do you ever wonder like…what if jimin’s dance instructor hadn’t convinced him he should audition for a company? what if that one lady hadn’t told v he should audition while he was looking around? what if kookie had gone back to busan because he was so lonely? what if hobi hadn’t pursued dancing and no one knew him as the best dancer in gwangju? what if yoongi was still too prideful to audition for a company? what if rapmon had dropped out when he wanted to? what if jin didn’t run away from sm scouters??? 

let’s all take a moment and just think about that

Wait. What.

So.. we all know this page:

The first panel:

Yay Baby Sarada~


what kind of picture is that.

Sorry but this looks like a japanese wedding-dress.
of course the  japanese heddress is missing though,

but the other Kimono/Yukata she wore/was drawn with had a flower pattern and this one doesn’t have one

and we all know she wasn’t wearing a Kimono/Yukata at NaruHina’s wedding

What kind of picture is that? 

I highly doubt that Sasuke is on that picture aswell, 
and i don’t really think it s a wedding picture,
i just noticed that pic and now i wonder what kind of picture it is…..

EXO in Hunger games

Xiumin: *Hiding in every places he can fit in*

Luhan: “Minseok, baby! I’m coming!  JUST DON’T MOVE, I SAW SOMEONE!”

Kris: “My hands are ready to win”

Suho: “Now listen kids, everyone for them selves, this is a competition, but don’t stress.”

Lay: “I thought hunger games is cooking program!” 

Baekhyun: “Chen, please not now, take this knife away from my face and let me call my mom, so she can take me home”

Chen: “Please don’t kill me I have wife and family, and hopes for future”

Chanyeol: *He was trying to throw something, but he end up hurting himself”

D.O: “Hmmm… I can burn them in their sleep or throw something on them, or wait for them to kill each others, so many things i can do”

Tao: *Get’s scared over a bug*

Kai: *I know it not a gif but i wanted to use it XD*

Sehun: “Fight me”

thunderboltsortofapenny asked:

Star trek politics au


  1. Okay, so clearly President Kirk would end with the USA not being a thing anymore, but consider for a moment, if you will, President Alexander Marcus and Chief of Staff Chris Pike.
  2. Pike brings in a REALLY YOUNG West Wing, but whatever.  Jim’s the Deputy Chief of Staff.  Uhura’s the press secretary.  McCoy and Spock write speeches and are constantly almost strangling each other.  Chekov is an intern with the speech writers, probably - “wait a minute, how old are you?” “Sewenteen” “…Fascinating.” - and Sulu…Sulu is also there even though I’m not positive what he does yet.  Is he Jim’s secretary?  Marcus’s PA?  Reporter in the press room?  Not positive, but he’s there.  I’m also not positive what Scotty does but HE IS THERE AS WELL.
  3. Anyway - so the shoot out at Rosslyn?  Set up by Marcus somehow, Khan’s the shooter, etc - Pike gets hit and dies probably.  And it’s basically Into Darkness with Marcus trying to start a war because of *~*~*~reasons~*~*~*~*~
  4. Clearly it doesn’t work in the end.
  5. ANYWAY.
  6. Jim finding the website pulling everything that he’s ever done apart and Bones being like “Don’t engage the internet, Jim,” and like an hour later Spock being like, “You should not have engaged the internet, Jim.”
  7. Chekov sitting there with his hands folded in his lap while Spock baits McCoy and McCoy rages at Spock and whenever Chekov tries to leave McCoy is just like, “You will sit your ass back down.” and there is no escape.
  8. Jim vs. the evangelicals
  9. Also picture for a minute Spock and Bones and Jim being stranded in Indiana
  10. Ahahaha Jim having PTSD after Pike is killed in front of him and Noel happening.
  11. And Jim clearly got this job because Pike dared him to do better.
  12. ANYWAY.
  14. PLEASE DIRECT ALL COMPLAINTS TO thunderboltsortofapenny

I actually don’t understand how my scoliosis brace is supposed to be “unnoticeable”?? Like??? I quite literally can’t bend my back?? My left shoulders 3 inches higher than my right?? I can’t move properly??? If you try to push me I’ll tip over like an oak tree????