It does seem kind of funny, since that started out as “WTF are we supposed to do with all this damned wheat flour and not much else???”

But, the same kind of blend that works well for biscuits (the equivalent where I’m from) makes good frybread too. It’s basically the same dough. The Bob’s Red Mill biscuit mix is expensive, but pretty good.

Based on how well that turned out, I started using part chickpea flour and part brown rice or other GF flour (sorghum is really good) plus a little xanthan gum. I usually buy big bags of cheap flours out of the South Asian section, which isn’t an easy option everywhere.

I can’t find some photos I took of a batch a while back, but it does turn out with a good taste and texture.

arcticunleashed asked:

ayyy i was wondering if maybe you could tell me more about (aaah i can't remember his name! i think it started with a J. Jessie? Jackson?? and he's got two kids, daughters I believe and he has a straw hat and a stick of wheat in his mouth!) and Jingle?

OH MY BABY!! JEDIDIAH!!! Yes, he’s a little old black and brown dachshund who’s an outcast and outlaw (he was kind of a criminal when he was younger) and he adopts 11 orphaned puppies, and grows a family!! His pups aren’t all named yet, but so far we’ve got Wilfred, Wilma, Marble, Walnut, Almond, Jenny, and Alaska.

To sum things up, his past crimes include a really bad curse, where all his loved ones are doomed to die. Well it turns out, this was true, and all 11 of his pups die within a short span of time in different ways. Later on he continously struggles to find ways to get to be with the pups once more (he becomes a caretaker between purgatory, heaven and hell)


In case you don’t see me for a little while, the lowdown is that the rapid series of weather bullhockey in my area isn’t going to stop any time soon and my asthma does not take well to these kind of things. So I’ve had around triple plus the usual number of attacks and my inhaler is going to give out way sooner than it would have otherwise, so we’re hustling around to try and get me into a doctor’s office and see what can be done quickly to keep me turning blue.

It’s a lovely color but I look much better in brown.

Anyway, much love, and hopefully I’ll see everyone soon!

I made a thing! (And you can too)

Tonight I decided to make rice from scratch to go with the rest of dinner (frozen chimichangas and refried beans) and it turned out pretty well! I tried looking up recipes for Spanish rice, but I saw they involved tomatoes and I’m a baby who doesn’t eat them I didn’t know if we had any. So I just kind of made shit up.

2 1/4 cups chicken broth (I used water and boullion)

1 cup brown rice

2 small peppers, minced

A bunch of garlic powder (if you want to be more fancy than me, a large clove should do it)

A little bit of onion powder (again, you can be fancy and put actual onions in it)

A couple shakes of cayenne pepper depending on how much spice you can handle

A pinch of paprika

Put the rice into the broth and bring to a boil for 5 minutes, then cover and simmer until the liquid is absorbed. Ta-da! Fancy rice with minimal effort.

Updates of Desperation

I have a beef with all manufacturers that make opaque packaging that just does not let you find out how much product you’ve got left. 

Let’s begin with my Day Care Routine of Desperation here. The biggest offenders here are the Human+Kind products. When I got the skin lightening cream after a particularly tanning vacation (let’s reiterate the fact that tanned skin just does not suit me) I didn’t know that they literally meant turning it Kabuki white. Granted it settles down a few hours later but I think I’ve made many an entrance to the office with people wondering why I was, well so peculiarly white! And then there is the BB Cream. I have a lovely Tinted Moisturising Balm from Bobby Brown in medium which serves as base for most of my makeup wearing needs yet I thought BB Cream was something I was missing out on so I got the Human+Kind one in medium, except when they said ‘medium’ I didn’t know that they meant medium-grey. 

I really appreciate these products for their mostly natural ingredients, versatility of use and longevity, but they don’t suit my skin tone at all and I am desperate to finish them. Trying to encourage myself I tried weighing the two on my digital kitchen scale. There was a 20g or so difference between them (packaging being the bulk of the weight in each case) so it wasn’t very conclusive. Then I hit upon they passing-bright-light through-it-via-cellphone-flash-torch brainwave and came up with these results:

Oh thank GOD there is visible and present hope for the Kabuki cream, but none whatsoever for the corpse-maker one, granted I have used it less than five times, I really don’t wear makeup very often.

And now let’s move on to the Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. It comes in a very nice glass bottle with a dropper (I plan to reuse it for other things once it is finished). It is wrapped in a pink and white sticker, and then the glass has white pink paint on it. Arrrrghhh!

First I pulled the sticker off to find the annoying layer of paint. I tried water, salicylic acid, ethyl acetate, nail file, nail buff and rubbing alcohol on it to very little effect, finally peeling it off, under the washroom tap … with my nails … until I got bored therefore leaving Picasso-esque swathes of paint still on the bottle. Trying to figure out here if the glass here is half full or half empty! Let me remind you one barely needs three drops of it at a time, and I’m using it in addition to it’s recommended night usage, mixed in with the H+K lightening cream above to make it more pliable. I have even tried it on my hair as an emergency leave in treatment once in the absence of my usual Argan Oil.

Well there you have it! Verdict?