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and this is totally unrelated but if you’re going to post hate in a tag, you can’t turn around and whine that people who go into the tags reblog it and argue with you, can you? like the reason the whole “don’t tag your hate” thing exists is because people don’t want to go into tags and see their fave getting hated on and it cuts down on wank

if you think you should be able to tag things however you want then that’s fine, but you can’t act like a little baby when people who also use that tag take issue with what you say. this weird half assed “I can put whatever I want in the tags cause they belong to everyone but nobody can reblog me and disagree with things I post, that’s not fairrrr” doesn’t even make sense like lol what even

Subscribed (AO3) - Chapter 3/8

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‘What’re we gonna be filming, exactly?’ Mickey asks, scratching the back of his head anxiously. Because that’s what’s at the forefront of his mind and he can’t seem to fucking shake it and relax.
Mandy shrugs, expelling a cloud of smoke. ‘Dunno. Whatever. Maybe take some douchebag-esque shots of the light and the old ass trees…’ She shrugs again and Mickey makes a displeased noise in the back of his throat.
‘Really? You wanna be one of those channels? Fuck, at least try to be original,’ Mickey gripes, apparently taking her answer more seriously than she intended it to be received, because she bursts out laughing.
‘No, like in an ironic way.’



my tumblr story

Hey everyone!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
kitadashi made a thingie and tagged me, soo… here we go. owo

1. When and why did you create your Tumblr-Account?
I created my first Tumblr-Account ( princesstitania ) around May 2012, my first entry was on June 2nd. (I created this one in January 2013! xD) And why… I don’t really know, I think it was because I found a bunch of nice pictures and it was really “challenging” to save all of them; so I thought “I should join this site”. … And now I’m here.

2. What was your first thought of Tumblr?
”It’s so… blue.. and wonderful”

3. What was the first post you’ve seen, first liked, and first reblogged on Tumblr?
first liked: http://10yearbazooka.tumblr.com/post/30546837070
first reblogged: http://missklebeband.tumblr.com/post/42038977627/may-icons-this-post-may-be-updated-often

4. What was the first blog you’ve followed on Tumblr?
yuribooru  (✿ ♥‿♥)

5. What are you favorite blogs, your Tumblr Crushes and Biggest Fans (Last Month)?
I adore everyone who I am following; but here are my favorite blogs:
felyneko, fullmetaledwin, jessietellstheworld, nonfrench-frenchtoast, kitadashi,  schokokitsune, ambereddragonfire, caitnija, mitsu-eifie, tonoye, mikotobasusatos, faeroxas, tsunderes-thoughts (。・ω・。)ノ♡

tumblr crushes: everyone above ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

biggest fans: 1. schokokitsune 2. felyneko 3. ambereddragonfire 4. nonfrench-frenchtoast ! ♥

6. Have you ever found any friends, your soulmate, your significant other or any other people that are important to you on Tumblr?
I could say everyone here is somehow important to me, like… you make me laugh everyday and… if I hadn’t all of you here on tumblr, how should I spend my afternoons?  (^・ω・^ )

7. Do you have any other things stories to tell about Tumblr?
uuh.. I love this site too much, hehe ♥

tagged by Kristen crazydragonslayer

one song: “This is What Makes Us Girls” by Lana Del Rey

two movies: X-Men: First Class and Avengers: Age of Ultron

three shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock (shocker, I know)

four people: Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Evan Peters

five foods: guacamole, mac & cheese, cheese fries, tortilla soup, and oranges

six blogs (who are also being tagged to fill this out): k-atz schumkerjc kellysgoingtobite kellzaur hungry-h1pp0 stupid725 


Introducing #royalfrp

What is this? Simply, a tag for all of us who use our Royal Fandom Families roleplay characters. This is intended as an alternative tag for the existing #rffp whose use has decayed, and for the #royal fandom tag which is always misused for roleplay purposes and that always unleashes the anger of some users who like to keep that tag as clean as possible.

I am sure most of us would love to track this tag and follow all the news from our roleplay. Is the Marchioness of Schœneck pregnant again? Has the Emperor of Garalia a new affair? Is the Princess of Montenegro being coronated this year? Is the Queen of Ruttenberg involved in a new scandal? Or is our young King going to increase our tourism with his architectural reforms?

Getting in all of the blogs at once everytime might get tedious and, sometimes, messy. Therefore, with your help, we can make it cleaner and organised by tagging all of your Royal Fandom Roleplay posts with this tag, starting now! Thanks for your collaboration!

Note: Keep in mind that it’s royalFrp, not royalrp. The latter tag is used by other blogs and it is more convenient for us to have our own.

when it comes down to it, sapiosexuality could just be a very small specialized branch of pansexuality. i mean, the core concept is attraction based on a trait, so i’m assuming it would be regardless of gender, right?

sapiosexuals aren’t mostly heterosexuals taking on this label, right?


tag dump; pt. two !!

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okay, okay, time to go and do adult things. we keep getting distracted and then not doing them and we really have to get on top of some shit this weekend. also we’re (probably) picking up our sister from the airport tonight so….see you all later? as in probably very late? ugh, just….just everyone have an awesome day, okay?

anonymous asked:

CSers DID call out the people who took the CMW baby theories to Jen. CSers DID call out the people who made Jen uncomfortable by taking "coffee" and making it about Colifer when it wasn't. And both times, flooded her with love in the wake of. Those were two stupid, but separate incidences that have nothing to do with what happened yesterday. Yes, those of you who used that SQduo tag were very respectful. But there was some nasty hate on Twitter before that, and I'm sure it played it's part.

yes, i just now on twitter called someone else out using the #WeWantSQDuo to spread Hook hate… There are always going to be those BAs that hide behind their screen to spread hate… I just hate when I see “look, those SQers are at it again” when its ALL the fandoms and ALL the ships that do this crap… Just last week it was OQers underfire, the week before that it was CSers, then before that it was SQ again….

I WILL stand up for JMO, Colin, and anyone else online if I see someone being out of line… for sure… Sadly, there is only so much I can do… As a fandom we can stand up and say “that’s not right” but we will always have those BA Trolls cackling behind their computer screens no matter what we say/do…

The point I’m making is that it just isn’t SQ… just like how it isn’t just CS

Quite honestly if I was JMO I’d do what Lana is doing and just take a break from Twitter… and maybe not even come back… she doesn’t get paid enough to deal with the crazy little shits in this fandom. 

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