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Do you know kyrieanne? If so you should go wish her a happy birthday! Because she is fantastic and brilliant and just one of the best people I know. Also she and Anne Shirley share a birthday. How perfect is that?

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I totally stumbled into WTW by wondertrading and I had my tumblr username tagged, not even knowing WTW was a thing, and I was putting out some 4-5 iv breeding duds with some rad moves to clear up boxes, and to jumpstart other people's iv breeding attempts if they were't as far along. I'm getting hate messages now over some guy named nappy? What do I do? DX

are nappy’s fans rly harassing you?? lmaoooo

nappy is a youtube pokemon hunter and he seems like a nice guy and basically he does wondertrade wednesdays by sending out cool pokemon on WT every wednesday but his fans should still remember WT is a random gamble and not everyone is gonna play this wondertrade game so like them harassing you is shitty and rude im sorry

friendly public service announcement: if your ~cool edgy theory~ about [insert literally any fandom here] is that “[protagonist] is crazy and unmedicated and making the whole thing up in their head”

i as an actual crazy unmedicated person will find a way to punch you in the face (◡‿◡✿)

  1. if you put it in public, it’s open season
  2. correcting typos is not even concrit
  3. i fucking hate the cult of nice

oop sorry i havent been on. but i really need to think about whether i have anxiety, namely social anxiety, i’ve been noticing it alot lately and yeah on top of that i’m doing alot of things i’m forcing myself to do that put me through more. sigh

Positive thoughts 38-43
  • I started working out recently and I’m putting on muscle and weight quickly. Yay me. I’m gaining a pound or two a week.
  • I’m getting keys to the store soon so that I means I have even more responsibility.
  • Friendships are keeping me alive and I want to show those people that I appreciate what they do for me. It’s easier to focus on the now and less of the toxicity and negativity hurt me in the past and I’m happy to know the people I do now.
  • I still have anxiety and compulsions and superstitions but I’m giving into them less.
  • The anxiety that I’m a crappy friend or unworthy of love is dying down. It’s hard to unlearn almost ten years of pattern but I’m working on it.
  • People value me more than I realize. (I use this one a lot but I need the reinforcement.)
NEW SIDE BLOG coming soon to a blog near you

I’m considering starting a side blog to help people who are trying to recover from anorexia, specifically ftm transgender people and androgynous folk (since there’s literally none that I’ve found that are specifically for people who don’t identify fully as a girl) bc I myself still am fighting that battle, and that’d be a way for me to help myself and others to. :3 now I just gotta come up with a good and catchy url.

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Thing is, if white people had "#whiteout", you'd flip put, cause that's racist. (Even though it's exactly the same)

thing is if white ppl had “#whiteout” , I  literally wouldnt give a fuck cause it has nothing to do with me. why are yall always worried about what we doing??? if yall just mind your business and stay out of the tags if it bothers you so much it would never be a problem. Also imma need all yall to get over it, our selfie day is not hurting any of yall… and if it is too damn bad.

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Hello, lately (since Josh went to Spain) i have noticed quite a few people have been annoyed at Josh, and acted a bit harshly against him, mocking him and calling him pathetic! What do you think of the situation, do you think Josh's recent trip lost him respect? I mean everyone knows what a decent, kind human it is, and it upsets me to see these comments, thankyou:)

Well, I think his recent trip was really bizarre and I side-eyed a lot of things.

If there is one thing I have learned from this shipping drama, it’s a lot of people in this fandom are “do as I say, not as I do”. Personally, I don’t appreciate being put down for having an opinion, feelings, or reaction to things–I don’t appreciate being called an asshole or reading a 9,000 word rant in the tag about how I am not a true fan, being made fun of for what I say, etc, etc–so even if I don’t necessarily agree with what someone is saying or doing, I’m working on trying to keep scrolling (which is super tough, believe me).

To answer your question, yes, I’ve read posts where, according to some, he has lost their respect. I’ve also seen some posts where people are mocking the situation. I admit, I laughed at the time travel stuff too. But I still love Josh and other people’s comments are just that–theirs

Avoid blogs that upset you and visit ones you feel comfortable reading. 

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I'm not entirely sure. I wanna say educating people but that obviously doesn't work well. If there was a better system in place it might not be as bad, but there will always be people not knowing how tags work or just not caring. And tumblr will never fix the search problem. Even with just getting people to stop posting hate, there will always be people who will never go for it. People will always do what they want. At least with tags there are places to put it.

honestly if people could just talk openly and honestly without losing their heads over it, and not get offended over what other people ship or get pissed off at the existence of other characters besides their favorites (i’ll admit my own annoyance at some shippers when meg was around because i love her and will defend megstiel with my life).   i try but sometimes its hard to not lose my cool and revert to ‘smartass bitch’ mode.

on the destiel hater side, i think a big part of it is if they would a. accept that cas isn’t going anywhere and b. we have every right to wish for canon. and c. we have every right to read into the subtext we see and discuss headcanon without being called abelist names for it.

on the destiel shipper side it needs to be 1. not all ship/like it, and asking them why/telling them they should is annoying af. and 2. some need to embrace that it might not be canon and 3. just fucking respect that actors dont want to talk about it. i know it sucks, i can see their arguments, but it’s not too much to ask. there ARE actors that have no issue talking about it, talk to them. 

i just think if we could all discuss our differences in calm, rational manners without losing our heads, it would help tremendously. i wish it could happen.

I was tagged by shanenuzool. thanks for the tag!

1. Why did you choose your URL?

Well, I had syedaaj before, so I chose aajsyed this time lol

2. What is your middle name?


3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

Charzard of course.

4. Favourite color?


5. Favourite song?  
Idk about song, but I like “Jibrael ne Murtaza ko, dulha “

6. What are your top 3 fandoms?

Fandom e Amirul Mo’minin, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) (great way of putting it)

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

  • It allows you to focus and expand on your interests as well as connect you with other people of similar interests, and even discover interests you never knew you had

8. Tag 8 blogs:

jaunpuri muslim-latina cooingofthepigeons @zaffywaffy 

{ …I accidentally went into html mode before I got the chance to tag people and idk what the code for tagging on here is soooo… I’ll just tag a couple people by putting your…. url in the tags. so that’s why this showed up ajdhawuidw. }

Rules - The game is Top 10 Husbands/Wives. The rules are, pretty much, to write down your top male/female/nb celebrities or characters and then tag at least ten people to do the same.

Thanks for the tag, cinensis !!! This was really hard, though aijdhwaudw.

2. Tidus, I guess you can come, too.
3. Yusuke Urameshi was one of my first husbands. 
4. Kikyo is my nostalgia wife.
6. Kid, from Chrono Cross
7. BEYOND BIRTHDAY (problematic fave)
8. Shuyin
9. I will defend Tifa Lockhart with my dying breathe
10. same with Squall

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Seriously hunnie! is so fucking gross!!; i am soo angry!!. It is amazing how they can twist some things... and yeah, i HAVE to put that tags, they deserved more actually :P

yeah your tags are great, rocio. :D

i always get so angry when people compare grey and darcy. i’ve seen people doing it more than once. argh i’m always like ‘have you even read pride and prejudice?’ the fact darcy respects elizabeth and her opinions is one of the MANY important points of pride and prejudice. 

exhibit a: “You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

so it’s beyond me why someone would even think that grey and darcy have something in common. 

what’s annoying me the most in the tag besides the unsourced fanarts is the fact that people post anti-narusaku and anti-sasukarin or even anti-naruhina  (i haven’t seen the last one yet but i will not be surprised if it happens) rants when it is not needed

dude the manga is over

we have canon couples

do not tag all of your shit together with the tag for positive feedback towards the couple you like along with the anti tags for the couples you hate

it’s been months already

i want to go to the tags and see nice things 

not a mess of people trying to justify and validate their opinions


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If you’re uncomfortable with doing this then don’t do it! I hate making people nervious by putting them on the spot! ^^