"When I’m writing songs, I think for me my main goal is to write exactly what I’m feeling, when I’m feeling it. If writing songs happens for me in the middle of the night, say between the hours of 2 and 4 am, chances are, I’m trying to forget somebody. It’s almost impossible to write how you feel. If you’ve ever lost somebody, you know that you’re never just feeling one feeling at a time. It’s much more complicated than that and when I was writing my song, I decided maybe instead of writing how I felt, maybe it would be better to write what happened from beginning to end because, I remembered it all too well.”

anonymous asked:

lol your white pride got insulted?

Lol your American pride got insulted? It’s like you absolutely missed the point of the post I made yesterday, which I’m assuming you wrote to me about. Stop acting like a know-it-all. When you learn about my country’s culture, about my country’s history, about my country’s traditions and the way things are currently like in my country, you’re welcome to talk to me about me being angry everything has to be seen the American way and call me out all you want. But you probably don’t know two things about Poland, do you? You have no idea what it’s like living here, or that we’ve been a sort of mockery to the Brits, do you? You have no idea that our ex-Prime Minister, and the current President of the European Council has been insulted by Nigel Farage on live TV, do you? That the British Prime Minister openly shows his dislike for the Poles because there are lots of them in the UK looking for jobs? Which, I understand might be bothersome and troublesome for actual Brits, but making us look like trash isn’t exactly the greatest you know? You have no idea that jobs here aren’t exactly too well paid and that’s why people leave the country, do you? Or that a lot of people left because of the situation back during WWII and during the years when USSR was “looking after us”. Or that it’s told that we’re “20 years behind western Europe in a lot of ways”. You have no idea what my country or living here is like, so grow up before grabbing the first thing you can think of, and it being the “white pride” crap. 

Just because a lot of people are white in Europe doesn’t mean everyone is fucking the same you know? Compare Poland and UK and you get to see two different worlds. Compare Ukraine and France and you get two different worlds. Assuming that the countries that have been under USSR up to 1991 and ‘western Europe’ are the same is laughable. Assuming that Slavic, Nordic, Germanic, ‘Romance’ or other cultures are the same is bullshit, too. 

If you don’t know two things about cultural differences in Europe either educate yourself or grow the fuck up.