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I'm a 19 y/o first time college student working at McDonalds so I can pay my tuition and rent. I understand where your comment was coming from, but it doesn't negate the harm that comments like that cause. I deal with shitty, horrible customers every single day who treat me like I'm nothing JUST because I work at McDonalds. It's great you're happy with your life being kid-free, drug-free, and not working at a place where people treat you like shit. Must be awesome.

Good for you! & you are right I did not mean any harm towards anyone that works at Mcdonalds/Burger Kind/ Wendy’s/etc. It’s the choices in their lives that I was referring to. NOT ATTACKING MCDONALDS EMPLOYEES. So you can take a chill pill and maybe start thinking about why your offended…. It’s obvious that you gotta do what you gotta do to get by in life. I know a dude that is 27 and loves being the manager at Mcdonalds. The pay is perfect, loves his coworkers, and loves his french fires ;) I am not bashing anyone. 

I am talking about the friends that I had that were in college and had goals and due to drugs/shit choices/etc Mcdonalds is the only place they can work because of their record. Totally different circumstances.