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Excuse me for my stupid question, but what does terf mean?

Transmisogynist exterminationist “radical” feminist or trans exterminationist radical feminist.

A more accurate version is trans woman exterminationist feminist because they’re trying to exterminate trans women. The first phrasing is pretty awkward tbh.

But it’s become more of a word than an acronym I’ve noticed. It describes cis women who, through some fucked up rehash of second wave radfem politics, have come to the conclusion that trans women ought to be pushed out of women only spaces, aren’t truly women (using weasel words like female and male), don’t belong in lesbian spaces if lesbian and really out to be pushed out of existence as some kind of appropriation of womanhood.

They wrote the book on denial of medical care to trans women, literally, they wrote a book and the government uses it still.

They’re scum and violent and they should absolutely die. They’re on the level of westboro baptist church. Some of the worst of transmisogynists out there.

A lot of them are going underground now that the liberalization of transmisogyny is going full swing and hating trans women is becoming more a subtle liberal art more than a blatant and socially acceptable way to roll.

My very Christian little sister upon seeing "god hates fags" signs for the first time:
  • Her:OH- Oh my Go- WHAT?!?
  • Me:what? Have you never seen those before?
  • Her:NO! How can they do that? *shaking* I am so mad. 'LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD LOVE THINE SELF' you... you.... You stupid jerks! How can they call themselves Christian and act like that? God doesn't hate gays! God doesn't hate anybody! That's the whole point!
  • Her:*mumbles incoherent anger the rest of the car ride.*

Hello. I’m Kayla. On June 9th, I got in an argument with a member of Westboro Baptist Church outside of my states PrideFest regarding my lesbian mothers. This man (seen in the photograph) made the statement that all homosexuals are child molesters and rapists. I mentioned that both of my mothers have careers that are meant to help children, one is a special education teacher, and the other works at Sexual Assault Treatment Center. Once he heard that my mom works at SATC, he immediately scoffed and said “you’re mother is a whore, a bitch, and she’s the one who puts those kids in a treatment center for raped kids.”

And then that was the moment I decided to dump my entire camelback water bottle onto his head, megaphone, and ridiculously large religious sign.

(End note, the police officer across the street ignored the mans yells, and gave me a thumbs up)

Okay- I need to talk about a thing. On May 20th, a series of tornadoes struck Oklahoma. The largest, hitting the town of Moore, killed 25 people, 2 of them children, and seriously injured 377 more.

Normally, I wouldn’t bring this up, but a few hours later, the Westboro Baptist Church started tweeting about how “you brought His wrath Oklahoma! Oklahoma, you’ll pay,” and various other things claiming that the tornadoes were divine justice. They claimed that “fag-infested Oklahoma” had been cursed by God.

Their flier for pickets of the dead children’s funeral contained this line- “THANK GOD FOR MORE DEAD CHILDREN IN OKLAHOMA.”

I have never hated anyone or anything more than I hated the Weatboro Baptist Church at that moment.

They then registered the domain www.godhatesoklahoma.com.

Soon after, the domain was hacked by someone calling himself th3j35t3r (the jester), who changed the site to the image above. It redirects to the Red Cross donation page.

Let’s applauded The Jester for this, and spread the word.