Gintama + the “main” characters’ first appearance/line (according to the manga)

Walking into a tournament

JRR Tolkien’s presentations of his languages rely on assumptions of inherent linguistic superiority, associated with cultural and racial superiority. Moreover, the invented histories surrounding the languages repeat a theme of hegemonic power expressed through linguistic dominance that echoes the practice of imperialism in our own world.

The pattern is particularly evident in Tolkien’s accounts of the Edain, a group of humans driven to an increasingly liminal position, narratively and meta-narratively, between the dominating Elves and other humans. Throughout their history, the Edain’s use of language illustrates varying forms of linguistic imperialism: the eradication of native languages through colonization, denigration of the language of the colonized, restrictions and bans on minority languages, imperial power transforming a once-devalued vernacular into a lingua franca, and linguistic elitism propping up racism and classism within the imperial state and in its relationship to its client-states. 

As the Edain function at different points as both colonized and colonizer, subject to imperialist influence and enacting it, they provide access to the full range of Tolkien’s presentation of linguistic imperialism, which I explore in this paper. I conclude that imperialistic assumptions infuse the portrayal of the Edain and their languages; though these assumptions are complicated by narrative ambivalence towards imperialism and problematized in his later works, they are never wholly condemned and remain embedded in the text.

It sure has been a while, eh? ‘Bout a month or so? You fellas probably wonder why I haven’t really said or done anything in those days, but I can’t really clear it up.

*He lights a cigarette, and sticks it in his mouth.* Why? I still can’t tell ya. But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that I ain’t a goner. I’ll stay here for a good long while yet.

Breaking news:

So the Hall Director from the hall I interviewed at called me today. She apologized for having not called earlier when they said they would.
They haven’t made a decision yet because some of the decision makers got sick and were out this week. She instead was calling to see if I knew the Director of Housing and if I didn’t I should come in and meet her. But since I do know her I’m fine. They are down to the final 3 candidates, she just wanted to make sure we all had met the Director.
So even though I’d given up on the job, I’M APPARENTLY NOT OUT OF THE RUNNING YET. HAHA!

I haven’t been to Halo night in ages, but one of the guys saw me at dinner tonight and extended an invitation. I’m trying to take a more active approach to not being a shut-in so guess who’s going to Halo night.

i’ve gotten to feel p decent about the concept of ‘temporary dating’ 

like it’s not ‘casual’ dating as in like it doesn’t matter much/isn’t deep or personal but it’s just both people involved know the dating isn’t going to result in a long term relationship, it’s For Fun dating maybe

then again, isn’t all dating temporary, arent all relationships and bonds just temporary, ISN’T LIFE TEMPORARY ISNT IT ALL TEMPORARY. I’M JUST A SINGLE GRAIN OF SAND ON THE BEACH OF LIFE WAITING TO GET WASHED OUT WHEN WILL DEATH CONSUME ME