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character alignment | agent carter
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chaotic evil: the major precepts of this alignment are freedom, randomness, and woe. laws and order, kindness, and good deeds are disdained. life has no value. they hold that individual freedom and choice is important, and that other individuals and their freedoms are unimportant if they cannot be held by the individuals through their own strength and merit.


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An amazingly adorkable Hak/Yona Valentine’s Day comic by the talented ジン, who ever so kindly linked me to an English version of her work. It is one long strip, but as you know tumblr goes a bit nuts with long images, so it’s here in three parts. Make sure to view the images in large to see her awesome art. Enjoy~


ultimate dragon age meme: one class


Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

Arrow/Flash Superhero Team-Up Spinoff In Works At CW; Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz Star

EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics superheroes are uniting in a potential new drama series at the CW, a spinoff from hits Arrow and The Flash that will feature several fan-favorite recurring actors/characters from both shows. I have learned that the network has teamed with Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim for a project eyed for next season toplined by Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller and Caity Lotz.
The untitled project, now in development, is described as a superhero team-up show. Routh, Miller and Garber will reprise their popular DC Comics characters — Arrow‘s Ray Palmer/The Atom (Routh),Flash villain Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Miller), andFlash‘s Dr. Martin Stein (Garber). Because her Arrow character Sara Lance was killed off, with her sister Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) taking over as the Black Canary, it is unclear whether Lotz will play the same or new superhero.
The project is in early stages of development, so there is a possibility for other Arrow/Flash characters to cross over to the new spinoff. Additionally, in a tidbit that should get fans fired up, I have learned the new project will include three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series.
This is the project CW president Mark Pedowitz vaguely referenced at TCA in January. It will not be part of the current pilot cycle. With the creative auspices and talent involved, I hear that it could go straight to series, possibly for next midseason.
Berlanti and Kreisberg, who also co-created The Flash, and Guggenheim executive produce with Sarah Schechter for Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Prods.
Teaming up superheroes has been a winning formula, as proven by the success of the Justice League and The Avengers comics. Marvel’s The Avengers have crossed over to features, with DC’s Justice League also on its way to the big screen. Routh is repped by UTA and Main Title, Lotz is repped by UTA and Atlas Artists.


Tragic backstory does not excuse malicious behaviour.

It may explain why the character is inclined toward malevolence, but it does not excuse them from their wrongdoings.


Conduits aren’t monsters. No, see powers don’t kill people. Oh no, it’s the person behind the powers that kill people”

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[CUTE] Sleepy Nijimura
  • [CUTE] Sleepy Nijimura
  • Okiayu Ryoutarou
  • Soine Hitsuji VOL.1 - Spring (Yasuomi )

Headphones for that dummy mic!

Ok, I swear this will be that last Nijimura audio (I have a line-up for you guys~), so why not end it on a cute note? 

So after counting sheep for you the night before, the two of you wake up and you’re trying to coax him out of bed though he simply refuses and decides to pull you back. I kinda lost what he was saying, though the dialogue between the both of you is very cute.

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