Because we just can’t get enough of David Gandy or Jericho Barrons. 

“One of the things I realized when I’d been grieving him was how attractive I find him. Barrons is … addictive. He grows on you until you can’t begin to imagine anyone you’d like to look at more. He wears his dark hair slicked back from his face, sometimes cut, sometimes long, as if he can’t be bothered to regularly get it trimmed. I now know why, at well over six feet of long, hard muscle, he moves with such animal grace.

His forehead, nose, mouth, and jaw bear the stamp of a gene pool that died out long ago, blended with whatever it is that makes him the beast. Though symmetrical, with strong planes and angles, his face is too primitive to be handsome.”

The Wenches LOVE Ethan Sullivan, Master vampire from the amazing Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. Some of us can’t help but picture the gorgeous Gabriel Aubry as our Leige :)

He was tall, two or three inches over six feet, and lean like a swimmer—narrow waist, broad shoulders, long legs. His hair was straight, shoulder-length, and golden-blond. His face was chiseled—knife-edge cheekbones and a firm jaw, his brow strong, his lips worth calling home about. He was dressed in a black suit that fit his body like a glove, beneath which was an impeccably white dress shirt, top button unclasped, no tie.
“He’s prettier than Beckham,” Mallory breathlessly whispered. “Jesus.”
…(He) walked toward us, his stride confident and swift. Each step seemed to make him more handsome.“

The Wenches are OBSESSED with Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s amazing #Fever series. And most of the Wenches agree, who else but the VERY beautiful David Gandy would do him justice? 

“So, you’re alive, his dark eyes said. Pisses me off, the wondering. Do something about that.


“Where the fuck’ve you been? It’s been over a month. Pull a stunt like that again without telling me what you’re doing first, and I’m chaining you to
my bed when you get back.”

All the Wenches may not be fans of the show, but we do love Alexander Skarsgard. Especially as the very sexy Eric Northman. Picturing the gorgeous Mr.Skarsgard as the Viking vampire makes reading the amazing Sookie Stackhouse Novels much more fun :)

“I had never realized a woman could have to struggle to keep her hands off a man, but here I was, digging my nails into my palms, staring at the inside of my eyelids as though I could maybe see through them if I peered hard enough.”

Dead To The World.