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      || A new student? Didn’t that ridiculous looking bear claim there was only a certain amount of students here? Yet there was a fresh, unkempt face here that he had the utmost displeasure of having to view in front of him. Was there an extra student that had just been in hiding or was there actually some form of exit to get in and out of this horrendous prison?


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"Trick or treat." ;)

a Halloween date night.

A date night?” Inuyasha exploded after Kagome had kindly explained what the term “date” meant. The half-demon made a face, instantly disliking the prospect. However, he didn’t have a choice. It was a part of this “Hollow-ene” festival.

He omitted a low growl, folding his arms across his chest in a jerky manner."Feh…"

Well Hello! :)

I thought my first post should be a little about myself. I’ve always thought tumblr was for hipsters… and i’m not nearly cool enough for that :P But oh well haha

A few weeks ago i was told i have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. When i first got told i thought i was dying.. because it’s got the word syndrome and Polycystic sounds pretty darn serious. The good news is that i’m perfectly healthy, the bad is that along with other nasty symptoms, weight loss is a big struggle. Firstly.. people should know i’m a massive whinge.. so I spent a good week moping; regardless of the fact that i’m pretty healthy.. it’s just that chances of having a supermodel figure are pretty slim. I googled success stories of people who maintained a good weight who have the syndrome and found very little, most have much more serious problems than what i do. I’m healthy, happy and certainly not overweight. So this is my little blog of sharing my relatively healthy lifestyle and the progress i can make. It’s just that now it’s going to be a little more challenging.. and that’s an adventure in itself :)

la la la la laaaaa la la!! :)

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Well hello der I am fabulous as are you AND NO LET ME LOVE YOU <3 SMOOCHIES!

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