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What the Russians gave to Syria: The Pantsir-S1 anti-air missile

This is one of the many Air Defense Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) systems Syrian Army has.

SO butts (here we go!!) MSG 11

SO here we go M.S.G. “modeling support goods ” by kotobukiya  set 11  and it comes with cool weapons


short scythe  (with handle) two rather large knives that i cant figure the name of , and what appears to be a High frequency blade ( form MGR) and a bladed boomerang   on there part trees  in a small clean bag which is nice ,





So out of the box some trimming and filing the detail in these parts is very good , with minimum work such as filling all the lines with black paint  could look very nice , I how every took at least this first post to the next level .


rustnolium mat black primer is what i used to prime these parts and any more i might paint this month (which is sorta unlikely )


All painted and pretty but something is missing


there we go more posing  i did paint jobs the way i felt worked with my stuff and the twin knives are fun since they look really nice with real grades which this gundam is


the HF blade is another nice bit form this set since it is long , But the handle is already the proper size for most 1/144s not just real grades


the sizing of the boomerang is a little weird but once more on a real grade it can work quite nicely


the hand scythe is another i really like due to the uniqueness of it and the posing that can be done  the  extender handle is a bit short but still useable in most cases


Over all i like this set by M.S.G. and KOTOBUKIYA and I recomend it to any one that wants interesting melee weapons for there 1/144 scale models be high grade or real grade and you are on a budget they are about  5 usd on average (all the weapons i show cased here ) 

High res pics :

themagehero said:

15, 29

Can they multi-task or must they focus on one subject at a time?

hes entirely too scatterbrained to multitask. 
he attempts to at least try, but it quickly falls apart as he immerses himself in one big task then ties up the loose ends at a time. 

conversational wise he can talk for days about fifteen different things

Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?

he absolutely gets restless. 
he’ll find things to do, clean his wepaons, finds people to aggravate, picks up meditation, kills himself, literally anything to alleviate himself of that silence and keep things rolling he’ll do. 

i think its because when he gets bored, the only person to talk to is himself and the voices are not kind to him. even if they mean well, they’re incredibly self deprecating and cruel towards him. and if he goes too far into his head, then well rest in fucking pieces wade wilson. 

Future Sound: Sonic Weapons.


The human ear can only hear a limited part of the sound spectrum. Above that range is ultrasound and below it is infrasound; although largely unheard, vibrations in these ranges can still affect the human body in ways that are quite different from the informational aspect of simply listening. These higher and lower registers of sound frequencies are, today, the stuff of imaginative speculation. While the conspiracy watchers believe they are the basis of secret weapons research for covert operations, mind control and other conspiratorial uses, another, more idealistic, school associates them with meditative states and magical technology. The wilder fortean literature attributes to the builders of ancient monuments everywhere the secret of levitating blocks of stone by their mastery of sound; such powers were supposedly also used by the Vedic gods to power their vimana flying ships.

The use of disconcerting noise to unsettle the enemy is hardwired into most higher animals, from the warnings and battle roars of confrontational beasts to the trumpets, drums, bugles, bagpipes, devilish war cries, taunts and piercing shrieks used by humans in their conflicts. An example that springs to mind is that of Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore in Apocalypse Now!, blasting Wagner from his Cavalry helicopters. And, moving from film to recent history, consider how General Noriega was bombarded with endless cycles of high-volume pop music when he sought refuge in the Vatican Embassy in Panama, as were the Branch Davidians during the fateful siege at their compound in Waco.1

Similarly, during the Gulf War, in the prelude to the final massacre of the fleeing Iraqi forces on the road to Basra, Americansoldiers were reported to have blasted grunge and death rock from speakers mounted on their vehicles. Yet in these cases, for all the psychological terror the noise was intended to create, it was a crude application of volume and culturally jarring music rather than the directed application of a sound frequency as a weapon…

Scientists have developed ways of measuring infrasound associated with these phenomena to aid their research. The military use of infrasound dates back to the First World War, when the detection of such frequencies helped pinpoint the enemy’s heavy artillery. The idea that infrasound could actually be used as a weapon tends to be attributed to Axis scientists 3, but of course much of the weapons research by the Axis powers was also of interest to Allied military scientists (see ‘Sounds suspicious’ panel). The potential of infrasound to affect the human body has long been apparent; as anybody who has leant against the PA at a rave will tell you, even audible sub-bass frequencies at the correct volume can churn your stomach. The theory behind infrasound weapons tends to focus on the idea that certain frequencies can be used as both a weapon and as a method of crowd control…

It was NASA scientists in the early 1960s who produced most of the documentation of the effects of infrasound on the human body; they were particularly keen to discover how proximity to the low frequencies produced by rocket engines would affect their astronauts, especially during launching. Their extensive tests confirmed that, at certain volumes, infrasound did indeed have various physiological consequences. According to results published by NASA researcher GH Mohr, frequencies between 0Hz and 100Hz, at up to 150-155dB, produced vibrations of the chest wall, changes in respiratory rhythm, gagging sensations, headaches, coughing, visual distortion, and post-exposure fatigue. 5 Subsequent research has determined that the frequency that causes vibration of the eyeballs – and therefore distortion of vision – is around 19Hz….

The Acoustics of War.
How the Long Range Acoustic Device Works.
A Weapon of the Future: Ultrasound Gun.
The Sonic Doom of Vladimir Gavreau.

If, when first meeting someone, your first few sentences include how you’re wearing steel-tipped-shoes and carry knives around,

you’re trying too hard and should seriously get a clue.

"Ooo im violent and carry wePAONS doNT MESS W ME"

is all im getting.


BUT FUCKING REGARDLESS no one cares get a hobby you sound like a fucking internet tough guy.