I am only going to say this once.

Westminster is not England.

'The English' do not hate 'The Scottish', or vice versa.

Westminster is filled with a select few from the very same background, one which teaches them that EVERYONE who is not from the exact same upbringing is worthless.

Yes, there are some very vocal assholes talking about Independence. Guess what, they’re on both sides. They’re all talking shit about what’s going to happen after the vote. (Farage can go to hell, seriously).

But for the love of my sanity, will everyone stop painting ‘The English’ as Scottish-hating oppressors?

Yes, Scotland has been treated appallingly in the past, but there’s been so much progress in the last 100 years. Scotland is on it’s way to being part of a set of loosely connected countries that all support each other.
Or independence. We have to see.
This debate could be a good thing, if people would just stop muck-flinging.

As an English/Irish woman living in Scotland, I think that if you have opinions and questions on the debate, go for it.

But the next person who slams ‘The English’ on my wall is getting unfollowed.