And here! A collection of notes of shapeshifty tidbits about my fictional Chalkurite species in the Anova universe, concerning the atavistic ‘wereform’ shift. Part of the promised ‘revamp’ of my chalkurite addendum 

A lot of new terminology has been implemented, as well as whole new concepts and what not, chalkurites have undergone a massive retcon in the past month and I hope to illustrate the energy form soon enough to help people catch up (you get some peeks at the new changes in the shapeshifting chart). By the way, a bunch of the weird words are based off real things, though I figure I might as well link what ‘Hopeful Monster' stands for, (I really had a blast researching for this)

Most of the notes in there explain what’s up, but in case something’s not understood please PM me. It STILL uses cancer as a method of shapeshifting, but on a controlled scale (that doesn’t mean of course that horrible cancerous growths don’t happen)  These guys are basically the sapient horror-version embodiment of Henrietta Lacks cells, but yeah, no longer just ‘because’. The abstract of the retcon is essentially, that the shapeshift’s based off ‘atavism’ in that instead of random mutations, it kind of ‘runs back in time’ genetic-wise and browses DNA of other ancient species throughout evolution eras, reaching as far as the cambrian period.  The further the shift, the more monstrous and primitive they will get from tapping into the gene bank—they DO NOT choose what to pick, mind you, each wereform has its own bauplan (or body plan) and is unique from the rest. 

In Pint’s case, he leaned towards picking off from species such as the Anisodon (he’s actually more ant-eater like than gorilla), the Gorgonopsid and the devonian-period super predator Dunkleosteus  the last of which becomes most apparent in his atavotenic phase (massive wereform shift). (thanks to pythosblaze for giving inspiration on the dunkleosteus)      

It is possible to go further than the devonic era, but that’d mean such a degradation in intelligence and heightened instincts that it’d be EXTREMELY risky to control oneself, not to mention that returning to human form would be practically impossible or require of an impulse shift to drive the chalkurite comatose (plus it’d be unnerving to have Pint there getting trilobite compound stone eyes and a tentacle face).  **Chalkurites are tied to the most carnal of instincts, these two being feeding/reproducing which makes them overall, rather dangerous and unpredictable individuals. Accessing wereform drives up these two instincts to frightening levels 

Exaptations or alternate shifts are indefinite, and could go from the two shown there (flying/armor) to swimming, being capable of water-breathing and whatever things they can learn from their gene bank.  

I don’t cover all the information in these sketches, a lot of it can be found under my worldbuilding and wereform/chalkurite tag. I have in fact, a prototype post that shows off a lot of biological aspects 

It is slightly outdated, but completes information with this. Fertility, regeneration, and differences between were and energy form (a bit outdated) to name a few can help provide more insight

*also worth mentioning that adult’s pint lotta adipose is due to old animal hibernation instincts kicking in. that part of his story takes place during Frontier’s 4-year long winter period, and it has this effect on him that’ll demand a lot of fatty tissue to counter the cold. This is a subtle extent of shapeshifting from the ‘adaptive atavism’ chalkurites have—can also include behaviors and other physical changes

and, on a note about shapeshifting, I think the ‘return to your former self’ should be just as, or far more painful than turning into a big mean monster. Cropping yourself sounds less fun than shaping out.  turns out Pint’s worst moments involve going back from a mammoth-sized thing to his liddle’ kid self…that’s a lot of self-mutilation there


red pencil sketches. i’ll prolly color some of these

think I finally got down Jericho’s face design. no less inspired by Spoony’s bird people. not too sure about his hair yet, he prolly has a tuft of…feathery mohawkthing

Oh yeah, and his wereform’s got another set of limbs. or…pseudo-limbs, just for hack and slashing. he’s also double jointed, so can basically turn direction immediately, not to mention hyper flexible (owl neck and can just move as easily if he were doing the exorcist spider-walk no problem) 

sorry for the butts 


practicing a bit of animation

i think i’ll rename hector’s wereform to ‘die wurstform’

or the chalkurite burrito. filled with delicious spite, bloodthirst and bipolarity—Pint sometimes gets a good bite out of it. tastes like quills and of proper mouth surgery 


took the whole horse deal too seriously. now pint’s 30% more ridiculous

I figured that he’s always been able to have a tail, but since I didn’t want a year’s worth of art to go to the not-canon-anymore folder, I think it’s pretty optional for him to grow it. He most likely learns the hard way that additional anatomy bits aren’t worth the pain—in spite of how cute they look and that Becky always offers him the chance to braid it all pretty for him

pint’s not familiar with Noir shifting at that age, so he follows the lysis process of tearing himself down to go from big monster to little kid again. (for full wereform shifting info, AND LOTS OF CHARTS hereeeepost )

Also since it’s VERY prudent that no chalkurite reveals itself, and overall conducts in an orderly human manner, it’s frowned upon when they strut around sporting aspects of their chalkurite, be it full form or atavotenic/ wereform. when he’s not needing to be around folks, Bree teases him by tail-yanking and what not—she doesn’t care whether he keeps big monsters arms or a tail, though Floyd’s much more strict and tail-cutting happens.  

pint, stop trying the centaur challenge

a wereform shift, tentatively calling it a centaur shift because limbsss—gone slightly right, depending how you look at it. chalkurites are free to try various shapes and forms, but it´s all up to the user to not fuck up along the way. young-ish Pint is not the right guy to go for this with his inexperience managing ylem and still not too knowledgable of his own body 


In response to being asked about Hector as a little boy.  I don’t have anything of him as a little boy, I have him as his little girl self Rute, 11  years old and a year after her first impulse shift as a chalkurite.   This is within a much advanced story arc,keeping quiet about deets but have a text wall explaining the basics of ‘PROTO HECTOR’ 

the quick version is: kidnapped disney junkie princess that happens to look like mexican samara. and still gets along with Pint 


First rule for chalku spawning: never pick baron genes.  otherwise you’re left with a high maintenance metabolism that in the absence of proper caring it means their health plummets faster than a newborn’s until they reach puberty. (part of weeding out faulty koboyes too, and those that don’t aquire a foster parent or line perish of course) 

At this point she was pretty docile, mostly because she was famished and sickly 24/7 full of bruises and blisters until her 13th birthday when hormones began to kick in appropriately and not sabotage her health…not that this was entirely unenjoyable for her. screwing with her medications let her go ‘OOOOHH’ and ‘AAAAH’ when rashes showed up or she began to piss blood. She doesn’t stress much about her own health knowing she’s kind of like a self-repairing pseudo god, so watching her body get fucked over was sort of like science camp fun, though this of course made Pint extremely stressed out seeing a little girl excitedly croak victory when she got some weird disease 

and get him hyperventilating whenever she fucks up and gets an overdose—because that usually involves a painful unskilled shift to wereform coupled with seizures and unpleasant fluid discharges (as seen in pic 1)

Rute gradually changes herself to Hector, though they’ve always shared certain traits that don’t make the transition particularly ‘spectacular’. Her main reason to adopt a new identity is from an overbearing parent wanting to push someone elses identity on her (go figure, gj Pint you shitty dad) also for security reasons. 

She’s got a very frantic personality, easily startled—easily excited and difficult to calm down. And above all, a ‘know it all’ vibe that stemmed from being a prodigy at absorbing knowledge and spitting it back out to correct or ‘inform’ others. Also tech savvy as hell, she’s probably hacked her IV bot to administer less oxygen sometimes so she gets that slight euphoric choking sensation. and drugs she snatches from ‘candy guys’ corpses

Her arsonist streak and general asshole personality begins to bubble out slowly, first in short bursts she would quickly apologize for and since Pint wouldn’t budge much and be okay these just turned more and more aggressive over time, eventually leading to ‘guilt tripping’ and grooming it into a manipulative aspect that as hector she would add ‘intimidation’ working towards his nasty demeanor

The main thing you have to know about her (and hector) is that opposed to Bree she will actually say horrible things to your face without there first being confrontation whatsoever. She’s a bad case of ‘Can’t shut the fuck up’ and ‘Entitled prick’, also child with growing drug addiction and assorted sadomasochistic tendencies 

Also a good example of why it’s a terrible idea to kidnap monster children with the pretext of ‘providing a better life’ when said ‘savior/kidnapper’ hasn’t led the best life to actually ensure they can even provide a better life. or parenting. 

ANOVA and characters, chalkurites etc. (c) me, please respect intellectual property 


for the record, there IS a difference between pint’s young and older years in regards to how far he can take his wereform. 

the main difference, besides size consists in the liddle one being a cuddable horse noseface gorilla thing and the older one a cuddable dragon dunkleosteus shark gorilla thing (aka atavotenic phase)

for those who have been around long enough will see some similarities between that one and pint’s first chalkurite concept. woooh homage 

wanted to paint a bit, so doodled up a bunch of chalkurite wereform eyes

from top, left to right. Chance, Pint, Tejo, Jericho, Hector and Floyd

I think you can tell that iris color from human form is carried onwards to wereform. well, for the most part, it can get tweaked along the way (like in Jeri’s case)

 ps. Chance’s from a good friend, Tucker. He’ll get formally introduced later 

camjpark said:

Hey silvermender, what would a chalkurite that primarily lives underground be like?

I am so sorry I haven’t responded to this or the previous aquatic one!

But here, ANOVA WORLDBUILDING for your patience

Chalkurite wereforms are geared towards what is -required- of course, specialization takes several years to be reached. Take note, chalkurites keep their ylem/radiation forms strictly separated from their biological designs

The word used for special shifts is exaptation, or in chalkurite glossary a ‘redesign’. The word chalkurite is in fact rarely if ever used amongst chalkurites, instead referring to each other by respective ranks. The word ‘Architect’ is a preferred term especially by non-chalkurites. can best describe it using the mascot chalkurite to exemplify (and not spoil things)

This is usually employed with inexperienced chalkurite that have fairly easy shapes such as Pint and Hector for example. Their level of practice with their wereform isn’t as advanced as senior chalkurites who have complex designs such as Floyd for example

For a break down, this is how complexity works

Take Pint. He’s practically one of the easiest, frankly his only complexity is his head which is an excruciatingly stupid design because when he bites anything he’s risking getting his eyes gouged. His brain cavity is really odd too. Not particularly useful but remarkable for other chalkurites in terms of how well he’s able to keep together the semblance of a cute face with 2 meters of teeth behind him.   He learns how to shift his design further as he ages, and in fact! He uses big big dunkleosteus teeth as he’s able to sample more ancient genetic traits.

Now, Jericho

He’s a weird one, but he’s had plenty practice. His design is much more special and the silhouette in comparison to Pint is significantly more inhuman. In combat it’s probably one of the weirdest things you’ll ever see in action, bringing into the fray devastating kicks, radula chainsaw teeth and viper-quick strikes with his secondary scythe arms. Of course, you can’t really tell he’s got all of this when hunched over like a big jerboa straight out from satan’s hole

Complexity usually but not always dictates the proficiency of a chalkurite. Pint learns how to exaggerate his design and touch on more subjects for his bauplan, such as multiple limbs, placoderm features, etc. He’s siege-oriented however, and gears his strength to simple but brutally efficient quadruped gorilla tank designs, rarely coming out of his comfort zone.

Within the circle of chalkurites, a complex and working design brags of architect rights. Such is the case with brood mothers, all grand architects that morph themselves to suit the occasion rather than the fight 

Take Lalatre, one of the main brood mothers (empresses within Frontier)

and this is simply her being cocky and not bothering to turn around from her task to talk to those who manage auditions with her. These forms can be used for combat but do so in a way that displays authority, status and grace by going all out extravagant with their shifts. Stomach mouths, intestine weapons, an insane amount of limbs, hip-bones restructured to look like thrones—she does this all, and if someone disagrees with her there’s always the front. Amongst the brood mothers Lalatre is infamously known for being best spoken to while she’s giving you her back, -actually- facing her otherwise means instant death

Primarily flight/water/cavern oriented, etc chalkurites are all redesigns as no chalkurite can ever access an extremophile or hyper-specialized design for their wereform from the start. 

Redesigns are adaptations, exempt from the main silhouettes of chalkurites though they are accounted for the skill of the shapeshifter in question.    I have a big post of them from a while back you can browse under the wereform tag, but here—anyhow, examples


You could say they almost look the same save for certain features such as sleekness, wings, gills etc though these don’t interrupt with the base form that much. The same can be said for more complex designs, though brood mothers are usually made an exceptions since their range of shifting is incredibly vast. I hope this helps answer those questions!

wow no

no what am i doing

—this is actually a thing i’ve considered ever since I drew that old as hell chalkurite siren form (the flying one) What’s to stop wereform from trying something as ridiculous as that??

Pint had those flight goggles custom made. They’re probably best used to trick people into thinking he’s a big funny breathing costume or something like that 

i will elaborate into how painfully gross wing-membrane-shapeshifting is

A very, very pissy monstery Pint in his chalkurite’s wereform shapeshift. His insides turn into a bit of a blue furnace when he gets angry and can get dangerously radioactive if the echo fog breath spills from his mouth 

remake of this old abomination, learned quite a bit with this one but it’s obvious enough I didn’t get any better at painting hair. Tried to make the lacerations look like bloody stretch marks from him bulk-shapeshifting, but uh, yeah