Westminster Dog Show 2012: Meet Malachy, the Pekingese best-in-show
About 20,0000 people poured into Madison Square Garden in each of the past two days to cheer for their favourite dogs at the 136th annual Westminster Dog Show. Victors included Genghis Khan, a chow chow owned by homestyle guru Martha Stewart that also won a best-of-breed award Monday night.

The overall top dog from the group champions – an 11-pound Pekingese named Malachy – was crowned on Tuesday night. Malachy triumphed over a German shepherd, a Doberman, an Irish setter, a dachshund and a Kerry blue terrier.

It’s Malachy’s 115th overall best-in-show title. “He’s a super dog, who had a stupendous night,” Judge Cindy Vogels said. (Photos: Mike Segar/Reuters)


This past weekend, back when Banana Joe’s victory was just a whisper in his owner’s heart, the photographer Landon Nordeman found himself holed up in the Pennsylvania Hotel, where hundreds of dogs and their owners were gathered in preparation for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the events that surround the annual competition. In the course of three days, Landon and his team produced studio portraits of the hotel’s canine guests. Nordeman, who regularly photographs for The New Yorkers Goings On About Town section, is no stranger to dog photography; in fact, his first assignment for the magazine was to photograph a border collie for a story by Susan Orlean. This is his third visit to Westminster (we published sets of his photos from the show in 2010 and 2011), and, last fall, he travelled to Romania to photograph Euro Dog 2012. Click-through for a slideshow of portraits from his weekend at the Hotel Pennsylvania: http://nyr.kr/XAlAqd


Westminster Kennel Club 2013 Group Winners:

Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect "Swagger"

Old English Sheepdog

Group First - Herding

Swagger is a surprise contender for this year’s top prize.  He’s a 20 month old dog who has not yet reached his champion title but blew away other champions and even some grand champions to take Breed and Group First. Swagger has made quite an entrance to the show world, previously taking Best In Show at Buckthorn Kennel Club, which allowed him to move on to Westminster.  It’s an amazing start for a class dog, but it shouldn’t be a surprise considering his pedigree—his parents are both multiple Best In Show winners, CH Bugaboo Bog Shot and CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl.  Good luck to Swagger as the underdog going against the grand champions for Best In Show at WKC!

(photos by Frank Franklin II/AP and Philip Boroff)


Westminster Kennel Club 2013 Group Winners:

Dutch Ch. - FCI International Ch. - Belgium Ch. - Luxembourg Ch. 

American GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari “Joey”


Group First - Toy

The Top Winning Affenpinscher in Breed History

Joey was bred in the Netherlands and is an extremely accomplished dog, having taken Reserve Best in Show at the World Dog Show in 2010, beating out nearly 20,000 dogs at the show in Denmark.  Joey also took Group Second at Westminster and Group First at the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions last year and is currently the #4 dog in America, all breeds.  He is a top contender for the BIS prize.  Joey is a truly extraordinary dog who epitomizes the ideal of his standard.  We hope to see Joey take the big prize tonight at the Garden!

(from top to bottom, sources: 1. In Focus by Miguel, 2. Dallas Photography, 3. Dog Show Poop, 4. Patti Harbison, 5. Frank Franklin II, 6. Dog Show Poop)

The Queen Bitch In Charge

She has long (probably blonde) hair, legs for days, a killer walk and looks like she (gorgeously) doesn’t give a crap. Rachel the Afghan Hound is basically a supermodel in dog form. (And not-so-coincidentally, there were a couple of Afghan Hounds who took the runway at Jen Kao’s show last season.)

Fashion Equivalent: Kate Moss.

Better discovering this late than never, but Elle’s coverage of this year’s Westminster Dog Show was ON POINT, y’all.

"Rare Bit" was Westminster’s Best in Show winner in 1944 and is shown here with his owner, Mrs Edward P. Alker. The win was his twenty-second Best in Show, and of him the GAZETTE wrote, "It is doubtful that BIS has ever been decided so quickly or more accurately." "Rare Bit" was whelped in 1939 and his show name was CH Flornell Rare-Bit of Twin Ponds. (Welsh Terrier)

Just got word

that the first (and hopefully not last) event I may be able to attend/work as an intern is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!


If you know me irl, you know that every time I meet/see a new dog (or see one I haven’t seen in a while) I yell out “PUPPYYYYYYY!!!!!” in a really high pitched (maybe annoying?) voice and get super excited.

It actually might be a mistake to let me go to this event…but they don’t know that :D

Also, it would be my first time actually inside the arena!

*Fingers crossed*