[Eng trans]Khuntoria Ep 30 (FULL)(Updated)

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Part 1

Misun: Are they (2pm) practicing? Nichkhun’s hairstyle for I’ll be back is not bad.

Jake: all of them are little brothers. 5 of them.

Vic enters

V: I’m going now

Misun: She prepared something.

Nayoung: wearing shades, she looks like a Hollywood actress but is carrying a black
plastic bag

Junho: She brought a lot of stuff

V’s blackroom: today is 2pm’s comeback stage. Since it is a special day, I wanted to
give him a surprise.

Vic enters Shinee’s waiting room

V: Hello

Shinee: Oh Vic~

V: I brought you some refreshments

Shinee: Oh, really?

Jake: She takes care of her brothers well

Minho: (points to the bag that is meant for N) is that for us too?

V: hehe, isn’t today 2pm’s comeback, so I decided to make N some food. He doesn’t
know that I’m here

Taemin: oh so he doesn’t know you’re here right now (corrects V’s phrasing)

V: Yeah, he doesn’t know

Onew: So you want to give him a surprise? Do you have any ideas?

V: That’s why I’m asking for your help. Sunbaenim (seniors), please help me

Key: that’s the important recording now

V: yeah

Key: you have to ask the manager for a performance fee

V: Don’t be like that^^~ I brought a camcorder, so I’ll be recording the performance
in a while. I’ll be at the side filming Nichkhun

Minho: Like a fan

Key: Film with the filming crew

V: oh yeah, so that he won’t see me right? You guys are indeed smart

V: Do you have a face mask? I brought my shades…otherwise I’ll use something to
wrap around my face

Minho: of course you’ll be recognized

V: Really?

Shinee: It’s your husband

V: How about if I wear a motorbike helmet?

Minho: You came too unprepared, how are we to help you?

V: Hey I bought you guys refreshments already

Key: you should have written in your schedule book

V: you guys are smart, so I just came here to ask for your help

Onew: Minho is closest to them, ask him to go and help you

Minho: Ok, I’ll help you

Key: isn’t Nichkhun’s room empty? so if he suddenly sees a box, opens it and vic-
noona “zangzang” pops out

Minho: Once the performance ends, the members will return to their waiting room
with their staff and managers.

V: because the members will be there, I’ll have to make a pretty entrance

Minho: how about I tell N that his fan is here, that she would like to see N and that
she has something to give to him.

Key: Wouldn’t that lower the surprise factor?

Minho: My plan is to not give a nervous kind of event

2pm shows up on the TV screen…it only shows a bit of Nichkhun’s face

V: oh, they’re up! (the cameraman) please move to one side, (to capture N)

V: aiyoh, where did you go

-the special dance stage-

N appears to be injured a little

the studio: N seems hurt, must be really painful, what to do?

Captions: V’s smile seemed to disappear when she watched how N was in pain

Junho: His waist..he hurt his waist

V’s blackroom: It seemed really tiring…he had to practice it everyday…he even said
he went to the hospital so it must have been really painful. Because this isn’t his
home country, so I thought that by making some of his local Thai food, it will help
give him strength and cheer him up, so I made pad thai.

Nayoung: oh that time (during the honeymoon) didn’t V observe how the locals
made it


Part 2

Victoria watched Khun’s acrobatics with her worried face.

2pm’s main stage was abt to start, Key reminded Victoria that it was time to film.

Key: people will notice you if you go there before the beginning of the stage, It is better if you go there after that.

Vic: but I want to record from the beginning.

Key: you will get noticed, it is true that you will be found out.

Vic: really? (putting on sunglasses) can you recognize me like this?

Key:(laughting hard) everyone will recognize you as Victoria

Taemin: they started, started

Vic: oh I gotto go

Minho: record quietly

Minsan: only shoot hubby

Victoria ran away in case to be found out

Uncle jake:so cute
Minhp:finished record?

Vic: what to do next?

Minho:let’s go quickly,we can’t be found out

Vic: so what to do, I am so nervous

Vic:first broadcasting

Minho:now lunchbox is the only thing left, wanna do another event?

Vic:what?All I can give is lunchbox.

Minho:I will meet Khun, and tell him there is a super pretty fans coming over. When he would ask me who she is,I will say she would come here, and then ounni ‘jjang’show up.

Vic;emm,that is not bad

Minho:is it good? we need to catch the best opportunity to send the gift.

Junho:it is too bad that as soon as Minho came in, we knew that Victoria came.
Vic: but I want to show(recorded video) to him at first.

Minho:I mean I will show him the video and he would ask me who film that, then I would say it is from a pretty fan. Good idea?

Vic: yup, good idea.

Minho pionted at Vic’s braceband: Khun hyung also wears that.

Vic: hehe, en, it is a gift.

Minho: oh, it is for couple
Vic: haha, are you envious?

Minho: haha, envious, look at you, you can’t close your mouth because of happiness.

vic: no

Minho: Did you cook the lunchbox?

Vic: yup, I cooked it since early in the morning, and it is the first time I made thai food

Minho: aww, thai food.

Vic: When I was at the airport, I bought the sauce.

Minho: wow, really?

Vic: I also bought some fruit in case there is not much food. hehe

Minho: I think Khun hyung would get touched.

Vic: really?

Minho: he would get moved deeply,and he doesn’t even know.

Vic:en,he is totally in the dark.

Junsu:hello,today is our first stage.sorry to ask, but what it is for?

PD:it is for MBC great birth

Junsu:it is many singers’ dream

Junho:We really thought it was for MBC great birth, and I worked hard to show myself and in the interview I answered seriously.

Vic: oh, are they coming?

Minho: Not yet. They have another filming after they finish this, and they need to change clothes.

Vic:ah, really, you are the MC after all

Minho: who? I am not the MC

VIc: ahh? then why you stay at MC’s waiting room?

Minho: today’s MC is Key and Taemin

Vic: then what are you doing here today?

Minho: I am here for filming Music Core. (Shinee was still promoting during then)

Vic: ahh, got u

MC: younger brother from the same company( don’t even know the schedule)

Minho: you only got 2pm in your head? 2pm, Nichkhun?

Minsan: of course

Vic: how did you know?

Vic: I also bought this.

Minho: I am sure noona can only see this, only got khun in your eyes

Vic: because of the clothes, I can only see Khun, too shining

Junho: for me I can only see myself

Uncle Jake: eveyone got their own choice

Minsan: when I watch WGM, I can only see myself

Minho: can you guess, left or right?

Vic: right side, right?
Junho: others can only see WY

Minho: did you read thanks to message,there is noona’s name inside

Vic: that is impossible, it is not true

Minho: how can you find out so quickly, are you happy, noona?

Vic: en, but why your face blushed?

Minho: I feel shy for you

Vic: Your ears turn red, you are truely khun’s close friend.Both of your ears would turn red.

Junho: After we finished, they said there was interview for MBC great birth, so we all thought that camera was from MBC great birth, and I intentionally acted cool.

Minho: why we play like this?

Vic: you started this.

Minho: oh, but why

vic: Minho, be careful

Minho: yup

Vic:no problem. You would attract the attention if you are there

Minho: let’s pretend nothing happened, and walked by carefully


Part 3

minho: Taecyeon suddenly talked to me. He asked where I was going…I only
answered “yes yes..”
vic: yeah, so I quickly ran off.
minho: dead tired x2. because of vic noona, I’m dead tired.
vic: aigoo.don’t be like this..
minho: I am very tired..
V: I don’t want to be a burden.
minho: I didn’t mean it like that
vic: if you say it like this, everyone will think I am a burden.

2pm starting their interview
vic is rehearsing with minho

minho: I will bring this camcorder over
vic: ok
Minho: Don’t worry

vic: I trust you.
minho: ok, you can trust me. I’m going off now. Fighting!

nichkhun saw minho eyes sparkling

minho sits down at the sofa. recording room: he seems grand sitting there
PD: if vic appears, what to do..
khun: Vic is definitely number one (not sure what they’re talking about)
minho: sorry, but there’s something for brother khun to see.
nayoung: isn’t he being a bit too rash (to want to start the event)

the other members are speechless

khun: why is it only filming me?
junho: we were sincerely being interviewed when minho suddenly came in saying
that he wants to give something for bro khun to see. That time, i was thinking of
asking him to come back later.
uncle jake: doesn’t look like the usual minho style
junho: yea, absolutely not minho style.

taecyeo: who filmed it?
minho: a female. i didn’t see her face. She only filmed khun.
khun: A fan?
taec: we have to do the interview first.
khun: who is it?
minho: that person wants to see you. sorry, I’ll come back later.

Minho leaves
junho: it’s VICTORIA

khun’s black room: Whenever Minho comes in, and see there’s an interview, he will
say he shall come back later. But at that time, he didn’t and he merely stayed there.
It was pretty awkward. When i saw the camcorder, i knew vic had come.

vic rehearsing with her manager

V: OPPA do i look like vic? (high-pitched voice)
manager is speechless.

minho came back looking proud
the studio: He thought he had succeeded. But in fact, his plan was seen through
junho: then he’ll go back and say that the surprise was totally runied by me.

vic: how was it?
minho: the members doesn’t know. but the atmosphere just now was really sincere
(when they were doing the interview)…so they were looking strangely at me.
vic: how was his reaction?
minho: He was like “what is this? why is it only filming me?” something like that.

—Part 4

Misun: everybody knew it’s Vic, all of them knew
WY: we had all known, you will come in
MH: Ah we have been found out
Everybody knew that was deceiving. Junho: I was very sincere when answering the questions
MH: Because this is the comeback of Khun Hyung..
Vic: Therefore I brought these food for the members..
Took another one to the husband. V: I did pat Thai for you
Captions (of the boys): Envy
Khun: This is my …Wife…Victoria shi, this is my members.
(Greeting each others)
Vic: Congratulations on your comeback
Taec: Time for the couple, we should go out
Vic: You guys eat this
Taec: We go to the bathroom to eat
Khun: No You all can have it, put it there and eat
Taec: I have said about the hard life of singers, will it be broadcasted? We were very earnest
MH: About the interview, I’m sorry, the atmosphere was so sincere
WY: No, it doesn’t matter
Vic told her husband: Because of me, MH worked hard
Khun immediately hugged Minho and said thanks, you are the best

WY: Ours are bought but his are made by her
VIc:You have to enjoy this even if the food might be tasteless.
Khun:it’s delicious
Vic:I bought the sauces at the Thailand Airport
Khun: I see that
[Blackroom interview]
She secretly bought the ingredients at the airport. She really wants to cook for me
PD: Did you ever expected this?
Khun:No, i did not expect it to happen
WY:seems delicious
Vic:You can try it
Taec:leave them alone

Khun:I’m a bit tired today
Vic:You feels uncomfortable?You went for acupuncture that time

Khun:It’s hurt here
JH:Maybe after you eats this ,you recover
Khun:Of cause

Vic:Is that delicious?
Khun:YEs, super delicious
MC:They dont seem to care the others

[Blackroom interview]
It’s seems like antidote/medicine for me. I’m really in pain.

MC:when we are in foregin country, and we live there for quite some time. We tend to eat our local foods to gain energy.Khun miss his country’s foods.

[Blackroom interview]
Khun:it’s not easy to cook that,It’s really delicious
PD:you ate all?
Khun:Yes, I finished it, and the pain seems to be gone instantly, It’s like a antidote to me..a gift..