• Clean eating is super important for your physical and mental health.  Remember to take both nutrients and calories into account when you’re eating.  A good amount of calories to eat per day ranges from 1700-2500 depending on your height, weight, and amount of exercise you do.  Try to incorporate all the food groups into your meals when eating and also replace refined sugars with complex carbs (white bread —> multigrain bread) and bad fats with good fats (mayo —> avocado)

2. CARDIO! (30-60 minutes per day, 3x per week)

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most effective way to shed body fat.  Running, jumping rope, swimming, kick boxing, and zumba are also popular workouts that people do for cardio as well (and they’re fun)!  You can’t “spot reduce” (target to lose fat from one area only such as inner thighs, or lower belly, but cardio helps you burn fat from all over your body.  Some areas may just be harder to bust (which is where clean eating comes in!!)
  • Great HIIT workouts include HIITilates and Insanity

3. STRENGTH! (2x per week)

  • Ladies (and gentlemen), don’t be afraid to lift weights…you will not become “bulky” (unless you actively try to bulk)!!!  Strength training is important for strengthening your muscles and helping you be the powerful person that you are.  Strength training is also important to avoid future injuries when working out.  Popular strength training routines include weight lifting and pilates.
  • Blogilates has tons of great toning workouts and bodybuilding.com will give you pointers on how to lift based on the body parts you want to work on!


  • Rest days are extremely important for your muscles to recover from the previous day’s workout!!  Make sure you give yourself 1-3 days (or as many needed) to allow your body to rest and recover.  If you don’t, you will become fatigued and your body will hold on to fat more easily.  Your muscles will be less effective/efficient and exercising and training will be counter productive.  Taking protein powder also helps with building muscle and muscle recovery


  • That’s right, I said it!  Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, people!!  One or 2 cookies will not ruin 21 (assuming you eat 3 meals per day) healthy meals or the workouts for that week.  Reward yourself for your hard work and then continue to be a fit beast from there!

This exercise targets: glutes, hamstrings and lower back

For this exercise, you will need: an exercise mat and a stepper or something elevated 

Lie on your back with your knees in a straight angle. Place your feet on a stepper. Keep your feet and knees together. Your arms are by your sides with the palms facing down. 

Push through your heels and lift your butt off the floor. During this exercise your knees, hips and shoulders should form a straight line. Pause in that position for a second while keeping your back straight and glutes tight. During the entire exercise, push your knees toward each other. Return to the starting position. 


When raising your hips off the floor, keep your glutes tight and make sure your knees, hips, and shoulders form a straight line. 

Make sure you do not hyper-extend your back. 

You can perform this exercise without a stepper. If you are doing this, lift your toes off the ground when you raise your hips. 

Place a towel between your knees to ensure you are pushing your knees toward each other. 

Advanced: Place a dumbbell between your knees. 

Exhale as you lift your hips off the floor and inhale as you return to the starting position. 

Beginners: 10 repetitions 

Intermediate level: 15 repetitions 

Advanced level: 20 repetitions 

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"So sore like you’ve never felt before. "

"Bottom flutters. "

"This part is little bit difficult to put between your legs but once it’s there it feels good. "


Where the magic happens. Who doesn’t love an empty gym?? Excuse my sleepy workout partner in the background. Lol. My workout was a 30 minute steady pace jog. Then 30 minutes of strength training.