In today’s edition of Five Things To Accompany My Face:

*I am so tired. I am always so tired. I think I have Mono. For something like 30 years now.

*Whenever there is a debate with one side raging against the other I am, more often than not, in the middle wanting to slap both sides. Sometimes my ability to see both good and bad in people and situations is a gift. Sometimes it is a form of intense and slowly burning pain because people are stupid. This gets worse the older I get. Get off my lawn.

*Either I’m currently experiencing a major case of déjà vu or I’ve told y’all these things before.

*This business of not having a pool in my backyard is getting really old.

*When I win the lottery I don’t want a huge mansion or pimped out rides. I want a lazy river. I’d make a great lottery winner. I just know it.

Rideva spesso, rideva sempre, ma quando era certa che nessuno potesse vederla, sospirava e in quei sospiri c’era una tristezza infinita.
—  ibattitidelcuore