’m still in love with yo—” When Tony realized what he was saying, he immediately shut his mouth, but it was too late. 

His pathetic crush on Steve—gorgeous, smart, witty and overall wonderful Steve—was out in the open.  

He really needed to work on getting a brain to mouth filter. 

The look on Steve’s face was unreadable. “You’re what?” 

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What are your other painful memories, or let's say your top 5.

You want me to rank them?

Very well.

1. The fall of Vos, which really goes without saying.

2. Losing the war. Not just losing, but losing twice. Thinking Megatron was back, only for it to be Unicron, then getting Megatron back for real, only to have him abandon me, and then almost being ripped limb from limb by those monsters! That whole day, really. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one worst part.

3. The patch. Having my mind laid bare before Megatron.

4. Having to leave Cybertron… when there was nothing left to rule, and my only hope became revenge.

5. The loss of my Trine, first Skywarp, and then Thundercracker.

6. When I returned to Trypticon Station to find it conquered, and my crew turned over to Shockwave to be his playthings. That was when everything went wrong.

  • tumblr photo post:look at this issue! oh my god this is really bad and we have to raise awareness!
  • tumblr post:*has an explanation of what's going on by original poster*
  • me:yeah! I wanna reblog this and help spread awareness!
  • random tumblr user:*starts equality rant*
  • random tumblr user:*says unnecessary/incorrect points in rant*
  • me:oh I don't think that's right--
  • me:I'm sorry I just--
  • random tumblr user:SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE
  • me:no
  • random tumblr user:*doesn't want to reblog obvious guilt trip but wants to raise awareness*
  • me:*can't delete the comments or the photo won't make sense*
  • me:*panics*
  • random tumblr user:WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE ANY NOTES?

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that's true. sometimes I think it's hard to know fully how much the companies actually control the idols. I've always liked that about jjong though; it's obvious how much he cares for different issues and he's a very intelligent guy, I'm proud to be his fan. thank you for your insight! :)

companies definitely have a rein on the images of idols, that’s for sure, but i think jonghyun’s found a good medium between what the company wants him to be and what he wants his fans to see him as which is a good thing. i’m proud to be his fan as well!

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What patronus (es) do you think are more likely for a leo, INTJ Slytherin? Thank you :)

Interestingly enough, big cats work really well here. The Leo personality demands to be seen, while the INTJ personality is territorial and likes to be in control.

As such, you want an animal that’s visible, territorial, and dominant. As a Slytherin, there’s also ambition and cunning to think about, so a hunter or predator might be appropriate. And, of course, there’s resourcefulness - you’re going to want to camouflage yourself sometimes.

Of course, a lion would just be too obvious.

A leopard or panther would actually be my best guess. While its spots make it visible to us most of the time, in their native environments, they blend in much more easily - it’s good to be seen, but not always. Being seen often also means showing your hand and making yourself vulnerable. Leopards and panthers hunt alone at night and sleep during the day, which makes them less of an easy target for humans who want to kill them. As a result, they’re the most numerous species of big cat in the world, numbering at between 175,000 and 250,000.

And, of course, they possess the brutal elegance demanded by our house. Achingly beautiful to watch, terrifyingly effective at killing their prey.

Other possible Patroni might include the praying mantis. One of the largest insect species in the world, they won’t go unnoticed unless they’re in their natural environment. Their long green bodies let them hide in the bushes where they live, until an unsuspecting critter (which can and does include lizards, birds, frog, fish, and mice) comes by. The silent hunter will then snap up their prospective prey in their spiked, jointed forelegs and chow down.

Like any other animal described here, mantids also have the intention of being seen - and feared - by potential attackers. They throw their limbs up, unfold their wings, and hiss to create a threat display that makes them seem much more formidable. Some mantids even have brightly colored wings to enhance this effect.

Of course, we snakes do have one of our own that does this - look no further than the king cobra. Largest of the venomous snakes, this sly serpent’s scale patterns let it conceal itself in the bark of trees or the dried, dead leaves on the rainforest floor. It hunts just as quietly and carefully as any other snake, and strikes with blinding speed and deadly venom. Also incredibly territorial, it will rear up, flare out its trademark hood, hiss, and finally strike an invader with a painful set of fangs full of neurotoxins. 

As an INTJ Leo, you were practically built for this house. In your comfort zone, you’re ruthlessly efficient at what you do. Faced with adversity, you dream big and fight hard for what you want out of life. Just winning isn’t enough - you have to win conspicuously, so people can see for themselves just how much of a badass you are. You embody the best of Slytherin’s virtues to a level that’s nothing less than appropriately legendary. The finesse and ferocity of the leopard, mantis and snake are so renowned that humans have created martial arts styles mimicking them. True power and the ambition for it ultimately mean the ability and will to survive, and you practically have that built into your mental genes. When people talk about nature being about the survival of the fittest, they’re talking about you.


I seriously can’t understand how shippers who have been here since the beginning are now questioning their whole relationship. How can you think that they’ve acted this close and couple-y on purpose ? No one could do that even if they wanted to. How can you suddenly deny every love-eyes moment ? The obvious attraction ? The video ?? Are you seriously saying that they were doing this on purpose since 2009 ? What was 2012 then ? The ultimate strategy to raise interest in phan ? And please don’t say they are promoting Phan through perfectly normal behaviour between lovers. It’s way harder to hide attraction and a relationship than act just as usual and let the fans speculate about it.


"How do you define feminism?”
It’s not okay the fact that we live in a world where males get certain sort of priority and woman don’t, and we work just as hard.
But sometimes it’s not even the inequality, because thats obvious, sometimes it’s institutional and subconscious double standards, sometimes it’s like stereotypical, you know: "woman are so jealous and competitive and catfights and to get male attention" and I think feminism is breaking down those barrier of woman being uplifting towards one another, like being “hey yeah, she’s rocking on that skirt”, you know what I mean?
As opposed to judging or shaming another woman for doing what she wants to do with her body. And the whole idea of perfection and beauty, you know, we’re just trying to encourage self love.


Let me just take a moment to appreciate Sir Charles Chaplin


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do you think there's anything behind louis' newly found constant clubbing? does it mean anything, why now, why wasn't this behavior known before? etc

I think it’s accomplishing a couple of things.

1) It’s aging him up and making him more realistic. He’s 23, many 23-year-olds go out regularly, now he is, too. It was high time people started realizing that no he’s not a homebody who sits in his hotel when he’s not performing.

2) It’s raising his profile and making him more known to people, something that’s necessary if he wants a lucrative career outside of 1D, and by looking at his business ventures it’s obvious that he does. I think this is the most significant reason, probably.

3) For someone who’s public image to his fans was very much “devoted boyfriend” up until now, it’s making him look like an independent person. If they were to be setting up an Elouno breakup this is what I would expect it to look like. Paired with Eleanor’s similar behavior, I think it’s likely that they’re prepping for a breakup of some kind, whether that’s an official one a week or six months from now or just a fadeout of Eleanor until people recognize she’s not in the picture anymore.

Why now? Because all three of these things are becoming more and more relevant. Why wasn’t this known before? Because they were very committed to the blank slate, devoted boyfriend Louis Tomlinson that existed beforehand.

All my opinion.