My name is Jessica and I started to crochet in February!

I learned to knit in high school but stopped for a long time. A year and a half ago, I decided to take it up again. Then my Grand-ma gave me a whole kit of knitting needles. it was great!

One day I found a crochet kit at the book store and I had to have it. It had patterns for all sorts of food amigurumi. But no Pizza.

This is really my first true creation. I call it BIG PIZZA PILLOW. It is about 17 inches from point to crust and 14 inches wide. I’m pretty proud of it.

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Tips on summer hats/berets and how they are different from winter hats

Hi crocheters,

I suppose this can be a tip for beginners just learning how to crochet. I feel kind of silly because I’ve been crocheting for months and I just figured it out. My favorite things to crochet are hats, covering my head is important to me—so I figured I might as well share my advice on hatmaking for the summertime.

The difference between hats in the summer and winter really come down to two things: spacing and how thick the band (around the ears) are. In the winter you want warmth and thickness, in the summer you want something spacy, that allows a lot of air in and is comfortable to wear around the head without being too snug.

For winter hats, I like to do alternating FP (front post) and BP (back post) DC. You can get something that is super thick, without having to double up strands of yarn. When I think about spacing for winter hats I normally go for smaller hooks sizes (H or I) unless I’m using a super bulky yarn, but I try to not use a hook bigger than size N or P. The tighter the stitch (like SC or HDC) the warmer the hat will be. 

For summer hats, a series of SC decrease rows creates a fitted band. The consistent stitch skipping with help with circulation. When I make summer hats (berets, really) I want to use as big a hook (J or K) as possible with a smaller yarn (normally 4-ply). The spaces magnify the pattern, so you get something really intricate looking and the weight is dispersed evenly, so it becomes very lightweight.

I hope this helps for anyone who was wondering about this!



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Puchi the Cat


Nutshellwords: Puchi the Cat needs a new home! 

I made her based on a drawing I made of a fat cat with rosy cheeks. I would really like to thank the We-Love-Crocheting community for helping me out with this because I was having problems replicating this amigurumi. Thank you to all of you! :) 

I’m also proud to say that Puchi is available now at my Etsy, which I recently transformed into a Seller account as well.

What do you think? How do you find Puchi? :)


nutshellwords: Any Advice???

Hello everyone!

I need some advice. I crocheted a ball-shaped animal last week, then decided to make another one this week. I used the same pattern and yarn, but the second ball came out smaller by what seemed like 1-2 rounds. When I counted, they had the same number of rounds and the same number of stitches also per round. I’m thinking I must have pulled too tightly in the second one. Can anyone explain how this could have happened? :(

Thank you!

"Littleyarnfriends" joins the Crochet Community!

Welcoming a New Author to We-Love-Crocheting Family!


Hello fellow lovely people, I’m Rachel (the girl behind littleyarnfriends). I live in a sunny island called Singapore aka the little red dot in the world map. I’m pretty new to crocheting as compared to many of you who have been doing this for years. I only discovered the lovely art of “Crocheting” last September 2011. From then on, I’m hooked to this amazing hobby. I called the “Crochet hook” my Magic Wand because it transforms simple ball of yarn to cute little yarn friends! (Also known as Amigurumi) 

I started “littleyarnfriends” Tumblr Blog and Facebook Page early April this year with a simple goal in mind: to share the love for crafts and to bless others in one way or another. Never have I thought that anyone will actually read my blog posts or try out my free patterns. It has only been 3 months through my craft journey and I’m really really glad that I’ve made so many new friends who are really lovely, supportive and share a common interest in this art. I’ve also met so many amazing crochet artists who are such talented and friendly people. One of them is Josephine (the lovely creator of this amazing crochet tumblr community and amorningcupofjo) who have inspired me so much! I just want to thank her for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be an author for we-love-crocheting community. It’s such an honor and I can’t wait to share, learn and grow with this huge family! 


Here are some of my little creations. You can read more about them and also get the free-patterns of my little friends.

Have an awesome week ahead!

Love, Rachel H

Zane’s Baby Blanket - Submitted by lameyxx

Hi, I’m Amy and I am relatively new to crocheting, having started getting good (i think) late last year and continuing into this year. I like to make infinity scarves, normal scarves, granny squares, baby blankets, amigurumi, loads of stuff haha. Uh…I’m 19 and I have nearly finished a baby blanket for my friends newborn baby - Zane! excited!

Crocheted entirely by me in baby acrylic yarn in pastel turquoise and white. W.I.P. obviously, but will hopefully be finished in the next day or two. I hope that people like it? that it looks nice? thankyou for looking at the blanket-in-progress - lameyxx


I think it will be an adorable baby blanket.  Please share a picture of Zane cuddling with your blanket!! :) <3 needs YOU!!!

Hi everyone! 

This is Josephine, creator of We-Love-Crocheting and A Morning Cup of Jo.  I apologize for the lack of new content lately — I admit I bit off more than I could chew when I started this Tumblr on top of everything else I have going on. :(  There are just not enough hours in a day! 

With that in mind, I now reach out to YOU for help! As many of you know, this blog is all about our community and our shared love for crochet. Do you want to be a co-author for this awesome crochet Tumblr?

Rachel from Little Yarn Friends and Tamica from Passionfyre have been wonderful co-authors on We-Love-Crocheting, and I hope that more of you will hop on board.  :) Authors can reblog/post whenever they feel inspired to do so! There’s no need to be a crochet expert or a yarn aficionado — you just have to love crochet and love sharing what you make/find!!! Easy and fun, right? :D 

If you’d like to be a co-author at We-Love-Crocheting, send me an email and we’ll get you all set up! :)

I hope to hear from you soon! Happy crocheting, my friends. :)