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Why is the reddit community so kind compared to 4chan or YouTube comments?!! Even Facebook comments aren’t often as compassionate as reddit comments.

I admit, though, I’m new to reddit, but the level of community in it is simply incredible.

Citing Michael Wesch, hatred as a public performance in internet dialogue is bred from anonymity, physical distance, and rare and ephemeral dialogue.

Like 4chan and YouTube, it’s anonymous and physically distant from everyone else, it’s a little less ephemeral, but not by much.

Maybe it’s the rankings. By making high ranking comments something desirable, people try to make their posts the best as possible. “Best” means… interesting? engaging? funny? Hmm… even 4chan’s biggest threads aren’t full of hate, but full of originality and passion.

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A Collaborative Conversation about 21st Century Learning - is it a fad or fundamental to learning today?

Rethinking (see what I did there) my nonexistent major

My name is Emily Rouse and I’m a junior year Exploratory major. My major is the reason I joined Eng. 400. I hope that I will find my niche in English, especially through the use of social media, with which I am already fairly comfortable. By the end of this class, my main goal is to have declared a (possibly English?) major.

At the end of the assigned Wesch video, two of the “rethink” items on the list stood out to me: privacy and love. I think we need to rethink privacy because while the web opens up communication and makes it easier to share, link, write, etc. general information, it also makes it to make personal information available. Especially today, even if you think your information is private or safe, someone can find a way to access it. I think we need to rethink how loosely we give out personal information because it makes us easier targets in many ways.

The idea of rethinking love also stood out to me. I think love is such a general and open term today because we have so many ways to discuss and share it. Pre-internet, love was only widely accepted in a few forms. Now we have the web to discuss controversial topics (such as varying forms of love) anonymously or with other people who share our views on the topic. Media on the web also helps us rethink love. Seeing pictures of various forms of love, being exposed to differing opinions, and getting to meet people who love differently on a level playing field helps us to be more susceptible to different forms of love, so much so that conventional ideas of cookie cutter relationships are no longer the first thing a person thinks of when presented with the idea of love.

Web 2.0 We are changing

     Its a little cliche to comment on how fast things are changing, and how “back in the day” we did things another way, but it’s absolutely true. Things have changed dramastically since I was a kid and started using the internet. When I first started using the Internet it was dial-up. It took forever to load a page. Never mind having multiple tabs open at one time. You got one tab, and that took minutes to load information you might not even want. We had to sift through so much garbage to finally get through to what we wanted. Kevin Kelly  writer of We are the web, mentions that today “the computer can process one million emails each second”

    Of course this is faster than our Computer used to be when I was younger, but it is still not fast enough. When I have to wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load I get impatient and start yelling. When I was young, it was natural to wait. As time goes on, we become greedy. We are no longer content that what we have is better then what we had. We want something even better.

    Tim O’Reilly author of What is web 2.0, writes that Yahoo was “the first great internet success story”. This goes to show just how much time has gone by. Yahoo is still used but not to the degree that Google is. Google has completely taken over. It has all but replaced Yahoo. Most of my friends have Google set as their homepage and use it for all of their searching needs. Yahoo is still used of course, I still have Yahoo messenger. But that’s mostly out of habit, and because I know how to work it. I will use Yahoo, but only if Google has not given me the information that I want.

    Tim O’Reilly also talks about websites such as E-Bay and Amazon.com. These, in my opinion, are the best invention of all time. I use E-Bay constantly. Most of the things I buy are from Japan or Malaysia, yes, I am one of those. People say that these websites are taking away from American jobs but really, how can we lose what we don’t really have in the first place?

    We feel fine by Jonathan Harris is a testament to how far our web is changing. When I was a kid we never had websites like this. But now we do. It’s interactive and engages the reader to keep delving in deeper and deeper. If you are looking for something specific, you may never find it, but it keeps the reader interacting and going in for more.     

    The Machien is using us by Wesch shows us just how much we can do with our web 2.0. It shows how much we’ve changed over time and shows the infinite possibilities to using the technology that is available to us.

    Web 2.0 is changing the way that people interact with the internet. We can do so much more in much shorter time periods. We can do things at the very last second or weeks in advance. We have constant access to information that we need readily at our fingertips. As time goes on our technology will become obsolete and someone will be writing about how they have changed from what we are using now.

Facebook Questions: What it Means for Education

"Facebook Questions, a beta product that lets you pose questions like these to the Facebook community. With this new application, you can get a broader set of answers and learn valuable information from people knowledgeable on a range of topics.

"Facebook Questions helps you tap into the collective knowledge of the more than 500 million people on Facebook. For example, if you’re vacationing in Costa Rica and want to know the best places to surf, you can use Facebook Questions to get answers from nearby surfing enthusiasts. Because questions will also appear to your friends and their friends, you’ll receive answers that are more personalized to you.

"To ask a question to the community, just click the "Ask Question" button at the top of the homepage. You can also ask questions about your friends from their profiles, similarly to how you would post on their Walls."




Is it a new, easier way to cheat in school? Yes, of course. However, “cheating” has become an antiquated term with the rise of the internet, or at least its definition needs to change.

Future generations need to place less emphasis on learning facts and more emphasis on learning how to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate, implement ideas, think creatively, respect each other, lead, etc. Although learning facts is still important, future generations will have all the world’s information in their pockets only a click away.

Our education system places to much emphasis on punishing students for cheating, whereas, by doing that, it is essentially punishing students for collaborating, teaching students that collaboration is bad.

If we expect to reap the fruits of the educational revolution that our country so desperately needs, we need to re-think our relations with the internet, social media, and cell phones.

Most of my ideas here are taken and inspired from Dr. Michael Wesch. Here’s one of his videos correlating with what I talked about. It is a truly incredible and informative video that may “throw your assumptions about education out the window.”



This is just the beginning of a project headed by my professor, Mike Wesch, to learn more about the effects of mediums in education.

An elementary realization
  1. My name is Christina. I am an Elementary Education Major with an English Minor. Within this age of technological advancement I hope this class will bring me not only more insight into the way the internet works, but also closer to understand the coming generations of young children that grow up with nothing but technology. Soon every learning experience we ourselves once participated in will become a thing of the past. Every method of teaching will be upgraded, and handwriting will be a thing of the past.

    The world needs to rethink many things as we thrust ourselves forward into a more technological world. Everything has and is continuing to become focused on social media and editing with the click of a button. Michael Wesch makes a troubling argument with his list of “Things we need to rethink”. The most frightening of which is the concept of ethics, which relates directly to ourselves. There has to be a point where we draw the line, say enough is enough, and bring it all to an end. But, when is that? Is there a defining moment when opinions become unethical, or is it all acceptable online?

always-caskett-41319 asked:

Question: Why are you freaking out with the scoop on Annie Wesching (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) coming back to Castle?

Short answer- She’s an awesome villain. The average person wouldn’t see it, but the more we find out about the character, the creepier she gets. Plus, all of the ppl in the precinct have been targeted in some way EXCEPT Beckett. I have this feeling that she might end up being a target, possibly of Nieman, because while in interrugation in “Disciple” she said something to the affect of, “You’re beautiful, but not perfect.” 

Had an awesome time at the Christmas Dance it was awesome I loved spending time with me girls @alysenkrummenacher @jaymae8 @jennicakrummenacher and everyone else! Thanks Davis Wesche for going with me it was by far the best dance ever! :) #Christmasdance #VHS #Bestnightever


どぞうよそしく。My name’s Marci Stavig. I’m a sophomore double majoring in Chinese/Japanese Studies and Creative Writing. This class is a requirement for my Creative Writing major. I’m hoping to learn how to better utilize the internet for self-publication and writing. I’m also interested in how technology has changed the attitude of literature overall.

Considering Wesch’s video, I believe that people should rethink love. Love is a word that has become generic and overused. There should be a sincerity in its use. This also ties in with peoples understanding of relationships. 

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