So I have this weird fascination with stories of people who have unexpected talents, and are not what they seem at first impression, and I tend to make up lots of little stories in my head of scenarios like that…sometimes I find myself thinking about real people and being like “what if I met them in this situation, what would I have thought of them?..” Then how would my view change when I discovered their unexpected talent… 

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sherlockgavin replied to your post:I FEEL YOU, I REALLY WANT AN ANIME FOR ACE ATTORNEY//sighs ;-; But did you see the news about why they’re not making an anime? It’s kinda sad how they’re not making an anime for it ;-;


I see…………. Okay, while the idea of a TV-Drama series does sound kinda amusing, considering the live action movie and J-Dramas/K-Dramas, having an anime though… we could’ve had it all… ;-;



Randall Munroe is a bit of a genius and hopefully he doesn’t see this because I’d be embarrassed to have him hear me say it. 

He’s one of the greatest science explainers of my generation…possibly the greatest. He does it not by explaining science and math and calculus and biology for the sake of understanding it, but by seeking answers. 

And look, that’s why we created biology and calculus and chemistry anyhow. So by searching for answers to really WEIRD questions. Questoins like “Can I build a jetpack out of machine guns” (surprisingly yes, but don’t) and “How much space would all of Google take up if it was on punch cards” (it would bury New England to the height of several kilometers.) And “What would happen if the Earth just stopped spinning but the atmosphere kept moving” (everyone would die, some people less slowly than others.)

To find these answers, Randall does intense amounts of research and also lots and lots of math.

In his “What If?” column he uses this marvelous toolbox that we’ve developed over the last 100,000 years of being a species in such exciting ways that you don’t even know how smart you’re getting as you read it. 

Now he’s turned “What if?” into a book and it is SO MUCH FUN. It’s hilarious and fascinating and shows the kind of obsession with the universe that I find infectious. I’ve been devouring it since I got my copy.

I’ve flown out to San Francisco to interview Randall on the Vlogbrothers channel (Colbert just did an interview with him last week so I guess I’m in good company.) His understanding of the world is extremely deep so he’s able to share only the bits that are either hilarious or fascinating. I’m nervous to spend a bunch of time with him, but very excited to bring his work (I hope) to more people and ideally help sell some copies of his book (which I’m sure is doing just fine without me.)

The Hangout starts in about two hours and I’m gonna go hang out in the chat for it right now


"There was an awesome sequence where they confronted each other in a ravine on the outskirts of D.C. and Hawkeye was shooting a series of arrows closing in on Cap, Cap closing in on him. And then Cap took him down and he realized for the first time that Hawkeye was trying to trick SHIELD, where he whispered something into Cap’s ear that Cap had a tracker on his suit and to punch Hawkeye to make it look real, because there was a Quinjet hovering above where they were watching the feedback back at SHIELD."

Daniel Radcliffe: “I think the best relationships are when you’re going out with your best friend,” “My mom and dad are best friends and they were friends before they got married… and then they’ve been married for 30 years and they are best friends and that’s why it works. But I definitely think everyone has been through this moment of do I risk jeopardizing the friendship in an effort to push this forward, is she interested in me? And it’s a minefield. It’s a scary moment.”

Me: *Thinks of Him and Emma*