Wendy Plan

This is all that I can make out from Dipper’s “Wendy Plan”:
Step 1 Smile
Step 2 Wear clean pants
Step 3 Compliment her looks
Step 4 Laugh at her jokes
Step 5 Be nice
Step 6 Block Robbie
Step 7 Wear fitted clothing
Step 8 Wear a tie
Step 9 Talk to her like a normal person
Step 10 Describe how she smells
Step 11 Make her laugh
Step 12 Agree with everything she says
Step 13 Pretend you’re _____
Step 14 Pretend you’re con____
Step 15 _______
Step 16 _______
Step 17 _______
Step 18 Wear deodorant everywhere
Step 19 Display __________ knowledge
Step 20 Do NOT display __________ knowledge

After listening to a amazing song called, “The A Team.” By Ed Sheeran, (Which you must go listen to.) I have decided to write a Wipper fan-fiction.

It shall be called, “I’ll always love you.” And it will be about Wendy becoming a drug-addict, and Dipper getting really angsty about it.

I’ll finish and upload it as soon as I can.

naturaelectronic said:

Hi Katie!!^^ What's your top 10 OTPs? :)

Oh that is an awesome question! Thanks for asking! 

  • Well obviously Apriltello tops the list as Donnie and April are my OTP for life! <3
  • Leorai (LeonardoxKarai)
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit & Ortensia
  • Lily and James Potter
  • Fone BonexThorn Harvestar (the Bone comics)
  • DannyxValerie (Danny Phantom)
  • TianaxNaveen
  • WendyxDipper (when they’re older of course)
  • HelgaxArnold (Hey Arnold) 

Thanks again for asking Karen! You should totally post your top 10! I’d love to see it! ;D

today was basically me being home alone and singing “taking over midnight” and then “wendyxdipper” free parking song at the top of my lungs while the dog stared in horror