No Control (Stadium Concert)
  • No Control (Stadium Concert)
  • One Direction

This is what I imagine No Control will sound live…
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Random Edit - 102/?

Nico shouldn’t be here. No matter from which angle he looked, that place just does not suit him.

The popular girls with their short clothes, laughing and trying desperately to get the attention of the popular boys with their muscular bodies, who were playing basketball on the court.

He could feel the stares were directed at him and his pokemon cap. Was almost as if he could hear the words weird, queer, nerd, creepy, coming of their lips. But he wasn’t giving a shit to those people. It’s not as if they were his reason to come here. No, definitely. His only reason to be here was that boy with messy black hair and sea-green eyes that, to his luck, was playing in the no shirt team.

Nico couldn’t stop looking at him.

Sweat drops ran down over his tanned skin and the wet hair was stuck irregularly in his forehead. When he scored a basket, he smiled, and Nico felt the air leaving his lungs.

He felt like an idiot when he thought about that boy and how he acted around him. Was so annoying the way he reacted to every little act, expression, smile… But his thoughts were interrupted when he felt the ball hitting on his leg and he realized he had gained the attention of the boys on the court.

“Hey Percy, look, your nerd friend is here” one of them said making not just Percy, but everyone around, look at him.  “What? You lost your Pikachu? Pass the ball, dumbass.”

They laughed and Nico suddenly just wanted to run away, until he hear Percy’s voice.

“Shut up, Sloan.” Percy pushed the other boy and walked toward Nico.“ And he’s not my friend.”

Hear that was worse than all the other insults, but he didn’t show it. He just bent down for pick up the ball, give to him and get out, but when Nico got up, Percy was standing right in front of him, giving him that same smile.

“He’s my boyfriend.” He said loud enough for everyone hear before kissing him. And when the kiss ended Nico again felt like an idiot for being so happy for it.  “You’ll cheer for me? “

“Yeah, I will.” Nico gave him the ball and couldn’t resist to kiss him one more time.

“Now watch your boyfriend destroying these assholes.” He take Nico’s cap, put in his head and returned to the game, without paying attention to the people who were looking at them.