Check out this wonderful little mix whipped up by WesBeanz. Starting us off with sweet midtempo chilled beats. Throw in some dub and moombaton and you have yourselves a killer mix! Filled with sounds that bring you visions of winter and all the fun that comes with it! As usual Wes’s mixing style does not fail to impress and the track selection and flow gives the perfect impression of those snowy days to come. 

******WONDERLAND****** a winter mixtape by WesBeanz

Gabrielle Alpin - Home (WesBeanz)


Been awhile since I posted a tune from WesBeanz! I already love Miss Aplin’s sweet voice. WesBeanz take on the track makes it even more memorizing. A soft, chill bassline  with some dreamlike melodies and pads… Get on this because it is a free download!

Again sorry with the lack of posts, still a mixture of technical issues and also I HAVE FUN in the summer :)