M!A: Shrunken to 5 inches tall.


The now 5 inch tall CEO of the company paced around on his desk. He had shrunk down to this size, having no idea what in the world was going on but he sure was angry. A frown on his face as he waited for the one he had called to his office. Legitimate or not, he was going to fire something and yes, because of this stupid reason.

☣ Poisonous adulation ☣

{ honda-yasuhisa-rnos }

I am your favourite carpet.
Step on me,
Stamp on me,
Trample me 
Into the ground.
You show love
By hurting me
And I show love
By taking it.

  He rubbed at his eyes, trying to get a clearer vision of the stairs, the crepuscular light of the morning giving him poor visibility. Reaching the desired floor, he took out his keys and unlocked the door of the apartment, the haze still capturing his mind. With a sigh, he got rid of his shoes and passed through the livingroom, feeling the attentive gaze of the other glued to his every move. 


"`Morning," he mumbled, resting his sight onto Honda’s one, in the await of the blond’s words. He abandoned himself into the comfortable seat of an armchair, opening the water bottle he had retrieved from the kitchen. 

"What are you doing still awake at…" He glanced at his watch, trying to decipher the numbers and, continued, in the same hoarse voice: "Six in the morning. Hm?" 


There seems to be a lot less whining about how painfully boring all of your lives are, so one can only assume that you’ve all magically acquired lives, or you’ve just learned that nobody cares. Either way, congratulations.


If it’s the latter and you’re still sitting around doing nothing, the soup kitchen is always looking for volunteers.

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So you and Will decided not to go to playlist live in NY this year?

Well, for starters, we weren’t invited guests, so we would’ve had to go on our own dime. And if we won’t be able to go see our families during Thanksgiving, then we certainly wouldn’t be able to make another Playlist happen when we spend enough to attend the first one :/

Fairy Tail 410 Commentary

Well… for starters the title of chapter 410 is “remember (that you have) to die” in Latin. That doesn’t sound ominous at all…


Here we have Sting and Rogue passed out after defeating Jiemma. Good job Dragon Boys!


Gray, you have literally had Demon-Slaying magic for maybe an hour. Did these magic phrases come with the tattoo or are you making things up?


What the hell does that mean?


Gray, your Ice Demon magic stuff didn’t do anything, do you really think the stupid ice make magic will be better?


Okay, that makes more sense. Sorry Gray.


This entire page though… 

1) “I’m Batman”

2) Shut up Gray, your magic probably won’t do anything BECAUSE HE’S NOT A GOD DAMN FIRE DEMON!

3) Well technically…

4) That’s not good.


And now! Story Time: With Mard Geer!


Holy shit! Not good! Not good at all!

You know, this sort of reminds me of Midnight’s magic from the filler arc… Natsu was sort of sucked into an abyss then too.


Fuck you Mard Geer.

Fantasies Come True// Open

Genevieve lay sprawled on the bed in her best lingerie, waiting for the knock on the door that would begin their magical evening. Her heart was racing and she wondered if she had given herself enough time before leaping back into something like this. But this had been planned out and she knew she would be safe playing out her guests’ fantasies.

Harry drummed his fingers on the sofa, checking his phone for the time as he waited for the girl that was supposedly suppose to be his new girlfriend for at least four months. He groaned, letting his head all back. She was fifteen minutes late, probably sipping from his Starbucks cup, oblivious of the time.

Family History//Wynter&Caiden

Caiden stepped off the train, stretching. It had been a long ride, especially with screaming children right behind them. He’d had to restrain himself from strangling them on more than one occasion. He shouldered his bag and moved away from the crowd of people exiting the train. He glanced at Wynter.
"Where should we start?" He asked, letting the other man take the lead. Caiden hadn’t ever been here before, he didn’t know where the best places to ask around about someone were. Although he would guess that checking where their fathers had stayed would be their best bet.

ok i was going to make a set for her too but i realized she would have twice as many classes as Roxas and Thats Too Much 

College AU with captain-hickey-joa

Alexandra woke up to sun light right were her eyes were. Glancing at the clock on her nightstand for a moment she saw that she had to start getting ready for class. Pulling herself up from her bed she dragged herself over to her closet. After a moment of looking through it she found a pair of tight black jeans, a red tank top, and a black leather jacket. Throwing the clothes on quickly she grabbed her black boots and slipped them on. Grabbing her messenger bag that had what she needed in it she headed out the door.