The user, at the cost of their own “time”, rewinds time for the entire planet. When the spell is cast, the veins on the user’s body begin to bulge, and a large amount of Magic Power surrounds their body, ascending into the sky. A bright flash then occurs, signalling the rewinding of time. Upon the spell’s completion, the user’s body becomes horribly burnt. When time is successfully rewound, all those affected remain momentarily aware of what occurred during the time rewound from and the time rewound to. The spell has the side effect of causing the user to rapidly age.


DaiSuga Week Day 7 [Free Prompt]

Cute couple selfies!!

Thank you for DaiSuga week!! I hope you had fun!! DaiSuga love!!!

(also suga’s mole is on the other side cause instagram doesn’t mirror photos ;0 )


Free! Eternal Summer Live Action Casts Has Been Revealed!

Are you ready for some refreshing splash on your summer holiday? Here’s a good news for you who had been hoping the Iwatobi Swimming Club boys to come alive! INFINITE’s MyungSoo and SungYeol confirmed that they will be taking the two lead roles of Free! Eternal Summer Live Action, Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana, which is going to be released this mid August. The director, Hiroko Utsumi, said this live action will be focused on Haruka and Makoto’s friendship dynamic through the years.

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