quando meu tumblr favorito rebloga um post meu, eu tenho vontade de tirar print e colar na testa pra nas horas de solidão eu me lembrar desse momento

fame-and-cyanide asked:

In response to the prolife post, I find myself in a moral jiffy. I personally would never get an abortion. But, I still understand and respect the right of other women to do so. I have no right to deprive them of choice. That is how (1)

I define my “pro-life” stance. Pro life is pro life of woman and or her child. That is life, the right to choose and the right to live by those decisions. (2)

K, but you are pro-choice by your own definition.  You used the word choice twice in describing your feelings of abortion, which is basically that everyone has a right to choose.  That literally is what being pro-choice is.  

Do you think Nagisa can smell flamboyancy or something?

because Rei came across as being really sensible and a little beige (and the complete opposite of Nagisa) when they first met and yet he focused completely onto him from the beginning and yeah

Nagisa definitely has a sixth sense or something

Why, fandom, WHY!?

So there I am, happily reading a fanfic synopsis and nodding along with all the tags. I like those tags. I like where this fic is going. I’m going to enjoy this fic. 

Suddenly, my eye catches a teeny tiny tag squished in amongst all the others.




I know, I know! Different strokes for different folks and all that, but this one just doesn’t compute for me. At all. And it’s everywhere in the Harry Potter fandom. EVERYWHERE. There are so many potentially awesome fics that I’m missing out on because I’d rather set fire to my own eyebrows than read this shit. 

On the flipside, thank you fanfiction authors for tagging those squicks, yo. Fandom would be a complete minefield otherwise!

Me: But for some reason with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, a lot of non-native people can’t tell the difference between the characters.
Roommate: Oh. The anime characters?