And here! A collection of notes of shapeshifty tidbits about my fictional Chalkurite species in the Anova universe, concerning the atavistic ‘wereform’ shift. Part of the promised ‘revamp’ of my chalkurite addendum 

A lot of new terminology has been implemented, as well as whole new concepts and what not, chalkurites have undergone a massive retcon in the past month and I hope to illustrate the energy form soon enough to help people catch up (you get some peeks at the new changes in the shapeshifting chart). By the way, a bunch of the weird words are based off real things, though I figure I might as well link what ‘Hopeful Monster' stands for, (I really had a blast researching for this)

Most of the notes in there explain what’s up, but in case something’s not understood please PM me. It STILL uses cancer as a method of shapeshifting, but on a controlled scale (that doesn’t mean of course that horrible cancerous growths don’t happen)  These guys are basically the sapient horror-version embodiment of Henrietta Lacks cells, but yeah, no longer just ‘because’. The abstract of the retcon is essentially, that the shapeshift’s based off ‘atavism’ in that instead of random mutations, it kind of ‘runs back in time’ genetic-wise and browses DNA of other ancient species throughout evolution eras, reaching as far as the cambrian period.  The further the shift, the more monstrous and primitive they will get from tapping into the gene bank—they DO NOT choose what to pick, mind you, each wereform has its own bauplan (or body plan) and is unique from the rest. 

In Pint’s case, he leaned towards picking off from species such as the Anisodon (he’s actually more ant-eater like than gorilla), the Gorgonopsid and the devonian-period super predator Dunkleosteus  the last of which becomes most apparent in his atavotenic phase (massive wereform shift). (thanks to pythosblaze for giving inspiration on the dunkleosteus)      

It is possible to go further than the devonic era, but that’d mean such a degradation in intelligence and heightened instincts that it’d be EXTREMELY risky to control oneself, not to mention that returning to human form would be practically impossible or require of an impulse shift to drive the chalkurite comatose (plus it’d be unnerving to have Pint there getting trilobite compound stone eyes and a tentacle face).  **Chalkurites are tied to the most carnal of instincts, these two being feeding/reproducing which makes them overall, rather dangerous and unpredictable individuals. Accessing wereform drives up these two instincts to frightening levels 

Exaptations or alternate shifts are indefinite, and could go from the two shown there (flying/armor) to swimming, being capable of water-breathing and whatever things they can learn from their gene bank.  

I don’t cover all the information in these sketches, a lot of it can be found under my worldbuilding and wereform/chalkurite tag. I have in fact, a prototype post that shows off a lot of biological aspects 

It is slightly outdated, but completes information with this. Fertility, regeneration, and differences between were and energy form (a bit outdated) to name a few can help provide more insight

*also worth mentioning that adult’s pint lotta adipose is due to old animal hibernation instincts kicking in. that part of his story takes place during Frontier’s 4-year long winter period, and it has this effect on him that’ll demand a lot of fatty tissue to counter the cold. This is a subtle extent of shapeshifting from the ‘adaptive atavism’ chalkurites have—can also include behaviors and other physical changes

and, on a note about shapeshifting, I think the ‘return to your former self’ should be just as, or far more painful than turning into a big mean monster. Cropping yourself sounds less fun than shaping out.  turns out Pint’s worst moments involve going back from a mammoth-sized thing to his liddle’ kid self…that’s a lot of self-mutilation there


red pencil sketches. i’ll prolly color some of these

think I finally got down Jericho’s face design. no less inspired by Spoony’s bird people. not too sure about his hair yet, he prolly has a tuft of…feathery mohawkthing

Oh yeah, and his wereform’s got another set of limbs. or…pseudo-limbs, just for hack and slashing. he’s also double jointed, so can basically turn direction immediately, not to mention hyper flexible (owl neck and can just move as easily if he were doing the exorcist spider-walk no problem) 

sorry for the butts 


characters:  3/10

From top to bottom:

-he without a name; a cursed angel whos body was distorted after a bad encounter with another angel. Is always hungry, always smiling, and the grin will grow bigger, streatching the muscle until it splits, as he grows older.  A tad nuts, he traverses the wonderland, throwing riddles that make no sense, the center black ball (sitting as his skull) rolls, and rolls, eyes watching everything…

-A Pet more than anything, Hell was raised in the stables alongside a family. Their owner, when ready to move on, suited them up and took to the road. They’ve run into quite a few problems on their travels, but so far, nothing they can’t over come. Currently, they and their rider are traveling along a large town;  not many people like the Siren species, but very few confront of fire-painted skull…


-A weredruid; this wereform takes place at times of peace and comfort. A nomad, moving from tribe to tribe, has gathered experiences and stories from every interaction.Currently traveling through a mythical forest; on that’s dense, and is unseen to the human eye..

Alright sit down, I got the first Seedstarian ramble on the way

Its have I have so far about The Guardians under the cut. 

Seedstarians Guardians are warriors that hale from an island overlooking the world from the sky known as the Overgarden (its named for its paradise-like beauty).

Their job is to protect the Seedstarian world and make sure nothing falls out of order, or that it doesn’t suffer the chance from being destroyed.
They come in the form of mythological creatures, each associated with certain elements.  Heres a list. 

1.Vampire- long fangs stick out of mouth, suck blood for power nurishment and food.
2.Werelet- able to transform into a were creature. Usually hairy. Must have wereform of a hairy creature. Prone to accidently transform when inexperienced
3. Ghost- hallowed eyes- live after mortal death and can detonate from bodies to go through walls and camouflage 
4. Lich- Glowing mouths/eyes. Live after mortal deaths and aren’t wounded by vital wounds cause their soul is bound to their skeletons. 
5. Shadling- smoke pouring out of mouth. Turn into shadows. 
**** shadow knights tend to grow horns, demonic tails or wings in any combination of the three. Also can develop animalistic irses

1. Stormspark- blotchy skin. Ability to produce and control miniature storms
2. Plugspark- seemingly unable to get rid of static electricity. Generate electricity like batteries
3. Thunderbird- develop bony ‘finger-like’ fetal wings (think Nazca lines). Can fly by generating plasma like in plasma orbs
4. Raiju- develop stripes. Run fast across the land
5. Fleecespark- crack-like birthmarks. Generate an staticky atmosphere
**** lightningknights have sharp canine teeth and faintly glowing skin, more to be added

1. Salamander- develops scaly textured skin. Breathes fire
2. Phoenix- grows feathers mixed with hair (facial, arms or legs to!). Lives after mortal death, regenerate quickly
3. Sundancer- flaming wing birthmarks. Ability to fly with flames
4.Smolder- charred fingertips. Puff out ashes and generate char and stuff in massive amounts
5. Wicker- glowing orange fingertips. Can ‘melt’ into hot goo
*****Fire knights often have deity coloured hair

1. Mermaid- webbed feet. Able to grow a fish lower half
2. Kappa- hair with a ‘wet’ texture. Breathes water
3. Kelpie- hair has a kelp texture. Able to move on top of water
4. Nymph- Super soft skin. Able to melt into water
5. Kraken- small tentacle appendixes that will sprout from random places. Able to increase in size using water. Lives after mortal death
**** water knights can have gill, scaly growths or ‘fin-shaped’ ears or mix of these.

1. Golemn- rough skin. Can turn into the thickness of a material
2. Behemoth- stump tails. Can make earthquakes
3. Mandrake- leafy growths. Hyper grows plants
4. Trent- hair replaced by plant-like material. Turns into a tree
5. Earthdoll- sheds dirt from skin endlessly or may bleed dirt. Lives after mortal death, turns to terra-like element when hit
*** may have lustrous skin, appear to be forever young 

1. Pixie- fetal insect wings. Able to create a dust to cause sleep
2. Harpy- fetal bird wings. Able to manipulate and create strong gusts of wind
3. Peryton- nubby antlers. Can run on air
4. Wurm- Increased voice, shouts can reach high places and have the ability to stun, confuse or silence.  Have whiskers, canines, and animal-like eyes.  
5. Alerion- third eye. Can use telekenesis. Live after mortal death
*** Wind knight may appear to have windswepted hair and winged ankles.

1. Angel- extra eyes hidden somewhere. Able to fly. Live after mortal death
2. Fairy- small antennae. Able to produce coloured light with different psychogical effects
3. Wisp- hair glows. Can disappear
4. Lightling- pupiless eyes- can burst into light and blind things
5. Jackalope- long ears, naturally better with magicks 
****may have light freckles or transparent

The guardians work under the commander of a great, wondrous creature known as the Matriarch.  The Matriarch is said to have god-like powers and their sole purpose is guarding the world of Seedstaria.  
Overgarden is shared by the guardians and a race known as the Overbeings, they resemble minute beings akin to The Matriarchs key features, some even say The Matriach gave birth to this race a long time ago. 

The Guardians are human- or were originally.  Not many people are sure how they came to live in The Overgarden but some things are clear, they come from all over, due to the amount of races reside on the island.
Furthermore the population is stable despite the fact that Immigrants are VERY strict, suggesting that the population was there long enough to reproduce multiple diverse generations.

Overgarden doesn’t raise citizens, it raises warriors.

Two parents have a child, or multiple children (you can never choose to move anywhere else once you live on the island), the child is then taken at the age of four will they will be tested for potential skills and elemental affinity.
This test lasts at least three years, the children are allowed to live at their homes but other, more experienced Guardians will come over and try many activities to help determine certain factors.  
This is crucial- it helps determine what they will mutate into and what weaponry suits their needs.
A guardians training is determined by their talents and the creature they mutate into, so they can help endure weaknesses and increase strengths.
Different Mutations also have special needs that need to be required, for example, a Vampire might lash out in sudden hunger if their feeling weak, or a Wurm will scream in emotional distress.  These needs need to be ironed out.

Mutations usually start at ages ranging between five and seven. They finish mutating within a year, at latest.  Overgardens magic works quickly. 
At the age of eight they are taken into classes consisting of others in their element- the small population allows for decent sized classes, these are all maintained by the Wardens of Overgarden. 

The Wardens are The Matriachs personal Guardians and are truly stronger than all the others- claimed to be as old as the continent itself, they don’t display any specific mutations, yet seem to be the ultimate form of genetic traits elements give.
Yet they display all the abilitys of the mutations.  
This is why they teach young Guardians, the Guardians are still unused to their powers and these Wardens can relate and guide them all.
They spend their weeks teaching classes without breaks under the command of their leader.
There’s only so many Wardens- one for every element in The Guardians ranks.

The young Guardians themselves only have to attend so few classes those weeks, allowing plenty of free time at their home to be themselves- that is part of their training.

At the age of 11, Guardians are finally mixed together and put into groups with other element users, bands known as Kinbands are formed with one guardian from each element.
These Kinbands work in groups when given group missions to do and are formed specifically so they may get along well.  A lot of bands are formed with groups of friends because of this, they also train together when the bands are formed, as well as train with their Element specific classes.

Never betray someone in your Kinband, or Guardian society will reject you, for any Guardian this is the ultimate shame.

Bands are also formed with elemental mutations in case a group of single element affinity users are needed, these bands, known as Magibands are formed with one mutation each in, also, there will not be mixed elements within the bands.
Magibands interact less often and are rarely used but are formed from fellow classmates so they get along.

Never betray The Matriach, such a thing can get you banished to the Undergardens- no one has ever come back to the Undergardens to ever tell of how it is there, but legends tell of it to be the Opposite of Overgarden, dark, twisted and gloomy, its horrible valleys only go deeper and deeper and its creatures are sinfully ugly, terrible, violent things.
Plants grow thorny and twisted in Undergarden, you have to be smart to live.  

Overgarden society honours beauty and life over everything else, despite some Guardians past histories they refuse to be seen messyhaired and dirty, they must keep their appearance as groomed as possible, even if just enjoying life and not on the job. 
Despite this Shadow Guardians were notorious for becoming hitmen and thieves with their abilities, Lightning Guardians have a history of becoming pirates along with their fellow Water Guardians.

Guardians are seen by the rest of Seedstarian cultures are ‘stuck-up’, ‘prissy’ and ‘lazy’ because of what they honour, preferring mount over foot and sticking a nose up at dirtier tasks are a common behaviors that foreigners like to pick on, usually behind the ear of a Guardian (Because you really don’t want to be messing with a trained fighter with magical powers now do you?) 


practicing a bit of animation

i think i’ll rename hector’s wereform to ‘die wurstform’

or the chalkurite burrito. filled with delicious spite, bloodthirst and bipolarity—Pint sometimes gets a good bite out of it. tastes like quills and of proper mouth surgery 

anonymous asked:

(Sonic feels himself shifting into his Wereform "early", but the process causes his leg to grow back!)

So now there he is, very confused and with his leg back.


took the whole horse deal too seriously. now pint’s 30% more ridiculous

I figured that he’s always been able to have a tail, but since I didn’t want a year’s worth of art to go to the not-canon-anymore folder, I think it’s pretty optional for him to grow it. He most likely learns the hard way that additional anatomy bits aren’t worth the pain—in spite of how cute they look and that Becky always offers him the chance to braid it all pretty for him

pint’s not familiar with Noir shifting at that age, so he follows the lysis process of tearing himself down to go from big monster to little kid again. (for full wereform shifting info, AND LOTS OF CHARTS hereeeepost )

Also since it’s VERY prudent that no chalkurite reveals itself, and overall conducts in an orderly human manner, it’s frowned upon when they strut around sporting aspects of their chalkurite, be it full form or atavotenic/ wereform. when he’s not needing to be around folks, Bree teases him by tail-yanking and what not—she doesn’t care whether he keeps big monsters arms or a tail, though Floyd’s much more strict and tail-cutting happens.  

pint, stop trying the centaur challenge

a wereform shift, tentatively calling it a centaur shift because limbsss—gone slightly right, depending how you look at it. chalkurites are free to try various shapes and forms, but it´s all up to the user to not fuck up along the way. young-ish Pint is not the right guy to go for this with his inexperience managing ylem and still not too knowledgable of his own body