So while I was out getting drunk last night, the Wellesley-verse on tumblr blew up or something...

Sorry I missed it. These are my comments about it.

The fuckyeahwellesleycollege moderator, although apparently not considering herself a moderator, just a blogger, purports to not represent the ideas of the majority of Wellesley College students. Unfortunately for her, she does. By running a blog with no personal posts or comments (until yesterday), it looks official, and people in and outside of Wellesley are going to take it as such. She should know better.

The flame war that occurred yesterday would not have happened if only the mod had kept her opinion about the dumb-blonde stereotype to herself. (I’ve been blonde, and I don’t give two shits about the dumb blonde stereotype, and neither does the rest of my Scandinavian-blonde family.) I have never, repeat NEVER, seen the moderators for OverheardatWellesley, WellesleyFML, or ISawYouWellesley give their personal opinions on their blog. Since I am assuming that this moderator might want to keep this blog going past her four years here, she will have to hand over the reins to someone else, at which time I would hope we are not treated to such a flagrant display of personal, non-majority opinion.

I would venture to say that the majority of Wellesley would see something at least vaguely problematic about what she said in relation to the video. Therefore, it had no place being on a blog that isn’t personal, and definitely no place on a blog that appears, in many ways, to be part of the “official” Wellesley internet universe.

To speak to 2016-ers about being nervous: flame wars are a fact of life at Wellesley. No different than surges of politics resulting from things like KONY 2012, they are typically ineffective and at times ludicrous. I happen to enjoy them, because you get to see people be passionate about something (even people who aren’t using passionate about anything). Many people who participate in flame wars are eloquent and respectful, just gently forceful about wanting others to take their side. But there are some people who hide behind anonymity, people who lash out in hateful ways, and people who just generally represent some of the less-positive parts of human nature.

I can tell you this: what you saw yesterday is something you will see more than once during your time at Wellesley. But it will by no means define your experience, or probably even affect your memory of your time here. And I have never once felt that it detracts from the sense of community that I feel here.

I guess it’s my responsibility to note here that these are my personal opinons, and do not, in fact, reflect the opinions the Wellesley administration, student body, or alumni body. They also do not reflect the opinions of any of the blogs I’ve mentioned or tagged in this post.