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So my mom found this and showed it to me earlier. 

Just casually going to point out that Brook aside (since we know nothing about his childhood), while Usopp is the only character in the entire crew who’s had a named and active blood-father and known about him from the start (Dragon doesn’t count, because neither us nor Luffy knew about that until post-enies lobby), he’s also the only one who didn’t have an actual father-like figure present in his life (he barely remembers Yasopp if at all, Luffy actually remembers him more than Usopp does) until Franky joined the crew.

And that’s why I think that out of the entire crew, Usopp would be the one most likely to slip up and call Franky ‘dad’ at some point..

robin scherbatsky is a genius

the way she got revenge

from all those months where barney put her through hell

it just goes to show barney and robin are meant to be together

because theyre just that devious

anonymous said:

Can you dance?



It’s true. Joey does a lot with the time he doesn’t spend with the Titans - selling paintings at the Greenwich art show, teaching sign language at the New York School for the Deaf, working on spy operations with Searchers Inc. and just generally exploring his own affinity for art and music - but his favourite occupation by far is employment in the chorus lines of musical theatre shows.

He loves it. Loves to perform - but in the same way he signs when he can’t speak, Joey dances when he can’t act. His dancing bleeds into his talent at fighting, too, working to athletically lead and evade and only strike when absolutely necessary, and in that sense Jericho is known to be even more graceful in battle than Nightwing

He knows without a voice he’s never likely to get further in the industry than the chorus line, but Joey isn’t looking to climb the ladder. He’s happy where he is, happy with the creativity and the exercise and the friends he’s made so easily backstage.

Yes, he can dance. And he’s paid for it.