Adventure Starting

Three weeks ago is when it began, my reason to start this journal, my fear that was making its way through my mind like a brain rotting disease. I had to get out I needed to leave, if not they would find me.

Dreams, a premonition of sorts… pain and fear… a elf? Or was it human? I couldn’t tell… They could save me! I had to hide! But where?!

I left my enclave, with me the wishes of my mentor Sinara, a white cloak with  druidic markings, a crystal ball, and my journal. Not a whole lot but it would do for now. I made my way down the Vilhon Reach, I had no real idea where I was going. Coming into the port of Hlondeth I traveled by caravan to Ormath and then off to the north eventually finding myself in Cormyr.

Visions of a forest, a mint green house with pink trim? And orange and purple… curtains? Entering the King’s Forest I made my way to this odd establishment. “The Pretty Unicorn” the sign outside read.

“Are you seriously going to that gaudy inn?” Raul mocked.

I entered, finding a very large copper man in a pink apron standing behind the bar cleaning a glass, he greeted me kindly and I made my way over to a table and sat down to rest my aching legs.

For after what seemed like a couple hours, I looked up from my journal to hear someone enter the inn. A paladin, in his shiny armor (seemed to take good care of it), followed by an elven woman… wait… an elf…
It took me a moment to remember where I had seen her. The dream! I started jotting things down in my journal, not really paying attention to how creepy I must have come off, my eyes had locked onto them since they entered. Raul made some comment which I pushed aside not really paying attention.

One day I’ll kill you for that…

They sat down at a table and talked for a couple minutes, glancing back at me. The paladin got up and moved to another table moments before the elf walked over to my table and asked me what I was doing

“I’m a writer!” A writer? What the heck do I seriously look like a writer? I seemed to be able to pass it off somehow. But while I was worrying about if they were buying it I caught smell of something horrid.

A gnome darted from the back room…

“We should eat it, catch it before it gets out the door!” Raul hissed.

Everyone ran out of the inn just in time to see plums of colorful smoke pour from every oriface of the building.

The five of us set up camp outside the inn after, Rafa, the gnome, explained that this was a common occurrence. The large man, who turned out to be a sentient construct of all things with a obsession for his pink apron, went out to bring back some rabbits and birds. Afterwards, sleeping arrangements were set up and I was the first to be on watch.

Gazing at the moon from beneath the trees, Raul grumbling in discontent. Sitting there admiring the night life, my mind slipped from me as I began to think about the dream again, snapping out of it when a sudden movement from inside the camp brought me to full alert.

The elven woman had bolted into the forest and the paladin was about to follow but as I soon found out I had completely tranced out the blood curdling scream, he had decided to don his armor. I was torn to bolt off after the elf, she was my only lead, and if someone was dying I might be able to save them. On the other hand I had no idea what I was getting into so I helped the paladin into his armor, the two seemed to be traveling together and wouldn’t split up that easily, and he and I set off into the forest.

We arrived on scene to find this massive spider biting into the elven woman, though as it would seem my eyes deceived me. The paladin rushed in swinging his mighty sword, everything was happening so fast, it was all I could do to channel some of my magic into the paladin to reduce the pain of his wounds.

There was some rustling in the trees to the right of the spider, as I couldn’t see what was going on I climbed onto a nearby fallen tree to find a blink dog with a halfling perched atop.

The spider quickly fell and I offered my healing services to those in need. The druid completely ignored my existence but Raul wasn’t going to let that slide. As I dawned my new most embarrassing moment in my life and began hitting on the blink dog.

“Hahaha you deserved the looks you got…”

From there we headed back to camp, the druid seemingly growing an attachment to the elf, and we all agreed to escort the gnome and his construct to Wheloon. Introductions were made, we all became somewhat comfortable in the presence of each other.

Flicker the elf, Leander the paladin, Asglyn the druid and Weylyn, her companion.

We traveled a bit making a slight detour into a village once known as the Mouth ‘O Gargoyles, no longer standing as we arrived after some orcs just finished pillaging the place. We slew who was left and saved a traveling merchant, centaur, gnome, thing…

“More food if you ask me…”

Carrying on we stopped by Immersea, and seeing as I was a follower of Salune they granted us entrance. That night I pulled Flicker to the side and we went for a walk…

“And you spilled your guts to her…”

Yes, I explained the entire situation, my dream, I was seeking her help after all. She agreed under circumstance that I tell the rest of the group. Although she wasn’t the type to really care about something like this, she wasn’t going to let a god take advantage of someone so young and if I stuck with her she wouldn’t let me die.

With that relief I went to the open sanctuary that night and prayed to my goddess, though with no answer, I talked to a few of the elders, before heading back to the inn. That night I had the dream again… but different…

We arose the next morning, Flicker had bought us some massive fish and I stopped by the library, and after getting some help from Flicker, was able to get some books researched to find some answers about Salune and Raul.

Continuing our journey to Wheloon we stopped for lunch, which I took the opportunity to lay out my situation to everyone. They seemed quite accepting of which brought me a wave of relief. I also found out a few things about the rest of them, Asglyn took a screaming ring from a dark, dark cave. Leander’s quest to kill a necromancer. Flicker’s… Flicker…ness I really don’t know what she’s up to.

We traveled to Wheloon that evening, and stayed at Roanna’s inn, The Virtuous Narwaal.

“Such a marvelous woman…”

Only after we were promised a room by her younger sister Rafa. We had gone to the market in the morning for breakfast, and Asglyn was pulled off down an alleyway, but the rest of the party didn’t seem too worried. We later met up with her and checked out a strange request by a questionable old man.

Seems the temple of Mystra has been up to something strange. Guess we will find out.

“Uuuuugh why?!”

A Faraway Dream...

       We’re running through the forest, laughing, the ground cool and familiar under our feet. The warm rays of morning sunlight find their way through breaks in the canopy above, dancing off leaf and fauna, creating pools of light where small furry creatures bask blissfully and insects roam about lazily. We dart about, dodging the rays of light, a little game we like to play. My feet fall sure and silent, the earth soft between my toes. Weylyn runs ahead of me, ducking and weaving through the undergrowth, and I chase, panting slightly from the effort of keeping up. My legs are shorter after all, and I’ve only got two of them!

       We crest a small hill and Weylyn stops, hunkering down. I come to a stop beside him, silently catch my breath, and peer into the clearing ahead. We are hidden at the edge of a small glade, a gentle stream runs through its center, gleaming in the sunlight. The glade is filled with bright white flowers growing from low lying bushes with lush, rounded green leaves. Perhaps Anemone, or Sorrel? I think to myself. But the real prize, a healthy brown furred wild rabbit, timidly nibbles at a group of flowers at the edge of the water.

       My mouth waters and I look at Weylyn, who nods. My eyes begin to glow and swim with green light as I smile and turn, small fangs suddenly protruding from my lips. I prepare to pounce, and green tendrils wind down my arms to my hands, where razor sharp claws grow from my fingertips, then down my legs, causing them to lengthen and strengthen, the muscles wound tight in anticipation. I leap forward, the air rushing past, and I descend upon the rabbit, snatching it up and sinking my teeth into its neck. Weylyn saunters down to join me, nuzzles my hair approvingly, then bends down to take a drink from the stream.

       A warm wind blows through the clearing, causing flowers to give up their petals to the breeze, which get caught in my hair and Weylyn’s fur. I giggle, but suddenly Weylyn stands bolt upright, his nose to the air, sniffing intently. I tilt my head enquiringly, but am abruptly pulled off my feet as Weylyn grabs the back of my dress with his jaws and tosses me onto his back. I’m forced to grab hold, as he’s already in the beginning strides of an all out sprint. “What’s going on, Weylyn!?”, I cry as I glance longingly back at the rabbit, left lying at the edge of the stream, still fresh and warm. He stays oddly silent as we crash through the forest. Branches reach out to scrape my arms and my eyes begin to burn for some reason, so I bury my face into the fur of his neck.  My heart begins to race as I get the feeling something is horribly wrong.


Weylyn - Megaplex 2013


wow never seen before!! some cool choreography owo



As always, I’m glad to hear from you.  I have been well, and Flicker enjoys your gift to her immensely. Unfortunately, we received the parcel while in the middle of the King’s Forest, so she was unable to fully appreciate the kite. She is anxious to try it out however. Isn’t she always excited though? And for the umpteenth time, there is nothing going on between Flicker and I. We’re just friends. I’m sorry, but your desire for grandchildren has to wait. Kelemvor has work for me to do! (I jest, of course. Flicker is a sweet girl, but we simply don’t see each other that way. Even if I did, I doubt she’d have much patience for me. It’s a wonder she’s still around!)

My apologies for such a delay in my response. Things have been hectic lately. So much has happened in the last few days, I barely know where to start.

For one thing, I have two… well, I suppose three, more companions now… Can you imagine? Since leaving Kelemvor and the army, not a soul has rallied to my cause. Even Flicker is only tangentially interested in my goal. She still just wants to play all the time. I suppose my new companions aren’t exactly searching for Veinlash either. Each of them have their own desires. They’re an… ah, interesting bunch. Not in a negative way, I assure you. They’re genuine people. Just… not the sort you’d run into every day.

The first, I met with Flicker as we entered an inn of sorts. He was the only patron aside from us… which isn’t terribly surprising. Recall that we were in King’s Forest… what sort of inn is in the middle of the forest? But I’m rambling. After watching us intently for a while, I decided to confront the man, to decide if he was a threat or not. He revealed himself as a writer of sorts… chronicling adventurers, though not as a bard. A scholar of some sort. His name is Wallice. He appears to have some skill in magical healing as evidenced in our fight with the giant spider… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Wallice has some secrets which he kindly revealed to us. I’m unsure if he would appreciate me spreading the word of his… let’s say, condition. Rest assured, he means no harm, and is working closely with his goddess, Salune.

The second (and third) companion, we met via some distressing circumstance. As we made camp for the night (the inn… blew up. I’m still unclear on the details.), Flicker and I awoke to the sound of terrified screaming. Without a moment of hesitation, Flicker bolted off towards the panicked cries. Wallice and I trailed behind, as I had to alert him of the happenings and strap on my armor. Blasted plate mail takes so long to equip. You’d think after years of wearing the suit, I’d be accustomed to equipping it quicker.

When we arrived at the scene, we found… spiders. A swarm of smaller ones, chasing Flicker and what appeared to be a young girl riding atop a blink dog, of all things. And another spider… much… much larger than the rest loomed towards me. With the combined efforts of my blade, Flicker’s magic, and the magic of the small girl, the spider was gravely wounded. Wallice cured our wounds with a word to his goddess. The young girl… she spoke barely a word of common at first, but Flicker’s talent for languages managed to get her to cooperate with the rest of us. Her name is Asglyn… and she seems like such a wild, innocent child. Apologies, I shouldn’t call her a child. She is a halfling, from what I can tell. But her demeanor is near childlike… but she’s got her “big brother” protecting her. Note the quotations… Asglyn seems to have deep ties with her blink dog companion. His name is Weylyn. He is incredibly protective of her… which I can admire.

The four of us together, along with a yellow-clad gnome named Rafa and a large… machine man… travel towards Wheloon, to find Rafa’s sister’s inn. Along the way, and against my better judgement and towards Flicker’s reckless insistance, we headed to The Mouth o’ Gargoyles. It looks nearly how it sounds. It was a small village, with gargoyle statues atop the wall surrounding it. As we approached, we noticed pillars of smoke… black smoke… Wallice, Asglyn, and Weylyn could smell the scent of burning bodies. Soon after, Flicker and I could as well.

An orc raiding party. How many of them have I dealt with before? And each time, I cannot fathom their reasoning. Why would anyone, anything, murder innocents, desecrate the bodies, and steal their belongings. What sick pleasure does it bring to them, what challenge? It burns in my blood and makes me sick. We arrived near too late. Flicker snuck in ahead of us, and began distracting them with her illusions. The rest arrived soon after to dispatch of the brutes. Most of them seemed more like minions, barely withstanding our assault. Weylyn seemed enthusiastic to attack, Asglyn more reluctant. However, they held their own. Asglyn appears to be able to control nature and alter her appearance… it seems she could have druidic powers. Wallice.. behaved a bit erratically, which he later explained was caused by his condition. However, he kept us alive, which I am grateful for. A couple of the orcs seemed a bit stronger and more intelligent, brandishing better weaponry and armor. One actually wounded me severely, unexpectedly hamstringing me. We managed to subdue the lot of them. A few met their untimely deaths, but a couple were simply unconscious. We bound them with rope and manacles…

The rest of the party searched for survivors. However, I couldn’t sit idly after the bloodbath…

Corpses. Burning corpses. Piles of dead, defiled bodies.

I gave them all proper burial, and prayed to Kelemvor to receive their souls. May they rest better in the afterlife. It fills me with shame to admit, the temptation to burn the bodies of the orcs in similar fashion as them was great. However, I buried them as well.

Survivors. Flicker and Wallice discovered a.. centaur, I suppose? He claimed to be a merchant… and wanted to buy the wares of the deceased villagers. I couldn’t, in good conscience, let them simply take the victim’s belongings… but they managed to convince me that it was either selling to the merchant to put to good use, rather than bury them and let graverobbers have their way…

The rest of our trip to Wheloon went without much incident. After we arrived though, is a different matter… but I suppose I’ll tell you about it another time. Looking back, this letter has gone on rather long. My apologies again, father. So much has happened and I suppose I got wrapped up in telling you. I get the feeling much grander things are in store for Flicker and I, and our new companions. I suppose will give me something to write about in our correspondence.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Magnus says hello. Flicker waves enthusiastically. Send my greetings to Merron. Visit Mother and Fionna for me.

Take care of yourself.

- Leander