Thanks so much to Dan and Cassie Sprenger at the Complete Equestrian Company for answering all of my horseback riding related questions and for letting me go to their facility to film reference footage of them riding and shooting; I wouldn’t have been able to begin animating the horse segments without them!
Still got a lot of learning to do but it’s super fun.


Michael Fassbender and Director John Maclean on the film set of SLOW WEST.

Have you seen SLOW WEST yet? Definitely not to be missed!  See future film festival and release dates below.

Currently showing throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada. It had its run at U.S. theaters and various film festivals. You can still rent or purchase it via iTunes and various on-demand media.

You can also see it now (or soon) at the
Taipei Film Festival - http://bit.ly/1KkIqy7
Neuchâtel Int'l Fantastic Film Festival - http://bit.ly/1GIaCFJ
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - http://bit.ly/1g2GhMv

It is also scheduled for release in Portugal July 9th, Germany July 30th and Netherlands August 13th.

The Fan Fiction Genre

Of course stories that sexualize idols, especially minors is wrong and writers who do this are a disgrace to the genre. However, fan fiction is a legitimate writing genre and it is vital method of publicity for idols, bands, movies, TV shows, etc. Bands thrive on all types of publicity, whether it’s fan fiction or something else. I, myself would not have discovered VIXX if not for fan fiction. I like the name “Leo” and so I searched it on Asianfanfics.com and found an On and On era fan fiction. I then searched the song and have been a devoted Starlight ever since.

Ask yourself: Do fan fictions really dehumanize idols like you think they do? Do dramas dehumanize actors? Do music videos dehumanize singers? Do idols dehumanize themselves by cosplaying as various characters?

There are published books in shops about Doctor Who, comics and even an anime about Supernatural; that’s fan fiction. There is a chibi series about Infinite, there are spin off manga and short novels about Attack on Titan, which is also part of the fan fiction genre. If you watch the Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ starring Park Shinhye, Jang Geunsuk, Yonghwa (CN BLUE) and Lee Honggi (FT ISLAND), there is a scene where the members of the band A.N.JELL find a yaoi fan fiction about them and act out part of it. There are comics about bands like The Beatles and The Monkeys and fanzines of TV shows and bands and idols.
Most popular TV shows and bands have books and comics written about them, there are stories with One Direction and other Western pop bands. It’s not limited to Korean Pop as you seem to think it is.

KPOP idols themselves are fictional characters to an extent. They change their names and alter their behavior for the camera, they put on different concepts and play out different scenarios for music videos. Writing fan fiction is no different from a director giving an idol a drama script where the character has the same name as the idol.

bronzebun, I hope this has cleared things up.


Game of Thrones-Western cover


Slow West

DOP – Robbie Ryan
Format - Arri Alexa Pro Res 444 (1080p / 23.97fps)
Lenses - Panavision Primo Vintage and Zeiss Ultra Speed Z Lenses  
Aspect Ratio - 1.66 : 1
Delivery - Digital Intermediate 2K

Notable Strengths – Use of Apect Ratio, Colour, Composition, Thirds, Camera Movement, Camera Placement, Story Telling, Contomporary Ode to Western Styles, Wide Shots, Establishing Shots, Close Ups

Someone asked for a western/barrels style picture, and I thought it would be fun to try something different! Loved drawing the action!

Please forgive me for any inaccuracies, I have zero experience with western riding. Enjoy! :)

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Also, if I could ask you guys a question? On your screens, how are the colours? Are they too dark? Are the whites (on the barrel etc), ‘white’? My laptop screen and my phone have very different ideas of how this should look and I just want to make sure it’s come out okay for you all. Thank you!