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[ENG] WGM Khuntoria EP 62 by Mo!

Note from Mo:

knowing khuntoria is leaving (the show), i could just barely able to finish this sub. every single word of what they said to each other, i play and play over again and again in my head. my tears roll down my face, my fingers were frigid and shaking while translating this sub. anyway, a show is a show, whether they are real or not real is not important. the important fact is that their way of expressing their love in the show brought people hope, trust, and love that purify the world we live in. people said there are no such perfect couple in the real world. it’s naïve! i know! but i’m proud i’m naive, because i still believe, i still have hope. if you believe and love khuntoria is because we want the world to look good, people are kind and caring for each other like khuntoria. “dream may not come true, but if you stop dreaming, you stop living.” khuntoria forever!

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[VIDEO] WGM Khuntoria Episode 55 Preview

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This preview is soo sweet. Just look at those loving stares, the wedding party’s smiles and looks like another yatch getaway. Did I hear, ‘I love you?’ Awww!



[Preview]WGM to be broadcast on Japan’s channel in March 



[Unreleased-cut]Khuntoria Ep 34 ( MBC official website release)

[Rough trans]

Mi-sun:Beauty and the Beast setting?

Jake:It seems interesting..

Khun:I will appear from here.

Vic:kekekeke.. too kind-hearted

Vic:seems like a kind-hearted beast… does not look like a terrifying beast…don’t have a scary feeling at all.. oh..so cute..

Jake:A beast who does not look like a beast

Mi-sun:If there is a beast that is like Nichkhun, i will keep it

Vic:you could wear a beast mask

Khun:Yes(nod),it’s a good idea. Like this ..(drawing on the paper)Victoria~si, You have to wear a mask too..

Vic:I wear a granny mask..

Khun:Ah, that suncap..

Vic:I will come out riding a biycle, wearing that suncap

Khun:clapping while walking…

Vic:There are trees right? lean on the tree and do that exercise.

Khun:if it’s gag, no we can’t do that

Khun:And I will be making a camero in the sitcom’All my love’.. stars as a substitute of Jo-Kwon.. And at the very last part, I will make a phone call to you..

vic:HAHA, really?

Khun:I will say doongdoong, i have earned a sum of money… DoongDong~

Vic:Is it stated in the script?

Khun:There is no doongdoong in the script.

[Note:it might not be 100% accurate… so just read it for fun :)]We will translate it once we have the chinese sub.

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[WGM website official note]

Khuntoria who have received the “MBC Gayo Daejun” mission card,were in a cafe having a brainstorming session before meeting the choreographer. How will the brainstorming session ends? And What is Nichkhun’s Doongdoong hidden secret,who will be making a cameo in “All my love”?

~~P.S please still visits the official website to increase the video-count http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/wedding/svod/.


[VID] WGM KhunToria - Victoria’s Birthday Episode

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Daebak! MBC just uploaded Victoria’s birthday episode!^^ Let’s rewatch!^^ Happy birthday once again beautiful Toria~^^



[VID] WGM Nichkhun & Victoria EP 50 - Rooftop Backhug

"Nichkhun-ssi choayo! ^__^" Back hug <3!

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MBC uploaded short clips of WGM on their youtube channel. This one in particular is the episode where Khunnie played the piano for Vic! <3 Brings back lovely memories! Let’s rewatch all their videos~^^ Let’s bring the number of views up!!!

WGM Nichkhun & Victoria Videos



[video] 110702 wgm part 1

cr: hangiaihangiai

if there’s a HQ version, we’ll post the vids up later(:



[VID] WGM KhunToria - Hoodie Kiss

"bobo hae! bobo hae! bobo hae!"

Clips: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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I remember watching this episode and everyone was spazzing wildly on chatterous! Haha good times^^



[preview] Khuntoria ep 59 preview

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[Video] W2D’s 110312 We Got Married [Eng Subbed]

Part 2

Translated by empired @ W2D
Subbed by khy127 @ W2D
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110127 We got married Preview cut(Khuntoria ep 31,YongSeo ep 42)

It only lasted for 4s 

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