I want to be someone’s everything, I want to be able to have conversations with them all the time without it feeling forced, I want to be able to wake up next to them and feel their warm body and hair brush against me and see their big bright eyes and smile. I want to be able to make them breakfast and sit and drink something warm in the morning and talk about our life ambitions and what we want to do that day, I want to be able to travel the world with them and go camping and explore nature together, I want days where we go to band shows and bounce around in the crowd and be content with where we are and have fun, I want to be able to go on dates some days and get to know each other better than the day before, I want to feel something, I want to fall in love, I want to find permanence, I want somebody who will never stop choosing me, I want someone where some days we can just stay at home and cuddle up on the couch and watch movies and play games and order takeout and still be just as happy with one another, I want someone I can go to the park with at 2am and swing on the swings with them and lay under the stars and talk about the universe and be able to play acoustic songs and sing to them, I want someone who will try new things with me and we can learn from one another and open each other’s minds and then come home at 4am and dance in the kitchen in our underwear to our favorite songs. I want to be able to fall asleep with them at night cuddled up together and know I’m exactly where I want to be. I want to be someone’s other half and learn from them and have them learn from me, and be together as long as we possibly can. Most of all, I just want to be good enough for someone and be their everything, and have them be the same to me. I just want someone who will never stop loving me, and I’ll never stop loving them.
—  Inkreased
What I Want To Do With The Signs

Aries : Travel

Taurus : Bake cookies

Gemini : Take silly photo booth pictures

Cancer : Adopt a dog

Leo : Get kicked out of places

Virgo : Watch scary movies

Libra : ShOPPING!1!1!!1

Scorpio : Dance

Sagittarius : Water balloon fight

Capricorn : Make out

Aquarius : Go on a walk to wherever

Pisces : Talk about life in pajamas on the roof at 3am

Things I want:

• To be pushed up against a wall and made out with.
• chicken fries from bk
• to hold a cute girls hand
• more cuddles from a cute girl
• get high with a cute girl and watch the stars
• a road trip with a cute girl
• neck kisses

I really hope that the Special will be gayer than all the previous seasons together. I want Watson in his uniform and Holmes falling head over heels for him. I want a lot of breakfasts and dinners. I want them hidden in darks places, breathing each others air. I want Holmes playing the violin and Watson looking at him with hearts in his eyes. I want ambiguous references to them being a couple but they have to denied it because is the wrong century. Please Mofftis give us that.

1) I want to go on long walks and not worry about the time.

2) I want you to protect me from bugs and insects that frighten the hell out of me.

3) I want to own a cute apartment with you and hear you call my name to tell me you’re home.

4) I want to own puppies with you and take them on walks.

5) I want to go to the grocery store and watch you put every single one of your favourite foods in the cart.

6) I want to marry you and cry as I stutter out my vows.

7) I want to go to a fancy restaurant with you and order burgers and fries. Have a food fight. Act like three year olds and get kicked out.

8) I want to lie in our bed at the dead of night and wake you up out of deep sleep just to say I love you.

9) I want to go on a long road trip and stop at crappy diners for breakfast.

10) I want to wake up early sunday morning and get ready to go to church with you.

11) I want to have Christmas dinner with our families and watch you get so awkward.

12) I want to spend every morning waking you up because you are too sleepy to get up yourself.

13) I want to take showers with you and play around like kids instead of getting extremely sexual.

14) I want to cook together and make a mess.

15) I want to be yours forever.

—  Fifteen things you can give me, love.
These are the only things I want from you.
These are some of the few things I want from life.