Well that didn't last long!

Hey all! I’m back :)

I really missed being on tumblr and interacting with you guys.
For those of you who asked about me and sent lovely messages, thank you so much! I recently lost a close friend and I was letting things pile up. I took the weekend to sort things out and say an important goodbye.

… For those of you that tried to hop in and steal my girl while I was gone… nice try ;) Haha just kidding. (But seriously, I saw your messages).

Lots of love to all of you!

- Him


you s e r i o u s l y need to find something better than a baseball bat.

NEVER ask a taylor swift fan what their favorite song is unless you want to see them have a mental breakdown in front of you as they try to explain to you that they simply cannot choose one song


Ive always been a naruto fan, and i kinda lost interest in it a long time ago, but knowing its ending kinda makes me sad because i love watching it as growing up! Kishimoto was also one of my first and biggest inspirations when it came to art aswell! 8’D celebrating the last chapter with team 7 drawings! Thank you Kishi, for being the biggest troll in history but also someone I look up to!


Congrats to Kim Jaejoong for winning Best Male Newcomer at MBC Drama Awards 2012! (trans cr: amouryoonjae)