I don’t know if that has been blown out of proportion, but at a point when there have been sent death threats, I have to raise my voice.

Guys, don’t mix up fantasy and reality. Or even fanfiction and canon (which is also fiction).

No passion / obsession about a tv show or a series of novels justifies aggression against real, living people.

We are here to love / appreciate, to show our support, not to hate.

I fully support Amanda Abbington, no matter who she is playing in Sherlock Season 03 .

I’ve always thought those two make a fine couple in real life …

(another piece of evidence here )

Everybody in the Sherlock fandom, whether they are staying away from setlock or not, needs to know that Martin Freeman’s spouse, Amanda Abbington, was sent death threats by supposed members of the Sherlock fandom today.  The people who go to the setlock tag know why so I don’t need to say why.  People staying spoiler free, you don’t need to know why.  It happened and it never should have happened.  I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to receive death threats.  I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to have your beloved spouse and mother of your children receive death threats. It makes the Sherlock fandom look like a bunch of peckerheads.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to speak out against this.  Reblog posts that support Amanda.  Make your own post supporting Amanda.  It is not enough to stand back from this, say you’re not involved and do nothing.  That’s how bullies get away with their shit -  they don’t get called out on it (and by ‘calling them out’ I don’t mean reciprocating with your own threats of violence against them, surely everyone can see the hypocrisy of such a response).  You can let these bullies know that what they did was not okay by posting words of love and support for Amanda and Martin, and for everyone who is involved in Sherlock. 


Edit:  I forgot to say, please tag your posts and reblogs #weloveyouamanda so that if Martin and Amanda have any desire to check out tumblr anymore they have a safe tag to search where they can see our love and support for them.

R.I.P. Amanda Todd

Let me tell you a little something about me… 

Bullying has taken over my life.. I have tried to commit suicide 2 times in my whole life. I have been in Crisis more than I can tell you. People who bully should seriously think about what they say before the damn words come out of their mouth. Have you ever thought about what is going on in there home? Some people struggle with weight problems. I am one of those people. 

Amanda Todd was one of my inspirations and she always will be. Yes when I was 13 and 14 I flashed people too.. I am not proud of it.. And the same thing happen to me too. I was stalked and harassed. I will never forget the day I got a text message saying your are beautiful can i see em again.. I said no go away. he kept coming back. I finally changed my number and somehow he got my number again. That man is now in jail for major stalking. 

The first time I committed suicide I overdosed on pills. I was blacked out within 20 minutes. I woke up in the hospital 2 days after and didnt know what happend to me. I kept asking and nobody would tell me. I ended up having to stay in crisis for 2 weeks. I ended up back in crisis with the same problem.. I killed myself both times due to bullying. 

Amanda Todd you are truly my bestfriend even though your not here now. I would have never turned my back on you