• Roslyn Rostenkowski
  • AKA, “Ros”
  • 26
  • Heterosexual
  • Ros is a waterbender, who uses her waterbending for healing purposes. She’s also a good enough neighbor that if you’re going out of town or something, she’ll water your plants for you or something.
  • Ros probably doesn’t much know how to feel about the whole ‘equalist’ thing, because she’s a bender and it’s not like she’s a bad person, or oppressive - but you can’t quite deny that the benders, as an institution, hold most relatively high ranking positions. I’m not sure if that’s occurred to her IC or not, or if thats just in my mind.
  • Ros is in my mind a very matronly person. Caring, nurse-ish. It’s not so much that she’s completely naive as that she just prefers to think the best of people. She’s very hands-on-her-hips, won’t-take-your-bullshit kind of person, but if you honestly need help or a leg-up on something she’d be glad to help you out however she could. Y’know?
  • Honestly I don’t have her all that worked out yet, okay, but I’ll add more stuff here as I think of it.