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Character Name: Count Werner Vertigo/Zytle
Character Alias:  Count Vertigo
Character Age: 28

Count Werner Vertigo ( now known as Count Werner Zytle ) was born into the royal Vertigo family on July 15th, 1987 to Jackson and Maria Vertigo in a small European country known as Vlatava. He is the last known descendant of the Vertigo family.

— Starling City —

Werner Vertigo made his presence known when he had first attempted, and failed, to steal back the family jewels both his parents had sold when they fled to England after the war in Vlatava took place. He’d spent a total of five months in Starling City’s finest correctional facility before being released on good behavior. All the while he had been cooking up a recipe for a drug the world had no cure for — as soon as he had been released the Count set his plan in motion.

— The creation of Vertigo —

The Count spent two months after he was released perfecting the drug he had thought up in his prison cell, testing it on subjects who were less than willing to partake on their own free will. Every subject, no matter how little or how much of the drug was administered, had suffered the same effects before succumbing to the insanity and killing themselves and/or begging for the pain to stop.Trial after trial was conducted, each one undergoing more changes than the last until finally one of them stuck. A woman named Ivory Henning. Werner had no hopes for the woman when he first picked her up on the streets — she was a petite blonde who, at first, looked like nothing more than a washed up drug user. Someone nobody would miss. But when the second day came to a close and she was begging for more of the green liquid drug he had administered the day before, the Count knew he had found the perfect amount of ingredients. Both the girl and his creation survived and within the next week and a half the drug, better known as Vertigo, had been released to run it’s rapid course on the streets of Starling City.

— Run ins with the Arrow —

Although the run-ins with the masked crusader, better known as the Arrow and less formally known as Oliver Queen, had been short the Count still felt the ripple effect trickle down on him like nothing he’d felt before. Their run-ins are as follows:

  • A dealing was set up for one Oliver Queen to purchase and secure a mass amount of Vertigo from the Count. When the police had shown up to bust the deal everything went south, ending with Oliver following the count down a stair-well and him ultimately receiving double the dosage of Vertigo a man his size should have taken. The Count wasn’t expecting him to survive let alone come after him a second time.
  • When it was found out that Mr. Queen did survive The Count took precautionary measures and sent his best men after him. Both men ended with arrows in their chest and the Count and the Arrow had one final face off. With confidence in the air, Werner thought he had outsmarted the Arrow once more only to be given a taste of his own medicine, feeling triple the dosage of Vertigo. After that dosage Werner Vertigo was committed to Starling’s finest mental institution.

— Time in the mental institution —

Insanity had never hit harder. Werner was locked in his mind for months, searching for a way out but only being brought to the end of his wits each day. He looked mad, rabid even, and was accused of selling Vertigo once more — a drug he hadn’t had dealings with in months. The Arrow, no matter how intimidating he had attempted to be, ended up being the key to unlocking the cage he had trapped himself in. Thousands of drawings and several medication dosages later and the Count had managed to bring himself to remember the reason he began his crusade. His parents and the downfall of Vlatava. The Arrow was just a pawn in his game, one he was determined to take down if he ever found himself in the position to. The only thing he had to do was plot an escape and flee to a city where nobody, not even local police, would be able to pick him out in a crowd. A city where Vertigo had yet to be discovered.

— The escape to New York —

Werner’s escape took him days to plot out — memorizing the guard changing, the times when the doors were unlocked and when they were locked, the times when there was nobody there at all. He had more common sense than to attempt to waltz out of the mental institution in broad daylight so he planned to carry out his deeds when the night shift had finally settled. There was less of a security risk during the evening. Less guards meant an easier escape — it meant less causalities. On March 20, 2015 Werner Vertigo set out to escape. The plan was makeshift, but it worked nonetheless, leaving only four dead and two dosed with Vertigo. When the cool March air hit his skin he felt more alive than he had in a year and he set onward to New York — there was no need to stay around in Starling City — not when everyone and everything had shifted further east.

Werner Vertigo, now going by the name or Werner Zytle, has arrived in New York with the intention of doing nothing but harm to those around him. It’s a new era for Vertigo and Werner intends to capitalize on it.