it’ll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar

1. suit and tie, i can read you like a magazine
2. look over there, here comes amy with her new boyfriend
3. you’re kind of sexy but you’re not really special
4. i’m gonna get on my knees would you kick me in the face
5. you’re a rusty little razor with a past
6. you get your kicks from just driving me down
7. you love me like an enemy
8. harder to hide than i thought, maybe i just wanna be yours
9. your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine
10. our love is like a powder keg

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So everyday of December up to Christmas I will (hopefully) be releasing a drawing each for my favorite mutuals. They are listed alphabetically and please do not delete the caption from the picture.

December 19 - liamschristmasballs (sigh-ziam)

So I started out not really liking ziam. In fact, at one point they were my notp and I hated seeing them on my dash. But now (I think because of you) I’ve grown to love them and I absolutely adore their friendship and stuff. So I’d like to thank you for that, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking before. But anyways I hope you like the drawing and I hope you have some amazing holidays!

@kashitaro_ito: ゲームするの意外と言われますが、パズドラもドラクエも無課金でゆっくりやってます! 課金しないとぜんぜん急に進められないから、逆に飽きずに長くやれます!!

@kashitaro_ito: I’m always told that it’s unexpected of me to play games but I’m taking my time playing PazuDora (puzzle and dragon) and DoraQue (dragon quest) for free! I won’t level up so quickly if I play it for free, so on the contrary I can play them for a long time without getting tired!!

@kashitaro_ito: モンハンも好きです!RT @kashimuku: @kashitaro_ito 歌詞さんモンハンは!!!!

@kashitaro_ito: I like MonHan (monster hunter) too! RT @kashimuku: @kashitaro_ito: Kashi-san, what about MonHan!!!!

@kashitaro_ito: リハで僕の番が終わったらそらるさんが勝手にインストールしてくれてました(笑)!!RT @arupaka3955: @kashitaro_ito 歌詞太郎さんがパズドラはめっちゃ意外ですwww

@kashitaro_ito: During a rehearsal after my turn was over Soraru-san went to install it for me (laughs)!! RT @arupaka3955: @kashitaro_ito: Kashitaro-san playing PazuDora is really unexpected www

@kashitaro_ito: ちなみにドラクエの携帯ゲームも、そらるさんがあまりにもTwitter上で楽しそうだからインストールしました…。

@kashitaro_ito: By the way, for the game DoraQue, I saw on Twitter that Soraru-san was having so much fun playing it so I installed it as well…..

(t/n: the weird game titles are actually the Japanese abbreviations, for those who want to know!)

Counting Dosh…

Prior to me sitting down to report our Turds-Day here, The Silverback readied to head out for another walk. He stood at the small drawer where he keeps his stash of dosh and important documents - he was going through things, organising, summat. Another walk, checking his hard currency… These are all normal Silverback activities. I wished him well on his outing… And was a bit relieved to have some time to myself.

I had finished up tumblin’ for the moment. Had just sat down to a bowl of food that I had prepared earlier. I heard the front door unlock and open. I thought to myself - “That was a short walk…” He can often be gone for up to two hours or so - stretching his legs and clearing his mind.

He stepped to where I was sitting and presented me a lovely bouquet of flowers! He totally caught me off-guard! I am not easy to surprise - but he managed it. Although he knows all-white bouquets are my favourite - he, and the florist, decided on a mixed bouquet. Heck, they are lovely no matter the colour! More importantly, they *smell* really lovely, too. Yes, all very lovely!

So - I was proved wrong. He did “get” the whole concept of him buying flowers for me… Plus he followed through and got me flowers. And surprised me! He figured he couldn’t surprise me if he waited til today… Heck, I’ll take anniversary flowers a day early! A triple win in my book!

Who knows - I may be getting more flowers in the future… The Silverback reported to me, “As I was walking with the flowers, all the girls were giving me big smiles!” If it takes impressing strange women to encourage him to buy me flowers - so be it!

modern au where Erwin and Levi are grown up adults, in love and live together. One afternoon Erwin tries to clean his ears with q tips when the soft edge of the q tip gets stuck inside his ear. He screams and cries out Levi’s name.  They end up in the hospital.

From that day and on Levi is the one who cleans Erwin’s ears (as much as he hates it- but he loves him more).

"Random, but actually all the world’s races came about from the African continent and we were all one race and skin color and everything. According to genetics and science, white skin (basically anything that isn’t dark skin) is actually a mutation of the genes. It’s so ironic that white ppl are racist, seriously. Since they are technically the "mutation""