1. Please don’t smoke while taking up the center of the sidewalk. It makes me want to throw up when I get a mouthful of your smoke.

2. Starbucks coffee sucks can we please stop worshipping it?

3. I feel controlled. Stop controlling me.

january 28:

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

same old thing, different day. what isn’t driving me nuts, really?

i wish i could say the issues plaguing me five months ago (when this question was first posed) have since been resolved and that whatever is driving me nuts now was new and completely different, but such is not the case. 

in particular, i am still frustrated with my work situation. i like the person i work for, i adore (some of) my coworkers and, for the most part, enjoy what i do. the problem is, this is ultimately not the job i want to be doing forever – assisting or agenting. and maybe i’m not one of those “need to establish a career” types.

lately, i have been more and more contemplating a move to… i don’t know where. if i did know, i would probably be long gone already. perhaps, though, not too far gone, since the one thing i am positively sure of is that i want to be working with the music industry in some capacity. 

going to stop this (entry) right here. i should really get to re-working my resume instead of typing out these complaint-riddled thoughts here because: 

“i am the master of my fate; i am the captain of my soul.”

that william ernest henley was on to something. 

bar exam haze (round dos)

what kind of idiot takes two bar exams in one year? this one…that makes poor life planning choices.

extra 800$… but then again, i thought the firm would pay. until it didn’t.

but i haven’t been paying rent for the past six months so it’s not so bad.

but it doesn’t matter if i fail except that it would be a waste of $.

but. but. but.

UGH my life is so ratchet T T

i just want to roll around and play with my hoodrat friends.

wearing a zidane jersey to make myself feel more like a BAMF instead of a primo nerd.

anonymous asked:

You assumed she was also showing her tits, and I've already addressed you with my 1st message because you basically sounded like you were about to say the same stupid shit. But If I'm coward lil sheep, I'm just happy I'm not a bitter bitch like you :)

LMAO you sent 10 of the same shit, and your still assuming I care what you think, it’s fucking funny as hell. Bitter huh? Wow you got me good nottttttt!!!!!! Well troll have a good night enjoy your bitterness along with that cheese and whine. I sure the whaaaaambulance will be here any minute to pick you up hahhahahaahaha