Hey again, guys.

i know that a lot of you probably aren’t rich, but just take a few minutes to go visit this website and read some stuff, watch some videos and maybe buy a shirt or something. Its all for a good cause! if any of you know anything about me you know that i’m absolutely obsessed with sharks and the rate that they are disappearing from the oceans is disgusting. i know it might not seem like much, but anything helps at this point. just give it a look. Thanks, everyone! 



On July 29th, a whale was reported in distress at the entrance to Halifax harbour. Upon arrival, we found a minke whale bobbing vertically in the water with its tongue completely swollen. Based on the small size of the animal, it may have been still dependent on its mother, which was nowhere to be seen. Due to its young age and severe injury, the animal was unlikely to survive. After consulting with veterinarians, representatives from MARS, DFO and DNR responded the following day to determine the best course of action for this young whale, but found that it had died overnight. While retrieving the carcass we discovered it had been entangled in some old, lost fishing gear. The carcass was taken to the Agricultural College in Truro where a necropsy was conducted. We found that there were signs of a physical injury to the animals jaw. It’s possible, while anchored by the fishing gear, the animal was hit by a vessel causing its tongue to swell. The remains were left at the Agricultural College for a study on composting.


Just another example of our trashing the ocean damaging and killing its inhabitants. 


I finally watched the Prince of Egypt last night and I saw this scene in context and realised what it actually was.

People thought it was a whale, then they thought it was a Megalodon Shark which made sense to me when I saw the gif except for the fact that they died out millions of years before this story. And then seeing the reaction of the little girl and her Grandma, the kid is terrified but her Gran reassures her like it’s nothing to worry about which is what really helped me figure it out. That kid thought it was a huge Shark too. Well no, it ain’t and Grandma knows what it is, she knows that it’s harmless.

One thing I always noticed was that it’s got the tail of a shark but the head of a whale. Now what has a whale head and a shark tail? A WHALE SHARK. They inhabit the Red Sea and the largest Whale Shark on record was 12.2 metres long but they believe them to grow even bigger, to the size of a bus. Ergo it has to be a Whale Shark.

Case closed; Class dismissed.


Furry Little Peach x Odd Collective Bedsheets Kickstarter

Hello my darlings, if you follow me on Instagram then you’ll already know about this, but let me introduce the rest of you to the Kickstarter I have going with The Club of Odd Volumes at the moment! Basically “The Herd” (ie. my Galaxy Whales) are going to be turned into sheet sets which I’m incredibly, incredibly excited about - but can only happen with the help of you guys!

These little babes available on linen sets (A fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases) in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes. The bedding sets are 100% cotton, 300 thread count. Beautiful, bright, luxury photo quality prints and each pledge comes with a little limited edition gift to say thank you for supporting this project!

There is less than two weeks until we need to reach our goal in order for these fellas (along with the other four designs) to go into production, so I would really love and appreciate it if you guys could pledge and/or share this post! If we reach our goal by Sunday, Septemper 7, 2014, 12:00 AM EST we’ll be dreaming amongst these glorious gentle giants. If not, we won’t be charged, but unfortunately the sets won’t go into production.

If you’d like to pledge, you can find the sets on the right hand side - any of the pledges that read “THE HERD” are this design and please check out the other designs too they’re pretty rad! Thanks so much for reading, and let’s make this happen kiddos so we can all have matching sheets! ^.^ <3

Find the kickstarter here: