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FOTS52 Sneak

From Chapter Fifty-Two—“Sacrifices Chosen”

Cora strode in with her head held high, but he could see the fury lurking in her eyes as she turned to glare at him.  “What did you do?” she demanded.

“Me?”  He gave her his most innocent look, which—particularly between the two of them—wasn’t terribly innocent at all.  The morning sun was barely streaming through the window; Cora had gotten up early on a Saturday to come see him.  Doesn’t that make me feel special?

“Yes, you,” she snapped. “I can feel it in the air.  You brought magic.  How?”

“Well, that’s my secret, now, isn’t it?” Rumplestiltskin countered, lounging back against the pillows. The bed was in the upright position, which allowed him to do so casually while still looking Cora in the eyes, and the sudden anger and uncertainty that flashed across her face told him all he needed to know.  So, he guessed: “Having problems with your magic?”

“Of course not.”

Chuckling softly, he gestured airily with his left hand.  “Well, then why visit little old me?  Your bully boys did their work well…didn’t they?”

“Obviously not well enough,” she snarled, crossing her arms.  The next threat, however, obviously came out automatically. “Perhaps I should have them come back.”

“Even if you could get them out of jail, dear, that would wind up a bit counterproductive, wouldn’t it?” he countered, smiling nastily at his former lover.  “I’d hardly have to lift a finger to stop them now.”

“Oh, please.  If my magic won’t work, yours certainly can’t.”

“How do you think I’ve healed myself?” Rumplestiltskin snorted.  Cora was undeniably smart, but there were times when her anger overrode her intelligence. Particularly now, when she had spent so long winning the same old game…until suddenly the rules changed.  Still, he couldn’t resist the urge to taunt her with:  “And I thought you said your magic wasn’t giving you any problems?”

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First Time He Meets Your Parents 4/4

Ashton: ok so I feel like ashton would be almost over confident about meeting your family. He would always have a big smile and his arm around you, but would be polite and charming just so your parents approved. The whole time he would just sneakily whisper unholy thoughts in your ear when your parents weren’t around and wOW

Calum: so at first he would be pretty quiet and he would be a little intimidated by your dad. But he would compliment your mom on how clean the house was and how good the food was and stuff like that and your mom would be so impressed. He made all the right comments when your parents showed him your baby pictures. He would throw you smirks and glances to show how proud he was that he got their approval.

Michael: so your family would be a bit concerned about what to expect when your warned them about his bright red hair. And when they opened the door they would be so shocked but he would just smile really big with all his teeth and give a quick wave with his stubby fingers aw. Your dad and him hit it off when they start talking about old rock bands. Your parents loved him and The whole night, under the dinner table, his hand would be running up your thigh and teasing you and when you gasped he would laugh and make a joke to cover up plEASE

Luke: let’s be real here, Luke would be more nervous then you. To be honest, I’m pretty sure Luke would call up Liz and go through all the details of how to make the night perfect. And she would give him all the extra pointers obviously. He would dress all nice and spend forever on his hair and when he showed up at your house he would give your mom flowers and that gesture alone impressed both of your parents. He would ask your Dad about his work and really get into the conversation. Naturally, with his charisma, your parents were hooked. When he left for the night and your parents were around he would give you a very sweet and modest kiss on the cheek and then when you walked him out to the car he would press you aGAINST THE HOOD AND HARDCORE MAKEOUT SESSION BYE

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►Robin + Regina | I’d Wait A Lifetime For You {4x11} 

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Just a heads-up that this picture

has only been shared on “fake” AHS Twitter and Instagram accounts, fooling fans into thinking that it’s the theme for next season. No official sources have shared this. And I know for a fact that this is a fanmade poster because I recognize it from this article, written over a year ago, in which some fans were speculating what season four might be about.

I repeat, THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL HINT FOR SEASON FIVE. Don’t let those fake accounts fool you, and don’t waste your time coming up with theories based on this poster.