I interviewed Robyn for the latest issue of The Gentlewoman!

As in, we hung out backstage and drank beer in her trailer after I watched her headline a massive music festival in England. As in, we had weekday brunch and talked for hours about men who have a problem with the term “feminism” and how she thinks about her body when she’s onstage and the downsides of being a role model. As in, we got tipsy. We took selfies. I fangirled so hard, and she was very cool about it. She said she didn’t want to presume that Call Your Girlfriend was a reference to her song. The result is my first-ever cover story.

I also interviewed Kristen Wiig for this issue. I mean, what?

It’s the autumn/winter issue, and it’s available in the UK on Sept 4 and in the US a few weeks after that. Pick one up.