Dolph Ziggler is probably the truest, most well-written hero the WWE has right now. He’s not all talk. He actually, consistently runs to the aid of his friends.

The WWE is actually showing us that he’s a good guy by having him back up his morals with his actions, rather than just telling us someone (like Cena, currently) is a hero and expecting us to believe it.

  • *WiFi shuts off*
  • Me:*stares at screen thinking of what I'm supposed to do now*
  • Me:Well I could finally read that book I've been wanting to finish.
  • Me:I could start that homework I need to do.
  • Me:Could finally clean my room.
  • Me:I need to give my dog a bath.
  • Me:I need to give myself a bath.
  • Me:I really need to shave my legs.
  • Me:I could call my friends I haven't spoken to in 3 weeks.
  • Me:........
  • *takes nap until WiFi comes back on*

I was messing with this manga art in photoshop because it’s really really pretty and I thought it would be good for editing practice but gave up after tiredness hit and could not figure out how to make each of their skin tones different so here’s a before and after~

Scorpion Finale and my reactions:

*smiling in anticipation even though I know it’s gonna hurt*

Ralph! You beautiful boy! You’re always efficient.

Mama bear Paige!!!

Mama bear Happy!!!

Tobes and Sly Dogg

“I’m in the middle of your conference table.” -Happy Quinn

Quintis in the back of a cop car!

Papa Cabe owning the whole scene.

Aw. Walter wants to see Paige and Ralph. And apologized to Cabe. And he hacked the sprinkler system for his daughter.

I love strong Ralph. “I’m not pleased with this plan.”

Dammit cops! Why couldn’t you be 10 seconds sooner!

Good shot Happy.



He is going to cauterize his own friggin wound!

Gorgeous eyes, Walter.

And she’s off to get Walter, but first her bag.

*interesting side note- a flock of crows is known as a murder. Fucking crows*

D'awww Ralphy boy has major EQ

Hook Cabe up like a wrecking ball!!!

Super Gallo

Don’t do it crow… Crow don’t do it…

Dammit Crow!

Owie. Snapped collar bone and all.

Happy & Ralphy boy!

Jealous Scorpion poor Elia(or however you spell his name.)

“It doesn’t but you’ve had a head injury.”

Loopy Walter

Baby sitting Quintis!

I was hoping for more of a kiss than that but at least she is starting to accept her feelings for him!!

I’m so excited, this is a good day for birb mom.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the Doomsday video from John Oliver's show? It is a 4 min homage to everything that's amazing, absurd and glorious in the human race, starring Michael Sheen, absolutely hilarious and also weirdly moving, and its glorious celebration of humanity made me think of you

This video is precious