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4 and 13 please.

4. Last time I cried and why: Ummm… oh, I remember. We were watching a documentary about finding the wreck of PT-109, JFK’s gun boat in WWII, and when Robert Kennedy’s son went to meet the two Solomon Island native men who helped the Navy men in the war, the old man started weeping while hugging Kennedy. And I cried, too. Because I’m a big softie for stuff like that.

13. Life goal(s): to get at least one novel published

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My answers:

1. If you could change your nationality, complete with racial traits and language, what would you choose and why?

Russian. I have always been fascinated by the Russian culture, particularly in the time during and after the reign of Catherine the Great. I love the language and the profound depth of melancholy and resilience. There is so much beauty there, even (perhaps especially) in the ice and the freeze. Something about that magnificent colorful architecture against all those gray skies.

2. What is your earliest memory?

I remember playing in my backyard, feeling small, like all this was my own world. Planting the roots of my universe under the pine trees against the fence, exploring the uncharted territories beyond the gravel walkways, the tall grass past the playground. The first time I built a vivid imaginary world.

3. If you were allowed to have any animal in the world as a pet, who would you choose and why? (this includes animals that are extinct)

Pet is an extreme word. Companion perhaps. My first love in the animal world (real or imaginary) is dragons, though I suppose arguments could be made that dragons were real once upon a time. Though wolves are a close second. Either would be wonderful.

4. If you could spend an hour with any historical figure (and language wasn’t an issue) who would it be and what would you do together?

Sebastian. As in third century Roman soldier Sebastian. I would ask him to show me that world, of third century Rome. Especially the underground parts, the things that aren’t in the history books. I feel like I’d prefer to meet him after the famous attempted execution by arrow. (arguments about actual historical reality notwithstanding. I do prefer it that way.)

5. What fictional character do you most relate to? (they doesn’t necessarily have to be your favourite character)

I’m not sure I do. I don’t really go into fiction in order to relate to a character. It’s not something I consciously notice and thinking back on the most compelling fiction I’ve encountered, I can’t think of anything. Apologies.

6. Are you allergic to anything? If yes, what happens when you’re exposed to it?

I have not yet found anything I’m allergic to.

7. Who is your favourite philosopher?

Aristotle. It’s possible this is merely because he is the philosopher I’ve read most extensively. 

8. What song are you currently in love with?

This Night - by Black Lab

9. Would you rather go ten years back to the past or ten years to the future from today?

Neither. Everything I’ve done has led me to where I am. And I like my life right now and wouldn’t want to skip any. But if I had to choose… To visit, I wouldn’t mind going to the future. But if it’s matter of going forward from that point permanently, I would rather go back. I enjoy my life currently and wouldn’t want to skip anything, but there are some stupid things I did back in the day. Although I’d really, really rather do neither.

10. If you were a chess piece, which one would you be?


11. What, for you, are 2 best things and 2 worst things about Tumblr?

Tumblr has the most extraordinary gathering of strange and unique minds. There is a particular type of respectful kindness and also a completely wild imagination. Those two things, the unique imagination and the extraordinary kindness, I love so much. But there are still those individuals who use anonymity to behave cruelly, trolls or whatever you want to call them, though this really isn’t an issue unique to tumblr. And I’ve never liked the way people brutally critique anything they can get their hands on. I’m not a fan of critics and I’m completely disgusted by the fact that the majority of those online (on tumblr or elsewhere) are mindlessly negative, instead of constructive.

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My questions:

1. If you could commission any painter of any time to paint a portrait of you, who and why?

2. If your voice could appear as a color, which would choose?

3. What is your favorite fairy tale?

4. Tell me about a monster or villain, fictional, from whom you have learned the most about yourself.

5. What was the soundtrack from the lowest point in your life?

6. If you could erase just one war from human history, which would you choose and why?

7. If you could have a drink with one fictional character, which one and why?

8. What is your favorite word?

9. What book are you reading right now? Is it worth your time?

10. Comedy or tragedy? and why.

11. In the video game of your life, who or what is the final boss?

12. If you could have any piece of artwork of any type, medium, size, era displayed in your home, which would you choose and why?

Thank you, whoever reads this, for your time. I hope you enjoy.