Jeje Days ni Koya =))))

Nttawa ko ksi nagddelete si Kuya ng mga pics nya sa FB nung JEJE DAYS pa sya. HAHAHAHAH! :)) Tas sbe ko. AYY KADIRI. JEJE DAYS =))) WHAHAHAHAHAHATawa sya eh. Sbe ko OK LNG YAN LAHATA TYO DUMAAN SA GNYAN. Whahahahahaha! :))) 


How was your End of the Year/New Year Celebration?

We celebrated at MOA. Damn. The fireworks were fantastic. There were these flying mechanical remote-controlled robotic birds. And they were fantastic, amazing. They soared so high, in my POV in looked like they were as high as the fireworks were. Damn it was beautiful. Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, the birds’ wings spat out fire and they were gorgeous. They were like a Mockingjay. Whahahahahaha Well, except for the fire part. But they were beautiful. Damn. And the part at the end of the fireworks was fantastic. Like woah. I wish everyone saw it. hahahaha (pardon me for talking like a kid amazed by multicoloured lollipops :P)

After that, I teased my cousin, who is four years old, with “Bukol” because she had one when she tripped because of clumsiness. And damn, did that fire back quickly. I mean, not to her, but to me. She could fight. I was teasing her and while I was teasing her, she kept on punching me. Not the normal punches that you’d expect from a 4-year old. She should be in a boxing gym, she might have a future. LOL. She also pulled my hair and while I kept on not caring for my hair, sadly, the nerves connected to my head from hair sent pain to my brain and therefore forcing me to care for my hair. In a nutshell, it hurt. I kept on laughing though because it was really laughable. All of it. Wahahahahahahh. And when she let go of me, she went to my aunt and cried. I win. HAHA. :P In treason though, I let her sit next to me in front of the car and she fell asleep in my arms. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop calling her “bukol”. Warning: Bully cousin here.

At MOA, my other cousin, Abi, who is one year younger than me but is taller than me, and I rode the Pirate ship thingy in which we call “Anchors Away” and the one that was once called ummmm…. I can’t remember. But in MoA, it was called, MoA Fumes. The one where you get all wet because of falling into water while inside an artificial log. Up to the point where we were still to enter the wet ride, I still didn’t believe it when people say that they get really really wet when riding those kinds of rides. Never have I been so wrong. Walking back to our rendezvous point, we looked like wet ducks. (I can’t use chicks ‘cause it doesn’t sound right. LOL)

All in all, it was messy, noise, not properly planned, and fun.

Sad thing was, if you are in a large but scattered crowd, it’s hard to make sure that the countdown is on time. We only heard the countdown from 3 to 1. Just like last year when we also celebrated in MoA compared with celebrating at home.

themnemovore asked:


Sabía que este fatídico momento llegaría algún día D: 

2. ¿Alguna vez te haz peleado a golpes?
Si, en el colegio. 12 años en colegios de hombres no pasan en vano D:
4. ¿Dices groserías?
Si :D
6. ¿Usas maquillaje?
*wink* no *wink*
8. ¿Has robado?
10. ¿El peor dia de tu vida?
creo que fue un dia que termine vomitando en el metro cuando iba en la media, fue horrible esa wea 
12. ¿Vives con tus padres?
14. ¿Sabes manejar?
16. ¿Marca de ropa favorita?
No tengo una marca de ropa favorita D: 
18. ¿Te piensas casar?
creo que si :3
20. ¿Te rasuras el vello púbico?
whahahahahahha no
22. ¿Cual es tu profesión ideal?
una donde tenga libertades privilegios y motivación, aun no la encuentro :D
24. ¿Cual es tu lema?
No dejes para hoy lo que puedes postergar indefinidamente (?) 
26. ¿Te sigues disfrazando en halloween?
Solo lo he hecho 1 vez…y ahora que lo pienso no era  halloween
28. ¿Alguna vez has ganado algo?
creo que no :C
30. ¿Comida que mas odias?
32. ¿Todavía le hablas a tu ex?
Nop, con ninuna de ellas
34. ¿Tuviste un buen día ayer?
Si :D tuve libre en la pega y dormi todo el dia

Ya te tocará responder un monton de leseras jose e.e y yo seré el culpable