Soso excited abour @sosoalice new edito in Fashion magazine October 2014 by Gabor Jurina. Thank you Laurafor takibg the time to send us a preview tonight!❤❤❤❤ #chantalesgirl @sutherlanmodels @fashionmagazine @gaborjurina #welovelaura


Okay so this is really bad and it has me scared….!
So last night before I fell asleep I saw like all of that stuff of Laura getting hate and stuff so since that was fresh in my mind I had a terrible dream!! So in the dream we found out how someone had took the hate to the next level and made a video or something so Laura committed suicide(TERRIBLE I KNOW D,:!!!) and so it was everywhere Disney Channel had played a marathon of A&A and then @ the funeral(I was strangely invited) R5 had performed everyone said some words and then Ross had performed the acoustic version of Do It Without You while a sideshow played and everyone was sobbing hysterically crying and then he goes “I never even got to tell her how I feel…!!!” He was mad and then he kissed her and I expected something to happen like Snow White or something but no and he was like wait for me I Love You Laura then I woke up sweating and crying and hyperventilating so like I’m really scared what I would be devastated if something like this ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN please I know the hate won’t go away but can we do everything we can to show Laura how much we LOVE HER!?!!