casadekurt replied to your post: so what’s happened with Gaddafi? is head dead or…

Apparently, he’s dead..…

(Just for future reference, don’t go to The Sun for reliable information) but thanks


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Reuters are saying senior military sources are confirming he’s been killed

Yeah I just read that too, but the fact that it’s on the say-so of the acting prime minister and some grainy footage makes me wary. I’m just a skeptic I suppose. I need some cold, hard facts. I think I’m willing to believe it this one time though.


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I had to read that three times, first reaction was my jaw hitting the desk, second reaction was an urge for my fist to hit your mum’s jaw but I’d never hit a women (or an idiot)

I don’t understand how she thinks that just because the university takes my previous A Level and AS Levels into account that it’s any less of a good university. It’s fantastic for my course. She just uses any excuse to put me down now. (And feel free!)


westcountrychris ha contestado a tu publicación

Delete all the reblogs, it won’t make you feel instantly better but if you’re anything like me you’ll read them again and again and deleting them now stops all the self torture later! x

You know what, that’s a good idea. I do tend to dwell on these things and revisit them. Thank you x

justanotherchris said:

I can't get past "Calm yo tits, bro." in that reblog 'conversation' after reading your (very valid) opinions it just made me crack up laughing - and it doesn't help that tumblr seems to be having a funny turn and everytime I refresh the page that reblog shows :D

It needed to be said, what can I say! Always good to add something lighthearted to serious arguments :)