Happy 10th Anniversary Wong Fu!

Wong Fu Productions has a special place in my heart. They share their Love through their amazing videos. Thank you WFP for 10 wonderful years. Another 10 years to come and another 10 years again.

3 Thing I Like About Them:

1. Three guys who worked hard for everything they do and dreams which they made come true. (My heroes and Inspirations)

2. Their videos can capture everyone’s heart. Sometimes it can also be an eye opener. (It happens to me)

3. Never ever underestimate Asians. They have so much to offer :) (Proud to be one)


I am one of the 2 million because they are a unique channel. While everyone was having platforms and schedules and routine, they have been different. Refreshing. I love how they love their art and how they express their creativity. I hope to see more from them! WF4Life!

Wong Fu Productions feat. Yuri Tag LIVE in Vancouver: Powered by AX3 Multimedia

I just found out yesterday that Wong Fu Productions is coming to Vancouver. I was able to buy the last minute ticket and unfortunately VIP tickets were already sold out (my heart dang it!). You know life is really unpredictable. Best things happen when you least expect it. I was doing a bucket list last week. And one of it was this. 

"To meet Wong Fu Productions (especially Wesley Chan before he gets married haha XD). And listen to their amazing and inspiring stories."

Yup then it happened. Wishing that my WFP experience tomorrow will be awesome! Cheers!